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    MK Pascoe

    Assistant Content Manager

    Enthusiastic | Learner | Traveller

    Mini Bio

    American born, I grew up camping, hiking, and participating in Midwestern float trips. I first came to the UK on a study abroad semester and fell in love. Although I declared on my first visit that I liked Scotland enough to move there, I didn’t actually make it over permanently until 2019. Since then, I have called the Moray Coast home and now spend my time exploring the Scottish countryside by dragging my husband to castles and trying to find walks long enough to tire out my German Shepherd.

    Place to Play

    Being from a place that’s a 14 hour drive to the nearest coastline, I love living and playing near the Moray Coast. Roseisle is probably my favourite place as it has both great beaches (with occasional dolphins!) and quiet forest walks.

    Not A Lot of People Know This

    After running out of ranch dressing while being unable to visit the US during the pandemic, I now make sure to always have at least three Costco-sized bottles of mix in the house.

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