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    Nicky Clode

    Adventure Coordinator

    Honest | Approachable | Happy

    Mini Bio

    Originally from about as far from the highlands as you can get within the UK, Somerset, I grew up outdoors and active. As soon as I was able, I wanted to explore the world. Following a degree in Hospitality, my eyes were opened to a way of living that I had never known was possible. I have been incredibly lucky with some of the opportunities that have come my way and have been able to live in some truly amazing places, many of which have been here in the Highlands. With a strong background in high end hospitality, I have a passion and dedication to delivering the best guest experiences this amazing area has to offer whilst taking every opportunity to explore more myself.

    Place to play

    I am really enjoying exploring all that is on my door step and there are some amazing trails around Kingussie where I am living. As the days get longer I can’t wait to pack up my tent and find some of the best kept secrets the Highlands have to offer.

    Not a lot of people know this

    Despite living in Canada for a while and an almost constant awareness of the large animals there, my most terrifying animal encounter was near here with a Highland Cow – don’t get between them and their babies!

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