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Natalie Wilson

Natalie WilsonMe in 3: Curious, hungry and keen

PLACE TO PLAY: Scotland – although I’ve travelled all around the world Scotland never ceases to amaze and intrigue me with it’s scenery, wildlife and weather


I once presented a TV programme for the BBC…

Mini Bio – 

I grew up in Lancashire and spent numerous childhood holidays up the road in the Lake District. That’s where my love for the outdoors started but it took many years and a number of different careers, including teaching English overseas, managing bands and youth working for over a decade, before I finally believed that I could turn my passion for the outdoors into my profession. These days I regularly lead treks all over the world, favouring cold and high places as well as the wild spaces closer to home.

I love working outdoors and I love working with people, so this is quite honestly my dream career.