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      John Hamilton

      Enthusiastic | Passionate | Outdoors

      Mini Bio

      I am an individual entirely committed to the outdoors through adventure. I have a passionate appreciation of remote locations via active travel such as kayaking, ski mountaineering, canoeing, mountain biking, walking, etc – especially through sharing experiences with others. I am completely committed to introducing others to the outdoors and all that the outdoors has to offer. I take my partner and two spaniels everywhere I can and take them canoeing and have even taken my 15-year-old spaniel on the ski chair lift often. I play guitar and have supported some of Scotland’s best known traditional musicians. I love Correlejo, Fuerteventura, and have been there 14 times. I love the excitement of paddling white water. I love the snow!

      “I am happiest when I have travelled to a remote area, am camping, enveloped in nature and with great company.”

      Place to Play

      Paddling, skiing, walking and Biking ‘anywhere’ in Scotland.

      Not a lot of people know this

      I own a book that was owned by Robert Burns, Scotland’s greatest poet. His signature is on the inside cover. It has been passed down to me from my Grandfather and Father. Every year I host a Burns supper at my house and sing Burns songs in respectful memory.

      Qualifications Read More
      • Mountain Bike Tutor
      • UKCC Paddlesports Tutor
      • Coach, Inland kayak, Open Canoe, Sea and Surf
      • Tutor /Assessor FSRT, WWSR.
      • BASI Nordic
      • Winter Mountain Leader
      Experience Read More

      For 26 years I held a senior post in Outdoor Education. I am currently the lead liaison for the Scottish Industry for the Health and Safety Executive and Scottish Government during it’s review of licensing. I have been a National Governing Body tutor for over 20 years. I have been Head Coach for the Scottish Special Olympics. I have paddled in Austria, Switzerland and France. I have Mountain Biked in the Czech Republic and French Alps. I have skied in Norway, Italy and France often. For the past four years, I have lead walking groups in Tenerife in November. I will always remain passionate about ‘remote travel’ and sharing these experiences with others.

      Biggest Adventure Read More

      Whilst, not the most remote adventure, I have to say my most challenging but also most rewarding adventure was training athletes and having the responsibility for taking them to compete in the 2007 Special Olympics World Summer Games. They won Gold and Silver medals in kayaking and presented them at Scottish Government on their return.

      Specialist Subject Read More

      Having worked in the Outdoor Industry for over 30 years I have a passion for supporting and where possible mentoring young enthusiastic instructors. I particularly love when a young person, like me, comes from the concrete jungle. Realises that there are more options for employment other than the office or labour industry and becomes fulfilled through the amazing experiences gained through the outdoors. Working in the outdoors for me is a vocation, not a job.

      Publications Read More
      • Outdoor Learning Modules for Learning and Teaching Scotland
      • The use of IT in the Outdoors

      Adventurer's Stories about John

      See my earlier comments about John.

      Ms. Timothy Frank
      Wilderness Walking - The West Highland Way
      Reviewed on 03/06/2019

      John Hamilton was OUTSTANDING. He worked well with our widely-diverse group of hikers, responded well during unusual events (e.g., urgent medical situations), and greatly increased the enjoyment of the experience. I can't give him enough credit. A fine man.


      Thank you for your feedback. We are delighted to hear that you had a fantastic time both on the trip and with the guide. It is great that John helped to deal with the unfortunate blisters that appeared on your wife’s feet and this in turn allowed you to complete the trip.

      Tyson Brunstetter
      Wilderness Walking - The West Highland Way
      Reviewed on 30/05/2019

      He was there for us if we needed him, and helped set out the expectations for the day, to help us fully enjoy it. He was also sensitive to the group abilities and dynamics, and allowed people to enjoy their walk at their own pace, in their own way. An excellent guide.

      Keith Cornelius
      Wilderness Walking - The West Highland Way
      Reviewed on 23/05/2019

      John Hamilton was wonderful. Fun, calm, very sensitive to individual skills and personalities. Always willing to help. Very knowledgeable about Scottish culture and history. A good problem solver, esp in my case where I needed some medical help. A wonderful part of our group while still being able to step aside and make important decisions. This group gelled amazingly well - looked out for one another both on the trails and in our hotels with luggage, etc. This is partly due to John’s ability to make us all one team.

      Tedi Macias
      Wilderness Walking - The West Highland Way
      Reviewed on 23/05/2019

      Our guide was fantastic. His passion for Scotland and the great outdoors was evident from the start. He has great communication skills, is a good listener, then -there are his many and varied talents, unveiled as the week progressed!- We were a diverse group with varying ability. He was there when needed. Everyone in our group thought highly of him.

      Mary Cornelius
      Wilderness Walking - The West Highland Way
      Reviewed on 23/05/2019

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