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      The principal airports in Scotland are Glasgow International, Glasgow Prestwick, Edinburgh, Inverness and Aberdeen.

      Edinburgh Airport is situated 8 miles west of the city centre, which can be reached by shuttle bus or taxi. This airport is a good access point for all of our trips, especially those beginning in Edinburgh, Aviemore (2½ hours) or Inverness (3 hours). It is also located just 1 hour from Glasgow.

      Glasgow International Airport is situated 8 miles west of the city centre, which can be reached by shuttle bus or taxi. Glasgow is also a good access points for all of our trips.

      Travel times are as follows: Aviemore (2½ hours), Edinburgh (1 hour), Inverness (3 hours), Mallaig (5 hours – West Highland Line) and Oban (3 hours – West Highland Line).

      Glasgow Prestwick is located 30 miles south of Glasgow but is connected to the city centre by a direct rail link from the terminal. This airport is a good access points for all of our trips. For travel times, see the travel times from Glasgow to our various destinations and add 40 minutes. Glasgow International is slightly better for access to our trip starting points but there are many budget flights (with Ryanair and others) to Glasgow Prestwick.

      Inverness Airport is located 10 miles east of the city centre, which can be reached by bus or taxi. This airport is useful for our trips which start in Inverness or Aviemore. Aviemore is approx 40 minutes by train from Inverness.

      Aberdeen Airport is located 10 miles north of the city centre, which can be reached by bus or taxi. This airport is useful for our trips which start in Inverness or Aviemore. Inverness is 2 hours by train from Aberdeen, with Aviemore a further 40 minutes away.

      There are many airlines offering flights directly to Scotland from Europe. These include:

      Flights from Ireland to Scotland:

      Flights from France to Scotland:

      Flights from Germany to Scotland:

      Flights from Spain to Scotland:

      Flights from The Netherlands to Scotland:

      Flights from Belgium to Scotland:

      Flights from Sweden to Scotland:

      Flights from Denmark to Scotland:

      Flights from Norway to Scotland:

      Flights from Italy to Scotland:

      Flights from Iceland to Scotland:

      Flights from The Czech Republic to Scotland:

      Alternatively, there are many airlines offering flights to London from Europe. Once in London, there are a number of options for travel to Scotland – click on ‘UK’ opposite for details.

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      Wilderness Scotland blew my expectations away. With 9 nights accommodation, luggage transfers, and taxi arrangements, I prepared for something to go wrong along the way. However, everything was flawless! The expert planning, help, and tips provided by the company allowed me to fully enjoy my experience hiking the West Highland Way. I have memories that will last me a lifetime and returned home feeling stronger and more capable than when I left. I would absolutely recommend Wilderness Scotland to anyone planning adventure trips in the country - in fact, I already have! Thank you so much for your help in providing me this incredible opportunity. I can't wait to visit Scotland again.

      Carolyn Roberts
      Self Guided - West Highland Way
      Reviewed on 22/10/2018

      Rated 4.86 out of 5 based on 3,629 reviews

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