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    Elena Garcia

    Elena Garcia

    Creative | Bubbly | Spirited 

    Mini Bio

    Don’t go to Scotland! that is what I was told when I decided to come to learn English… you will end up with very strong accent they said… but my mind was set, I had seen Highlander and I wanted to check if you really hear a mixture of bagpipes and Queen when you wander about in the Scottish mountains…. 14 years later here I am, with a funny wee accent and a very happy life in the Highlands, and yes, with a freak imagination like mine you do hear bagpipes and Queen, it’s amazing.

    Places to play

    The classics, pretty much anywhere in the North West Coast and the Cairngorms National Park. Give me mountains and water, in any kind of form, and I will be one happy little been.

    Not many people know this

    I have always wished I was big enough to see System of a Down live in the first row, or old enough to have seen Led Zeppelin.

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    © Elena Garcia / Wilderness Scotland

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