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      Tom Mcshane

      Dream | Live | Remember

      Mini Bio

      I have been fortunate to have operated in some of the wildest and remotest destinations on the planet; travelling to and working in more that 85 countries on six different continents and in all environments. I am an award-winning photographer, an experienced expedition leader, travel consultant, producer, director, and location manager for TV productions.

      Whilst I often can be found in the deepest darkest corners of our planet, I am truly passionate about what the UK has to offer, and especially Scotland. I feel it is one of the most beautiful and diverse landscapes with adventure opportunities abound. It has some of the freshest and tastiest produce in the world, with a rich tapestry of history, culture and the warmest of welcomes that is hard to match elsewhere. You also just can’t beat a wee dram after a good day on the hill! I want to encourage and inspire people to share this enthusiasm for our green and pleasant land!

      Place to play

      My work often takes me to random places around the world, but when at home, I can often be found taking my beloved campervan (called Percy), around the UK to the hills and to the coast, to the mountains to the moors. I gained a lot of my experience in Knoydart, and of all the places in the UK, that is always where I feel at peace and truly happy.

      Not a lot of People know this

      I have extreme ironed on the tail of a life-size replica of a sperm whale somewhere in Scotland…

      Qualifications Read More
      • Mountain Leader Summer
      • Swift Water Rescue Technician
      • Wilderness First Responder (UK)/Basic Wilderness Life Support (US)
      • Sea Kayak 4* (Military)
      Experience Read More

      This is the trickiest question, as I feel blessed to have had so many incredible opportunities and experiences! Some of the most memorable adventures have been from driving a fur covered fire engine from the UK to Mongolia, to gaining a Guinness World Record for putting on the first ever gig on an iceberg in Greenland. It could be from leading a world first trekking trip to North Korea, to living with a tribe never before visited by Westerners, called the Mundari in South Sudan, or scaling mountains in Afghanistan. One experience that will always stay with me though was Sea Kayaking in Knoydart, and in an effort to get warm, we made a fire, then found an old catering tin, we then foraged for wild mussels of which we gorged on until we could not eat anymore. Just heaven.

      Specialist subject Read More

      Along with being a professional photographer I love inspiring and teaching others how to take pictures, I am also known as quite a foodie! I love trying to get people to try the local food, fare and produce on any trip that I am on, and will always go out of my way to try the local specialty of that region.

      Publications Read More

      I am lucky to have been published in countless newspapers, magazines and books in the UK and around the world. I have had front covers of best-selling books to images featured in notable titles such as National Geographic, Lonely Planet, Red Bull, Wanderlust and Condé Nast. It is a privilege to be able to share my experiences through my imagery and a humbling record of my journeys thus far.

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