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    Neil Macpherson

    Neil Macpherson

    Conscientious | Enthusiastic | Short….

    Mini Bio

    I’m lucky to have spent most of my working life in the mountains and rivers of Scotland and my passion for the place grows year on year. I have also travelled and worked in many other special places from Scandinavia to South America and wherever I am wild places the sense of a great day had continues to inspire me.

    Place to Play

    The Cairngorms, its one of the planets special places and a fabulous if fragile arctic back garden which I feel privileged to have on my doorstep. From summer running to winter battles or very occasional pristine powder days its just THE place for me.

    Not a lot of people know this

    My Border Collie Muk can find Haglofs jackets buried in snow faster than a trained person can using an avalanche transceiver.


    Adventurer's Stories about Neil

    Did a perfect job! Neil and Jono did all they could to make as all happy and succeeded. (…and had some good tips along the way: Now I know about the real purpose of a shower cap..) Was fun riding with you guys. Thanks for all!:)

    Markus Gawatz
    Mountain Biking - Coast to Coast
    Reviewed on 18/08/2019

    As stated previously, I really thought the guides were so knowledgeable and great with us all in every way. They were tremendous fun, really experienced and knew the areas so well. They gave lots of tips to improve and we’re very motivating. It was as hard to say goodbye to them as to the rest of the group at the end

    Jessica Cadzow-Collins
    Mountain Biking - Coast to Coast
    Reviewed on 06/08/2019

    Both Neil and Jono were great guides and great company and hit the right balance between responsible guide and comrade.

    Gavin Clunie
    Mountain Biking - Coast to Coast
    Reviewed on 05/08/2019

    Both guides contributed to a fabulous trip, patient and supportive, we were made to feel very welcome

    Simon Maudslay
    Mountain Biking - Coast to Coast
    Reviewed on 03/08/2019

    I can't think of a thing they could have done any better! They both just did an amazing job any minute of their long working hours!

    Arnim Backofen
    Mountain Biking - Coast to Coast
    Reviewed on 29/07/2019

    Top class! Neil and Crayson were both excellent, competent, good at managing the group and made sure we knew what we had to do but made sure we were having a holiday.

    Marisa Gunn
    Open Canoeing - Canoeing the Scottish Highlands
    Reviewed on 21/07/2019

    They were both great!!

    Jo Barrett
    Open Canoeing - Canoeing the Scottish Highlands
    Reviewed on 21/07/2019

    As mentioned before, Neil was terrific. He knows his stuff, and we felt very confident in his abilities. He was positive and upbeat throughout the trip and we really felt that he had everything under control. All we needed to do was just enjoy the trip. (We had several changes of plan due to weather related issues, but Neil just figured it out and we kept going!)

    Elaine Chapa
    18WSTM Tailor Made trips
    Reviewed on 08/10/2018

    Please see my overall commentary for details on how much I adored Neil and Al, and why. They absolutely made the trip and I can't imagine having better guides. They were complete professionals while also making everything so much fun.

    Jennifer Farnham
    Road Cycling - Skye and the Inner Hebrides
    Reviewed on 19/08/2018

    You need to let Craig out of the office more often. That man was so happy to be out in the wilds and on a bike. His enthusiasm was ferocious, it was infectious! It's like Craig was the embodiment of the perfect marketing campaign for your firm and your wilderness just by virtue of the fact he was literally glowing with the joy of being right there in that moment. Craig smiles and his face lights up. You've gotta wear shades.

    Neil was the perfect complement to Craig. Listen up because you will learn when Neil speaks, as well as you will be cracking up over the many hilarious, wry little zingers he lets loose with. Pay attention to Neil. The quiet one is always full of surprises.

    Good job to both of you for the way you delivered difficult news, like there will be hurricane force winds tomorrow...congratulations you made it so the hotel, but we aren't actually staying at this one.

    Special thank you to Neil for coming along in the van at just the right moment on Benbecula so that I could put my daughter in it. It was windy, she was hungry, etc., but we were tipping over the line from I am sympathetic to now this is affecting me. I decided Fiona needs to go in the van right now, and there ahead of me was the van. How did he know? Neil wanted me to get in the van too, in the interest of time and keeping the group together, but having ridden 7 mph for the last while I needed to ride hard and feel free. Thanks for accepting I needed to do that, Neil.

    Yes, she was riding 7 mph. Kudos to Craig for trying to ride with her. It is nearly impossible to ride that slow, unless you are Fiona Leslie. She never felt censured over this pace. Thanks for that, guys.

    Cynthia Kendall
    Road Cycling - Outer Hebrides
    Reviewed on 14/07/2018

    Great job, they worked hard.

    James Serene
    Road Cycling - Outer Hebrides
    Reviewed on 27/06/2018

    Please see my previous note. Our guides were fantastic.

    Mary Bruce Serene
    Road Cycling - Outer Hebrides
    Reviewed on 25/06/2018

    Craig and Neil did all they could to make the trip work which was not always easy as there was a difference in speed between the 8 poeple on the tour.

    Rosemary Wakefield
    Road Cycling - Outer Hebrides
    Reviewed on 23/06/2018

    Neil is a bike mastermind and has exceptional abilities to create the perfect ride for every client. So friendly! Craig, equally as friendly, kept the itinerary flowing so smoothly and would effortlessly make tweaks to the schedule with Neil when weather/uncontrollables didn’t cooperate. They we’re so easy to talk to/hang out with and answered all our questions (even the stupid ones lol). Neil and Craig made the trip what it was; they are excellent at what they do for a living and cater to each individual client SO WELL.

    Fiona Leslie
    Road Cycling - Outer Hebrides
    Reviewed on 20/06/2018

    Neil Mcpherson was outstanding. He was able to provide work arounds when ferry schedules, distillery hours, etc. would not have met the original schedule. He was attentive to all our requests and provided asked for challenging hikes. He quickly determined the type of hikes we liked and adjusted accordingly. On more than one occasion after dropping us off for the evening he would scope out the hike for the next day. Neil was knowledgeable about Scottish history and culture and was completely familiar with the area. Totally exceeded expectations. We would certainly request him to lead our next Scotland trip.

    Peter Hershey
    17WSTM Tailor Made trips
    Reviewed on 21/06/2017

    We can not say enough about Neil.

    Karen Rigg
    17WSTM Tailor Made trips
    Reviewed on 12/06/2017

    Neil Macpherson is an excellent guide who was gauged the group's capability and capacity. Altered the trip as necessary while fulfilling the itinerary. Personable and knowledgable and a credit to your choice in team guides. Andrew the geologist who accompanied us on the second day was excellent as well.

    Patrice Boucaud
    Wilderness Walking - High Points of Torridon and Wester Ross
    Reviewed on 21/05/2016

    Neil was a great guide. He did a very nice job keeping the trip balanced and made a point of touching base throughout the day as well as through out the trip. He was able to foresee issues and make adjustments as the trip progressed such as flipping the scheduled itineraries to make the boat trip work nicely as opposed to rushing the day.

    Anna Brandin
    Wilderness Walking - High Points of Torridon and Wester Ross
    Reviewed on 17/05/2016

    Neil is clearly a very experienced and competent guide. Even though this was his first time doing the Western Ross / Torridon trip he had thought through how timings would work etc which was highly appreciable. Kept the speed during walks at the right level: challenging without being over stretching. Very eager to talk about Scotland, the environment and his past experiences, but could have shown a little more personal interest in his group members.

    I approached Neil about your comment, "could have shown a little more personal interest in his group members" which Neil admits he did focus more on conversation based around your location and the activity you were undertaking rather than bringing in home and work life to show a more personal interest - many clients come away to escape 'normal' life. Neil is now aware of this though and can work on a better balance and hopefully it didn't take anything from your enjoyment of his company and the trip in general.

    Robert Kimmels
    Wilderness Walking - High Points of Torridon and Wester Ross
    Reviewed on 17/05/2016

    Both guides, Neil and Duncan, were great, very knowledgeable and fun, and always looking to make the best trip possible for us all.

    Martin Taylor
    Open Canoeing - Canoeing the Scottish Highlands
    Reviewed on 23/09/2014

    I have nothing but compliments for Neil, he was such an accomplished and professional guide with great experience, patience and very accommodating! I was really glad to have known him on this trip. Would definitely like to have him again if we ever return to Scotland in the future!

    Ghai Keen Lee
    Guided Walking Scotland
    Reviewed on 15/09/2014

    More than necessary as he certainly gave as many options as he could. Much appreciated. Also attempted to give a comprehensive account of each option provided.

    Daniel Lee
    Guided Walking Scotland
    Reviewed on 07/09/2014

    Both Neil and Kelty were execellent and very proffessional best highlighted in the manor that they coped with the Ben View incident mentioned above.

    David Bower
    Mountain Biking - Coast to Coast
    Reviewed on 23/06/2014

    Our guides were fantastic. And the maps were good but I wonder if the company should send out guides who have actually done the route before. I get that the unknown adds to adventure but when going over some challenging terrain it would be a little easier if the guides knew the condition of the routes.

    Wilderness Scotland Response: This is a good point. For the overwhelming majority of trips our guides have ridden the routes many, many times before, Occasionally due to unexpected changes a guide new to the trip or route may be scheduled. Neil is one of Scotland's most experienced and qualified mountain bikers and we had no hesitation asking him to lead this trip for the first time.

    Charlotte Lawson
    Mountain Biking - The Hebridean Trail
    Reviewed on 12/08/2013

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    Road Cycling – The Five Countries Tour
    25th Jun - 7th Jul 2023
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    Road Cycling – Coast to Coast
    22nd Jul - 28th Jul 2023
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    Road Cycling – The Grand Tour
    5th Aug - 11th Aug 2023
    8 place(s) leftUNCONFIRMED£1,995Book Now
    Road Cycling – Scotland’s National Parks
    26th Aug - 1st Sep 2023
    8 place(s) leftUNCONFIRMED£1,975Book Now
    Road Cycling – The North Coast 500: Highlights
    30th Sep - 6th Oct 2023
    8 place(s) leftUNCONFIRMED£2,175Book Now

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