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    Nicola Byrne

    Chatterbox | Excitable | Caring

    Mini Bio

    I was always an active kid, whether it be disappearing into the local woods to climb trees, competitive cycling through my teens and early 20’s, and I even managed a few years of a military career. Overall, I always had ants in my pants and could never sit still though eventually I ended up at university to study Economics and shortly thereafter started a corporate career which culminated in myself being a successful HR Director for various businesses over many years.

    My love of the outdoors never dwindled though and so I’ve walked all over the UK complemented with much overseas hiking. I do adore Cumbria though and feel at peace there, but then you go to Scotland and just think “wow!” this place is on steroids. In all honestly, I can never quite decide on my favourite places as I love everywhere so much. I have just returned from the French & Swiss Alps and have to say, that’s my current new favourite at the moment!

    My daughter, Tiegan, did her 1st Cumbrian fell when she was 4yrs, and now at 25yrs, living in London as an Actress, she will phone me, hear the wind in the background and say “You’re not up a mountain again are you, Mum ?” Always make me laugh!

    My corporate career lasted 30 years or so and then covid-19 hit. I re-evaluated my whole life and resigned to follow my passion for the outdoors. The phrase “life is too short” kept ringing in my ears and so here I am as a full-time Mountain Guide now and I absolutely love it. Love seeing the thrill on peoples of faces when they see achieve or see something spectacular.

    No regrets, loving life to the full and grabbing every moment I can to explore, travel, hike!

    Places to play

    All Scottish Island but the Outer Hebrides is a particular favourite of mine

    Not a lot of People know this

    I am also a qualified Florist ! Have always loved flowers and so decided in about 2016 to sit all the qualifications and if I needed to, could go and work in a florist and do wedding flowers !!

    Qualifications Read More
    • Summer ML
    • Mental health 1st aider
    • Outdoor 1st aider
    • Safe guarding specialist
    Experience Read More

    Walking in Munich/Bavaria, Rocky Mountains of Canada,  Trekking in Nepal and Tanzania, Cumbria/Lake District, Peak District and like most Mountain Guides, lots of walking in Scotland!

    Biggest Adventure Read More

    Nepal by far and I yearn to go back.

    Specialist Read More

    I’m no super expert but I am fascinated by Scottish history, geology… in fact all things Scottish.

    Publications Read More

    None unless you want to read some of my Human Resource Strategy papers!

    Adventurer's Stories about Nicola

    Approachable, experienced and accommodating. I felt safe under Nicola's guidance.
    We have been visiting the UK for a number of years and are very interested in history so are always keen to learn more.

    Liz Ward
    Wilderness Walking - Northumberland and the Lake District
    Reviewed on 26/09/2023

    Would travel with Nicola as my guide again

    Lisa Remillard
    Wilderness Walking - Northumberland and the Lake District
    Reviewed on 20/09/2023

    Nichola was a great guide, an adult working with fellow adults. She was flexible and communicated well. She worked hard to make sure we could make the most of every opportunity on the itinerary.

    We definitely benefited from Nichola's local knowledge of each walk, giving us options and combinations of choices as we went along, depending on conditions.

    It's not easy catering for the diverse abilities and requirements in any given group and she managed it really well. It reduces friction and just makes things easy.

    Plus Nichola is a great driver (and reverser) very important on those tiny lanes you call roads.

    Jenny Ward
    Wilderness Walking - Northumberland and the Lake District
    Reviewed on 18/09/2023

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