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    Rachel Sinnamon

    Enthusiastic | Adventurous | Excited

    Mini Bio

    If it has two wheels, I’ll be on it doing something! Whether it’s on land or water, I’m a happy bunny.
    I love moving my limbs. I love sharing beautiful places with people. I love learning about our environments. I love pushing my body to a perceived limit and then sailing past that.
    Adventure is a spectrum. As long as you are living in the moment, every adventure will be an epic and memorable one.
    There’s something truly special about seeing the world from different perspectives – it puts everything into perspective.
    I’m endlessly curious. What about you?

    Place to Play

    Well, this is my third time coming back to live in Scotland, so I think that tells you everything!
    I have travelled a fair bit, and every country has brought a huge amount of adventure, memories and knowledge.
    There are still a lot of places to explore and ambitions to meet. But Scotland has an enchanting charm and feels like a home away from my birth home (Northern Ireland – the top of the wee patch of land left of Scotland).

    Not a lot of people know this

    I was an artist once upon a time (I still draw a wee bit), I used to breakdance once upon a time, I played ice hockey once upon a time, I used to compete in a couple of martial arts once upon a time, I rode bikes really far and fast once upon a time.
    Currently, I play guitar and can make an inflatable box out of paper, but not at the same time.

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