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    Moose Kilpatrick

    Moose Kilpatrick

    Operations Coordinator

    Motivated | By | Cake

    Mini Bio

    After more than a decade of guiding all across Scotland — and causing numerous headaches for operations coordinators in any number of companies — I’ve now leapt across the Rubicon to see what life is like on the other side.

    While I may have grown up in the depths of a south-London commuter’s paradise, my heart was always in the outdoors. Early on I eschewed the well trodden path of trains into London and of suits in varying degrees of the colour grey, instead choosing a life of colour and chaos.

    That decision has taken me around the world and if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that every outdoor experience simply opens a whole new set of doors that you never even thought about.

    Place to Play

    There’s a theme as you look around the staff team here at Wilderness; most of us moved here or stay here, at least in part, because the Cairngorms is just about the most idyllic local playground you could ask for.

    But if you could pick me up and drop me anywhere, it would have to be the Alps. Running winding ridgelines with the sun setting around you, knowing you’re heading down into town for a few beers and more cheese than one lactose-intolerant body can (or should) handle is my idea of a good time.

    Not a lot of people know this

    Stand up comedian, quiz show host, and TV presenter playing second fiddle to his mum, Romesh Ranganathan was my secondary school maths teacher. It’s probably the reason I’m not a mathematician.

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