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    Kristina Wetter

    Kristina Wetter

    Supportive | Friendly | Patient,

    Mini Bio

    I grew up in Germany and for the last 20 years I lived in Switzerland, Australia, then back to Germany. Finally, I’ve spent the last 11-12 years in the UK. I started my professional career as a social support worker, working in a residential setting with adults with learning disabilities, but then started the process of becoming an Outdoor Facilitator in 2001. I have been working full time as an Outdoor Instructor and Expedition Leader since 2006, first two years in Australia, then briefly back in Germany/Austria and since 2011 hear in the UK where I started off in North Wales but have been living in the English Lake District since 2014. I also lived in the Scotland for two winters to work as a lift operator on Cairngorm Mountain. And somehow the Scottish Highlands seem to be a place I keep coming back to.

    Places to Play

    I love to be in the mountains, if it is in the mountains of the UK, to walk and scramble, or in the Alps or at other higher altitude ranges around the world to trek, I just love journeying through them; if you add winter to it – which is my possibly my favourite time of the year- to go walking, mountaineering or snowshoeing- perfect!

    Not a lot of people know this

    One year, for a ‘winter job’, I was teaching introductory English at a language school for adults, whilst living back in Germany in 2009.

    Qualifications Read More
    • International Mountain Leader
    • Winter Mountain Leader
    • Summer Mountain Leader
    • RCI
    • BCU/UKKC L2 Paddle Sport
    • WEMSI Wilderness Emergency Technician
    • ILM L5 Certificate in Leadership and Management
    Experience Read More

    Over the last 12 years, I have worked with large variety of groups, young people and adults, in a group setting, sometime 1to1 if adults who booked individual days on the hill for some of the smaller companies I am working for. I have worked in a variety of outdoor settings, from facilitating just individual days for groups or individuals (mostly on the hill, but sometimes ghyll scrambling or rock climbing0, over multiday programs at outdoor centres and/or Dofe traning, practice and qualifying expeditions, to multiday expeditions and walking holidays. Beside my work here in the UK, I have lead expeditions in various countries of South America, India, Nepal, Tanzania (including Kilimanjaro), Morocco (including Toupkal), etc. I have lead walking holidays in the Alps, Poland and Snowshoe trips to Norway and Sweden. I like to get to know the groups and individuals I am working with, hear their ‘stories’ and also support them to have a great and safe time away, with good experiences – whatever their reason/objective to come along may be.

    Biggest Adventure Read More

    Not sure if the biggest adventure, however probably the most ‘impactful’ adventure I had in my life was a month long trip to Southern Africa, which included a 21 day trip on an Overland Truck going from Cape town to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, via Namibia and Botswana in 2000- as this trip triggered a total change of my life from being in a rather ‘safe’/settled, well paid job as a social support worker in Switzerland to becoming an Outdoor Instructor and Expedition Leader.

    Specialist Subject Read More

    I do like cheese, on a trip in the Alps, I like to include a visit to an alpage that still makes and sells their own cheese. I have not yet tasted the properly all the variety of Scottish cheese, but I am sure there could be some scope in that, tasted together with Scottish Oatcakes? Apart from that I know a bit about a lot of things; important is that whenever I don’t know the answer, I am good in doing quick research in order to deliver the answer at a later stage.

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