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    Stuart Wallace

    Stuart Wallace

    Cycling | Mountaineering | Kayaking

    Mini Bio

    Most people call me Wally. I have worked as an outdoor leader since I was 18. A UK mountain leader and single pitch climbing award holder. I climb in summer/winter all over Europe and the UK.

    My Kayaking began on Welsh rivers and surfing waves on the Gower and Pembroke coast and has now become a bit more sedate since buying a sea boat.

    Place to Play

    West coast of Scotland. I live on the Isle of Arran, simply no place like it in Scotland. Mountains and Sea and road that goes all the way round.

    Not a lot of people know this 

    My grandfather designed those meat carving forks with the hinged cut guard on the back preventing a sliced hand when cutting towards yourself!

    Adventurer's Stories about Stuart

    Wally and Tom were a perfect pair to get us through the trip. Engaging and helpful, they kept us informed and on track each day. They chose excellent stops along the way.

    Andrew Cairns
    Road Cycling - Outer Hebrides
    Reviewed on 14/08/2023

    Wally, Craig and Deb are outstanding humans. I want to come back next year but only if they can be my guides ;) I'm sure everyone is wonderful. Wally's knowledge of the area and it's history was awesome and I definitely spent more than my fair share of time talking his ear off. Deb feels like long lost family and Craig's energy and enthusiasm for the client experience is contagious. I adore all of them.

    Sarah Penfold
    Road Cycling - North Coast 500
    Reviewed on 05/09/2022

    Our guides were patient, supportive, knowledgable and able to adjust to things happening day to day. They were also FUN!

    Latonya Hill
    Road Cycling - North Coast 500
    Reviewed on 05/09/2022

    Wally did a great job keeping us all organized and safe as this was his first time leading this particular trip. Deb did a really good job for her first time being out of the office on a trip. When Craig swapped out for Deb as the creator of the trip he was able to help out Wally a little more efficiently

    Rob Hill
    Road Cycling - North Coast 500
    Reviewed on 03/09/2022

    The best I've ever had on a trip! Wally, Debbie and Craig, such nice, warm, skilled and enthousiastic persons. I felt safe with Wally around!

    Karin Sylvia Hofman
    Road Cycling - North Coast 500
    Reviewed on 30/08/2022

    All very nice and helpful people.

    Thomas Perneger
    Road Cycling - North Coast 500
    Reviewed on 29/08/2022

    Wally was exceptional. He answered all questions in detail, and usually had a story to add. Jo was new but was pleasant, hard working, and helpful.

    Bill Fayen
    Road Cycling - Arran, Islay and Jura
    Reviewed on 18/07/2022

    Always very careful to our bikes from Wally! Thanks!

    Jane Dickinson
    Road Cycling - Arran, Islay and Jura
    Reviewed on 17/07/2022

    Team provided interesting information and kept us going when bike issues were experienced.

    Geoff Dickinson
    Road Cycling - Arran, Islay and Jura
    Reviewed on 11/07/2022

    Our guides were amazing! Wally and JoAnna (Jo) worked well together guiding us along the hills, motivating us, educating us, and ultimately servicing our every need! Picnics were delightful! We were pampered:)!

    Kimberly Abdelazim
    Road Cycling - Highland Coast to Coast
    Reviewed on 13/06/2022

    It was just the right level of guiding and the local guide was very knowledgeable. Both the guides were lovely.

    Karen Williamson
    Road Cycling - Arran, Islay and Jura
    Reviewed on 08/09/2021

    Out of this world, surpassed any expectations … were we lucky to get these guides or what!! Professional, always - experienced, light hearted fun organised & they worked well together and there was a nice vibe between them.

    Bridget Downie
    Road Cycling - Arran, Islay and Jura
    Reviewed on 06/09/2021

    Professional and interesting to the highest standard

    Robert Brudenell
    Road Cycling - Arran, Islay and Jura
    Reviewed on 30/08/2021

    It is a pity that your grading stops at excellent. We could not have wished for two better guides in every respect. They were both highly professional, knowledgable and genuinely good company from start to finish. Their local knowledge was particularly impressive and they seemed to work very well together.
    We would be more than happy to request either of them as guides on any future trip. Outstanding.

    Stuart Thomas
    Road Cycling - Arran, Islay and Jura
    Reviewed on 30/08/2021

    Great guys, very experienced and helpful.

    Jeff Lagrew
    Road Cycling - The Grand Tour
    Reviewed on 14/10/2019

    Craig and Dave's knowledge of bikes and Scotland was invaluable and made the trip more than just a week on the bike. They answered every question I had, no matter how silly or trivial, and did it with a smile. Craig's photography was very much appreciated and has provided us with so many beautiful memories. We had an amazing time and don't think it would have been possible without the lovely personalities of these guides!

    Rob Hill
    Road Cycling - The Grand Tour
    Reviewed on 20/09/2019

    Both Dave and Craig went above and beyond to provide outstanding customer service. They offered extra information answered all of our questions and gave us options each day. Superb job

    Latonya Hill
    Road Cycling - The Grand Tour
    Reviewed on 18/09/2019

    David and Craig showed great pride in their country of Scotland. They shared all kinds of information with us-history, geography, weather, culture, etc.

    Barbara Montgomery
    Road Cycling - The Grand Tour
    Reviewed on 16/09/2019

    Wally kept up to the minute checks on the rain, and even managed to move us to a covered table 5 minutes before the storm. He knows so much about the geology and history, teamed with Tim's historical knowledge they were a great team. thank you both

    Laurie Quinn
    Road Cycling - Arran, Islay and Jura
    Reviewed on 08/09/2019

    Wally and Tim did a great job coming up with an alternative plan when our RIB had to be cancelled due to weather. They were very attentive to the needs of the group and adjusted plans as needed.

    Tom Hathaway
    Road Cycling - Arran, Islay and Jura
    Reviewed on 29/08/2019

    We were guided. great team!

    Bob Ernst
    18WSTM Tailor Made trips
    Reviewed on 12/11/2018

    Wally was a super attentive, responsible and well informed guide. I felt supported by him on the trip and he clearly cared for all of us. I would happily travel with him again!

    Corry Wille
    Wilderness Walking - Isle of Skye
    Reviewed on 10/09/2018

    Wally was an excellent guide , very professional and ensured we were safe at all times.

    Fiona Ashby
    Wilderness Walking - Isle of Skye
    Reviewed on 04/09/2018

    Wally is clearly a very experienced very competent very affable mountain guide.
    He worked very hard on preparation to ensure he knew all details of the route and the history.

    Leigh Ashby
    Wilderness Walking - Isle of Skye
    Reviewed on 03/09/2018

    They made the trip a real success

    Jon Sparks
    18WSPD_Private Departure
    Reviewed on 19/06/2018

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