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    Louise Miller

    Adventure Coordinator

    Adaptable | Adventurous | Unique

    Mini Bio

    My love for the outdoors and adventure was tamed until I reached a magic number in years! Then from England where I grew up, I followed my heart and soon came home to Scotland, the land of my birth, to start upon an amazing personal journey on which I feel I have certainly made up for the adventure time delay! Since 2009, I’ve been fortunate to massage sore muscles outdoors in beautiful Scottish glens as well as Corsican rooftop gardens, welcomed weary climbers and walkers into an iconic Scottish hostel at the foot of the Cuillins on Isle of Skye, served lunches to cyclists in remote spots surrounded by breathtaking vistas in the French Alps, Pyrenees and Italian Dolomites, climbed some of Scotland’s magnificent mountains and walked various life changing long distance paths, where every day I watched the sun set and rise in a different location whilst importantly learning to live in the moment.

    Place to Play

    My favourite places in Scotland to play are the Isle of Skye with it’s diverse landscape, alpine like volcanic mountains and hidden lochs, the islands with their white sandy beaches, aqua blue seas and captivating wildlife plus the vast stunning Cairngorm National Park with the endless opportunities to escape from reality in all directions.

    Not a lot of people know this

    I’ve been lucky to sit in a police car twice!! Once when walking the Camino de Santiago through Spain when staying in a medieval town, where all the streets look the same. Unfortunately, I didn’t note down the hostel I was staying in and by the time the locals had worked out where I was staying, I had to be escorted back there by a kind policeman as I was locked out under curfew! Secondly, when I was stopped as I left Aviemore one morning whilst being distracted by a spectacular, vibrant sunrise over the Cairngorms! Fortunately I was just over the speed limit so we just had a chat.

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