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    Borthwick Castle

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    *Style: Private Castle
    *Setting: Countryside
    *Location: Edinburgh

    *Capacity: 20
    *Rooms: 12
    *Bathrooms: Ensuite

    The perfect luxury accommodation for your next adventure.

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    Only 12 miles from Scotland’s capital city of Edinburgh, find this beautifully-restored 15th century keep. Borthwick Castle is one of the largest and best-preserved medieval fortifications, and it could be your exclusive-use castle home. With 12 luxurious bedchambers, a medieval dining hall and opulent bathrooms, it’s the perfect luxury retreat for families and friends. The catering team at the castle will put together a delicious menu for you during your stay at Borthwick, using the best of local and seasonal produce.

    Borthwick Castle has a fascinating history and allows you to step back in time. Rooms are decorated with tasteful period décor like medieval fireplaces as well as ornate beds modelled after the real versions that former British royalty slept in. Famously, Mary Queen of Scots and Lord Bothwell fled to Borthwick Castle from Holyrood following Lord Darnley’s murder – in fact, you can stay in the same chamber in which the queen resided during these turbulent times. If the fancy strikes you, the great hall is perfect for a medieval banquet and can seat up to 85 diners!

    The castle is perfectly situated for day trips into Edinburgh, the Pentland Hills and gorgeous East Lothian beaches. The beautiful and famous Rosslyn Chapel is only a short drive away, and if so inclined, you could also book a round on one of the many splendid coastal golf courses nearby. The region offers some exceptional road cycling and mountain biking routes for those interested in a more active break.

    Accommodation Highlights

    • Live like royalty in an exclusive-use medieval fortress.
    • 30 minute drive to Edinburgh, Scotland’s historic and colourful capital city.
    • Sumptuous and personalised dining using the best local & seasonal produce.
    • Fantastic road cycling and mountain biking around Borthwick Castle.

    Local Experiences

    Private Kilt Fitting

    Get to grips with Scotland’s national dress with a bespoke kilt fitting. Away from the busy streets of the Royal Mile, we’ve teamed up with an acclaimed Edinburgh kilt-maker to offer you exclusive access to a private custom fitting and the chance to meet the young tailor in his workshop to learn more about the history of this ancient Highland garment.

    Insiders Whisky Tour & Tasting

    Everyone wants to taste whisky in Scotland but go to a regular distillery and it’s likely a very standard experience. We have access to a private whisky distillery and also a private (and super-quirky!) gin distillery. These are not open to the public so you’ll be the only visitors there and be shown around by the master distillers themselves.

    Medieval Storyteller

    Immerse yourself in the history of the castle, the region and Scotland with an evening in, sitting around the medieval fireplace of your castle listening to a local storyteller. You’ll hear tantalising stories of the past, as well as traditional Scottish legends that have been handed down through families over hundreds of years.

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