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    Kathryn Bennett

    Hungry | For | Hills

    Mini Bio

    I grew up on the edge of the Dales in Yorkshire, fed by small but beautiful walking and cycling days out and holidays in the UK, where I discovered it’s more than possible to love being outside no matter the weather. Many soggy sandwiches eaten in the rain later, and this joyous determination to experience the outdoors only grew, pushing me to learn and do more than I ever imagined I would.

    Since leaving Yorkshire I’ve done all sorts, from working as a river guide in the USA to an office in the theatre in the Lake District; I’ve trekked mountain ranges in Morocco and Kyrgyzstan, climbed in SE Asia, helped build a festival in Australia, and spent countless days exploring the UK’s own beautiful mountains and hills. After rambling all over the Lake District fells, I moved to Scotland to experience all it has to offer, and haven’t looked back since. I work mostly in freelance marketing and writing, including for Scottish Mountaineering Press, but balance out my hours behind a laptop with time guiding and helping others experience the benefits of being outside too.

    Place to Play

    The Isle of Skye captures my imagination more than anywhere else; it’s the first place I completed a self-supported multi-day walk on my own, and I’ve plenty more of the Cuillins to get to know yet. I go back more often than I really have time for!

    Not a Lot of People Know This

    I spent years training to go to Wimbledon when I was a kid…before I ruined it by breaking my wrist climbing a tree. Clearly always been a climber though at least!

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    Mountain Leader

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    I once answered a random request for a couple of teammates needed for a last-minute expedition on Facebook. 6 weeks later, myself and two other women with no previous cold-weather experience flew to Siberia and spent 6 days crossing Lake Baikal in winter, on our own, none of us guides, pulling pulks and sleeping on a tent screwed into the ice for 5 nights. We then travelled the Trans-Siberian railway back across Russia.

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    Specialist skill rather than specialist subject: I know a little bit about a LOT of things.

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