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Simon Harry

Me in 3 – enthusiastic | spirited | engaging

Place to Play – west coast cycling: it’s beautiful, lacks cars and has some fantastic cake & coffee shops

Not a lot of people know this – I was in 2 episodes of Dr Who and 1 bond film, I have also fought the boxer Joe Bugner (it’s on film!)

Mini Bio – I’m an avid cyclist with an addiction to the pro tour. I make a yearly pilgrimage to France to catch at least a few stages of le tour, and have actually managed to get my wife interested. I’m a qualified British cycling coach, mountain bike guide and currently help wee ones get into the racing scene through skills tuition and coaching.

With my other hat on I work in the environmental education field helping deliver outdoor learning for organisations such as the forestry commission. Having taken a 2 year ‘Lets go to the other side of the world’ sabbatical with my wife to be, I headed to New Zealand to live out of a van to get to know the country – the results of which was that on my return I needed to live in a place that had mountains, open roads and a slower pace of life – The Highlands it was.

Ten years later I have children with Highland accents, enjoy that slower pace of life and can actually do a passable ‘gay gordon’ at any ceilidh.

Adventurer's Stories about Simon

Is there something better than excellent? I have run out of words for telling Simon and Will how good they are as guides. I hope they know how much our group truly appreciates them and all their hard work. They are the benchmark that all professional guides should aspire to. It was their first time on this itinerary and we honestly couldn't even tell. Not even 60mph, falling trees and a bonafide hurricaine threw them - they just quietly made a plan B and it was amazing. They are delightful, thoughtful, intelligent gentlemen and we would be so lucky to travel with them again.
Karen Dean
Simon and Will are simply the best guides we have ever experienced and we have cycled all over the world.
Guy Dean
Will and Simon are very special to our group. They are part of it, not just our guides but also our friends. Only warm thoughts, big smiles and huge thanks from me.
Donna Mosford
I have never been on a tour with two better guides than Will and Simon. Their thoughtfulness, tirelessness and attention to detail is extraordinary.
Joan Dean
Both guides were great. Not only guided us through the trip but added a lot regarding the history of the things we saw....and if they didn't know the found out and let us know. Junior guide did get us lost once, but he was very professional and really did a wonderful job.
Joel Smith
Simon was fantastic. Very good at assessing the needs of the group and adapting the plans. John was wonderful as well. A great team; they worked hard to make our experience an enjoyable one.
Amy Madden
Will and Simon were attentive, thoughtful, kind and informative throughout. They did a great job and were keen to share their insights and knowledge about the islands (especially the machair!)
Penny Jose
Great at responding to changes caused by cancelled ferries etc
Karen Parry
Responsive, flexible, friendly and knowledgeable. Both Will and Simon were a credit to Wilderness Scotland.
Chris Jose
Simon Harry and Will Snow were absolutely brilliant, they managed the different abilities and interests within the group and made everyone feel very well looked after. They adapted the sequence of rides to take account of poor weather and the cancellation of ferry services but discussed these proposed changes with the group. They were always there with a hot cup of coffee, a jelly baby and encouragement.
Miles Murison
Both Simon & Will were excellent. They provided enthusiasm, clarity & humour where needed whilst managing adversity in a truly professional manner
James Harris
My guides were Simon Harry and David O'Brian. Both of them worked extremely hard, but made it look effortless. There were many different personalities and they were kind and gracious to everyone. They were very well organized. In mid-morning or sometimes mid-afternoon, we stopped for a snack break, the coffee was good and the snack choices were abundant.
Regina Daly
Philip Ciniglio
Jane Sinclair
Simon and David couldn't do enough for us.
Caitriona Conway
Simon and Dave were both so enthusiastic and accommodating and encouraging. They were an absolute pleasure and we couldn't have asked for better guides.
Caroline Campbell
Enthusiastic, engaging and eager to please ... Simon was born to do this job. David was a great support to Simon and to the team, always there with a smile and whatever you needed to keep you focused on the completion of the ride.
Jennifer Gibson
Simon was a fabulous guide. The quick lesson he gave us on how to mountain bike safely, I used for the entire trip - made my downhills go much better, avoiding the "ballistic" method as much as possible. Appreciated his passion for the environment and his sharing of his stories and interests throughout the trip. It made for a much richer experience.
Siri Bliesner
Will definitely tell friends to ask for Simon?
Felicity Kerr
Our guides were amazing. Thanks Will and Simon for taking such good care of us all. You guys were fountains of local knowledge, anticipated our every need and kept us well fuelled and motivated as we took on those undulating landscapes and occasional cross winds. You were also fun and funny. You were the icing on the (birthday) cake.
Donna Mosford
The guides went to great lengths to make sure every thing was perfect. The were fun, friendly, knowledgeable and well organized. In short, they were amazing.
Joan Dean
Fantastic and very knowledgeable.
Yolandi Roos
I have been on 9 bike tours with 5 different companies, and think that Will and Simon are easily the best guides I’ve ever had. They were kind, friendly, sincere, professional, and so on top of every detail throughout the trip – always anticipating every need or question. They were right there at every big hill or tricky turning offering support and my favourite quirky snacks (milk and green banana? OK!). Actually, I'm even going to give them props for helping me up hills on the next trip because their jelly babies saved me on the last bit of the Cairn O'Mount. Will and Simon went out of their way to be thoughtful and help everyone get the most out of their vacation – making snack fairy deliveries after a tough day of riding, helping me hunt down yarn, running us back up to the standing stones just because the light had changed (thanks Will!), and teaching us all sorts of things about Scotland and its people. You could tell that they are both natural teachers/coaches with a real love of people, which is truly admirable. I also need to give Simon a nod for the mad bike mechanic skills (way to whip out the putty and the tool roll on day one!). Both men were unsurpassed guides, but what’s more, they were also just really cool people on a human level – interesting, fun individuals with a passion for the outdoors, love of world travel, and care for the children of the world. It’s always a little sad when after a great week of travel everyone says their goodbyes and goes back to their respective lives, but this time I was more gutted than usual, and I think that speaks to the quality of our guides and our group. Well done fellas, and I hope we meet again!
Karen Dean
They were the best guides one could wish for. the attention to detail and their professionalism was beyond reproach.A quality tour company needs quality guides and you had two on this trip.
Janet Bowers
The best support, friendly approach, and attention to detail I've ever experienced on a guided tour, and I've done a few. Thanks Simon for sorting me out with a more suitable bike when I was going to persevere. These two men are surely the jewels in wilderness Scotland's crown? Honestly- cant fault them!!
Kerry Davey
Simon was truly wonderful
Jill Moretto
Both were very informative and helpful. Simon in particular was outstanding (as noted in my previous comment)
Lisa Dunn
If you would direct these comments to Will and Simon, it would be appreciated. Everyone thought they were wonderful. So helpful, both very knowledgeable and together they worked well as a team. The local information re history and geology was so interesting that either you might think of info sheets or a microphone system for the back seat of the van. The main comment is that both Will and Simon are people's people with an engaging personality. They have the most essential quality for a guide of managing all people on the trip equally and with respect.
Peter Bath
Both guides were absolutely fantastic. adaptable and able to keep multi level group in one piece.
Merrill Varn
Very impressed with Will and Simon. Great knowledge of all the places on the route and very attentive to all the details. They gave good advice and looked after everyone appropriately. Great fun as well.
Jane Tapp
See previous comments. Different personalities made for a fun and interesting trip. Good fun in the van. The guides highlighted life on the island from culture to the geography.
David Bain
Will and Simon were both fantastic- both came across as professional, experienced, and relaxed- and they worked really well together. They took everything in their stride and dealt extremely well with the challenging weather forcing changes in the planned itinerary. They went above and beyond to make things run smoothly & the trip enjoyable, and did so in a very unassuming way. They brought their own personalities to the trip and were fun people to spend a week with!
Emma Louise McCarroll