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    Lucy Noble

    Lucy Noble

    caring | friendly | energetic | modest…..woolly hats

    Mini Bio

    It’s great to get to know all the individuals In the group, I like to try and understand what makes each group member tick and what’s going to make it a great trip for them. Having the opportunity to get to meet so many interesting people and hear about their adventures and stories always fascinates me.

    Place to Play

    My favourite trips are those that involve journeying in the wilder places, some where to get away from all the hustle and bustle; mind you its great to stop for tea and cake when the opportunity arises.

    Not a lot of people know this

    I have a passion for basking sharks, they are such amazing creatures, so graceful, so majestic, any trip where there is a chance to see them always excites me, we saw seven in one day on a trip around arisaig last year, what a day… The sea eagle, otters, gannets and seals never got a look in…

    Adventurer's Stories about Lucy

    I can't say enough about how hard Lucy and Craig worked to meet our needs. Some parts I swear the on-road guide rode twice as far circling back to the stragglers. Both were extremely good-natured and helpful, and intuitive about solving minor problems proactively.

    Mimi Brown
    Road Cycling - The Grand Tour
    Reviewed on 21/07/2023

    Craig and Lucy were top-notch. They were able to get Joanne an e-bike after the trip was underway. They made sure we had snacks that we preferred, like fresh fruit. They got us out of the rain when it became torrential. They were fun to be around. You can't ask for better guides.

    Mark Guralnick
    Road Cycling - The Grand Tour
    Reviewed on 19/07/2023

    Rickie and Lucy are gems. They are strong athletes who clearly love Scotland cycling. I am an experienced cyclist on vacation with my no experience sister. I enjoyed by ride because they took such supportive care of my sister without detracting from any of the other riders. Rickie and Lucy kept her enthusiasm and confidence high. We both enjoyed the NC500.

    Rebecca Keever
    Road Cycling - The North Coast 500: Highlights
    Reviewed on 03/07/2023

    Lucy and Craig are truly wonderful. We all recognised that we had landed lucky with our dynamic duo.
    Consummate professionals, gifted coaches and leaders, organised, hard working, kind, interesting, worldly, inspiring, good fun. I could go on. Every word would be a superlative.

    Graham Gibson
    Sea Kayaking - Introduction Course
    Reviewed on 19/06/2022

    Lucy and Craig were great at explaining the reasons behind the decisions they were making about the days plan and including the whole group.
    Both were extremely friendly and funny and chatted to everyone like old pals.
    Great teachers and complimented each other well and just very nice people all-round

    Gillian Smith
    Sea Kayaking - Introduction Course
    Reviewed on 18/06/2022

    skiled, tolerant and patient. Only improvement would be to have a "plan your trip" session. Yes a bit of boring desk work, but could read tide times, work out effect of wind etc. We went through it all, but not in that formally.

    Douglas Swaffield
    Sea Kayaking - Introduction Course
    Reviewed on 18/06/2022

    1st class and always felt safe.

    Clifford Grimmer
    Sea Kayaking - Introduction Course
    Reviewed on 04/05/2022

    The guides were extremely competent and very attentive and helpful throughout.
    In addition to the activities they looked after us extremely well throughout the trip and put a lot of effort into ensuring that we were comfortable and well catered for at all times.

    Stewart Graham
    Sea Kayaking - Introduction Course
    Reviewed on 01/05/2022

    They were brilliant and made a everything run smoothly. They both worked hard to make sure everyone was supported.
    Both of them contributed to a highly successful and enjoyable holiday

    Ian Welding
    Sea Kayaking - Introduction Course
    Reviewed on 01/05/2022

    It's not normally a thing to take up in your 70's but Stewart and I were novices on the Kayak Course on Loch Torridon last week. What an experience!! Can't speak too highly of Lucy and Craig. Their love of the outdoors was infectious and their patience and encouragement made the course thoroughly enjoyable.

    Barty Sinclair
    Sea Kayaking - Introduction Course
    Reviewed on 01/05/2022

    Both Craig and Lucy could not have been friendly or helpful- full marks on all fronts

    Ramsay Gillies
    Sea Kayaking - Introduction Course
    Reviewed on 30/04/2022

    You will see that I have mentioned Lucy and Craig the whole way through. They are excellent guides. Clear and safe instruction, with the right pace that meant all various abilities were enabled to improve. At the end of the beignets course I definitely feel confident and sea competent … I can not than them enough they were both just fabulous. Impressively fit to and understatedly brilliant

    Anne Coyle
    Sea Kayaking - Introduction Course
    Reviewed on 30/04/2022

    The two guides were excellent.

    Craig was a font of knowledge on all things Hebridean - history, culture, geography, geology, ornithology, bike handling ... Willing to share. Plus energetically supported the team.

    Lucy was so observant and dealt with issues before they arose.

    Nothing was too much trouble


    One thing that is consistent with all guides is that the questions and answer sessions seem to start before the fat-lad-at-the-back has got to the meeting point.

    Paul Barton
    Mountain Biking - The Hebridean Trail
    Reviewed on 01/07/2021

    Faultless service from Craig and Lucy.

    Rick Nelson
    Mountain Biking - The Hebridean Trail
    Reviewed on 20/06/2021

    really excellent. worked hard to ensure we all enjoyed the trip, even though participants had slightly varying skills and aims.

    Carey Wolfe
    Mountain Biking - The Hebridean Trail
    Reviewed on 15/06/2021

    I cant praise Craig and Lucy enough. Great briefings, trip assistance and overall very professional and helpful. Most importantly great fun.5 out of 5 stars.

    John Beach
    Mountain Biking - The Hebridean Trail
    Reviewed on 14/06/2021

    The wide range of interests, cycling skills and ability in our group were expertly accommodated by our guides. If some wanted to ride longer or visit a specific site (read: distillery), our guides made it work.

    Scott McMillan
    Road Cycling - Arran, Islay & Jura
    Reviewed on 06/09/2018

    Great job babe both of the guides. Lucy provided the energy and became the life of the party. Helen gave great balance and provide amazing insight into history and details about the countryside.

    William Aycock
    Road Cycling - Arran, Islay & Jura
    Reviewed on 03/09/2018

    Very personal service recieved with friendly guides who coldn't do enough for the members of the group

    Pamela Grieve
    Road Cycling - Arran, Islay & Jura
    Reviewed on 27/08/2018

    they we fabulous and excellent at finding activities for a group with different kayaking experience and abilities

    Suzanne Belanger
    Sea Kayaking - The Scottish Highlands
    Reviewed on 01/08/2017

    Craig and Lucy are excellent guides for outdoor trips, both well-trained, knowledgeable, attentive, and enjoying the experience themselves and never ever hesitating a moment to go the extra mile to make this trip to a wonderful experience for everybody. Just one example of many: They organized spontaneously a double kayak for two participants to make the paddling more comfortable for them, even so they had to bike nearly two hours to Applecross in the morning (and evening) to make it happen. Lucy is such an inspiring blithe spirit, you feel immediately cheerful in her presence. And her competence makes you feel safe and secure all the time. Craig is very skilled, attentive and interested in peoples perspectives and experiences. He is able to identify the right amount of adventure/challenge for everybody and also radiates a sense of calm to create a relaxed atmosphere.

    Petra Grell
    Sea Kayaking - The Scottish Highlands
    Reviewed on 31/07/2017

    Lucy and Craig are first rate guides: skilled , enthusiastic; patient and able to meet the needs of differing levels of skill/fitness. They are great company with the highest level of organisational skills.

    Christine Appleyard
    Sea Kayaking - The Scottish Highlands
    Reviewed on 23/07/2017

    Couldn't have been better. Excellent. Friendly, informative, fun and very accommodating ensuring each of us had a great time and weren't pushed beyond our limits. 11/10!

    Sue Burbage
    Sea Kayaking - The Scottish Highlands
    Reviewed on 23/07/2017

    Lucy & Craig did an absolutely fantastic job. Every day had an option. They kept the team working together. Their knowledge of the land around us was fantastic.

    Ken McLellan
    Sea Kayaking - The Scottish Highlands
    Reviewed on 23/07/2017

    Even though there was some guide re-shuffling and tag-teaming during our trip, Lucy, Henry and Craig did a great job. Positive, energetic and fun.

    Sandra Wiens
    Road Cycling - The Grand Tour
    Reviewed on 21/07/2017

    Both Lucy and Tim were very supportive, knowledgeable, humorous, responsible,.... and they were a great team. They contributed a large part to this unforgettable trip!

    Eveline Heimgartner
    Road Cycling - Outer Hebrides
    Reviewed on 21/09/2015

    I can't say enough good things about Lucy and Tim - always upbeat, encouraging, caring, and enthusiastic.

    Lori Northrup
    Road Cycling - Outer Hebrides
    Reviewed on 21/09/2015

    Both guides worked really well together and were able to adapt their style to the group. They were knowledgeable about the area, made sure that everyone was always well fed & 'watered' and, in terms of cycling, kept the group 'together' without it feeling as though they were doing so - knowing exactly who was where.

    Helen Powell
    Road Cycling - Outer Hebrides
    Reviewed on 17/09/2015

    Lucy and Tim were exceptional- their attention to our every need and more, constant encouragement, cake (more cake) (even more cake), knowledge of the islands ( historical fact and the best places to stop, eat, visit), wicked sense of humour and boundless energy made our holiday skip along so-o smoothly and with loads of giggles. They constantly 'went the extra mile' to make our holiday complete. A dream team indeed. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Pamela Duncan
    Road Cycling - Outer Hebrides
    Reviewed on 17/09/2015

    Supportive, encouraging, there for advice ,but allowed "space" to go a little "off piste" on request

    Peter Burney
    Road Cycling - Outer Hebrides
    Reviewed on 16/09/2015

    See everything I've said previously. They were just FAB! Couldn't have asked for more, and they really made the trip a special experience. Their motivation and encouragement was great!

    Katie Wood
    Road Cycling - Outer Hebrides
    Reviewed on 14/09/2015

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