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    Beckie Davies

    Freedom | Connection | Joy

    Mini Bio

    Growing up in the South of Scotland, I’ve always enjoyed being outdoors and pushing my limits – my parents were less impressed when I showed them how high I’d climbed in a tree above the electricity wires. I was lucky enough to go on a residential to Outward Bound with high school where I realized that the outdoors could be a career. I definitely saw myself in our instructor Tom, who dragged us up an extra hill to look at some lichen. Over the past 10 years, I’ve worked with folks from age 3 to 90, in a wide range of settings, from gentle strolls and bug hunts, and to skiing moguls with teenagers that were definitely better than me. I love sharing my passion for the outdoors and hope that people can get some of the same joy and peace from it that I do.

    Place to Play

    Local adventures around the Cairngorms with friends, and weekends away to the northwest – riding bikes to Lochinver Pie shop and sleeping on the beach at Sandwood Bay.

    Not a lot of people know this

    I won a wrestling competition when I was 15 and spent all my winnings on the dodgems.

    Qualifications Read More
    • 2-day outdoor first aid
    • Summer Mountain Leader
    • UKCC Level 1 Canoe Kayak Instructor
    • 3* Open Canoe
    • Open Water Canoe Leader
    • Archery Instructor GB
    • British Off-Road Driving Association – Standard
    • BASI Alpine Level 2 Ski Instructor
    • Swiss Snowsports Formationn d’admission ZA (Kid’s Instructor) – Ski
    • Foundation Safety and Rescue Training (Water)
    • Whitewater Safety and Rescue Training
    • RCI Training
    Experience Read More

    Have been working in outdoor education for the last 10 years, in between adventures and undertaking a degree in Outdoor Education and Environmental Science from the University of Stirling.

    Biggest Adventure Read More

    Cycled toured from Scotland to the Black Sea in Romania, a glorious few months of biking and camping.

    Adventurer's Stories about Beckie

    Beckie went beyond my wildest dreams to be the most incredible guide, which exponentially increased the joy of the entire trip. Beckie watched out for all members of the group, understood each person's needs intuitively and met them. Beckie's anticipation of my needs amazed me and I observed her talent with others as well. She created a warm and fun environment for all of us. I feel so grateful to have Beckie as a guide. Throughout the trip, I felt that someone had my back. There is not a high enough rating for Beckie!

    Sherry Lifton
    Wilderness Walking - The West Highland Way
    Reviewed on 14/07/2022

    Our guide, Beckie, was outstanding! Knowledgeable, fun, flexible, and attentive. She's someone I'd genuinely want to hang out with and made every part of the experience more enjoyable. I also appreciated how observant she was and noticed she picked up on individual and group cues really well. She also remembered small details about each person's life and personality in a way that made the group feel especially inclusive.

    Cat Parkay
    Wilderness Walking - The West Highland Way
    Reviewed on 14/07/2022

    Becky and Dan did a wonderful job of being mindful of everyone’s skill and comfort level. They worked hard to ensure everyone felt included, while also allowing us the freedom to be independent.

    Elizabeth Wenger
    Wilderness Walking - The West Highland Way
    Reviewed on 02/06/2022

    Our guides Dan and Becky were excellent. Went above and beyond

    Shirley Fraser Wallace
    Wilderness Walking - The West Highland Way
    Reviewed on 26/05/2022

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