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      Melanie Gaff

      Melanie Gaff

      Nomadic | Fun-loving | Explorer

      Mini Bio

      I studied Zoology as I have always been fascinated with wildlife and natural history and have mostly worked in conservation as a Ranger/ Ecologist and part time as a Reindeer Herder in the Cairngorms!  I have spent quite a bit of time traveling and working overseas over the years, including Canada, New Zealand and Australia, where I did a wide array of weird and wonderful jobs. I am always drawn to mountainous places and love nothing more than being in the hills be it running, biking, walking, skiing or cycling. What I love most of all is going on self-propelled multi-day journeys which is what attracted me to working for Wilderness Scotland. I’ve lived and worked in quite a few different places but home and my favourite place is definitely the Highlands, where I grew up.

      Place to Play

      Torridon on the West Coast is one of my favourite places to be; stunning mountains, sea, remnant pine forest and views as far as Skye and the outer Hebrides all make it a very special place.

      Not a lot of people know this

      In Canada I worked as a Bear Guardian which involved yelling at Grizzly bears through a megaphone to scare them off the roadsides!


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