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    Ben Walker

    Ben Walker

    Mad | About | Mountains

    Mini Bio

    I’m a keen hiker, biker, and travel photographer, having previously been a sales manager for a leading adventure travel company. I lived in Thailand & Malaysia for 4 years, where I started my leading career in SE Asia. I’ve been lucky to have led trips and expeditions in over 20 countries.

    In my free time, I like to do long-distance bike journeys and have ridden Lands End to John O’groats, Bangkok to Delhi and the length of New Zealand.

    Having worked as a trek-leader since 2004, I’m now part of the Wilderness England team, based in our Kirkby Lonsdale headquarters. Although I’ll mainly be office-based I still hope to keep my hand in guiding trips during the summer.

    Place to Play

    I live in the Lake District, so have a wonderful playground on my doorstep. Whatever the weather, there’s always plenty to do whether it’s walking, fell running, mountain biking or open-water swimming.

    Not a lot of people know this

    Conveniently Ben is the most common Scottish Gaelic word for mountain, so I wonder if it was nurture or nature that I became a mountain walker.

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    • Summer ML
    • Outdoor First Aid
    Experience Read More

    I have been leading trekking, cycling & mountaineering holidays since 2004. Was active with the Officers Training Corps at university & have always been a keen outdoorsman. Led treks throughout SE Asia, Central Asia, North Africa, & South America, & lived in Thailand & Malaysia for 4 years. Cycled from Bangkok to Delhi, the length of New Zealand & Lands End to John O’groats. Led Englands Coast to Coast 36 times as of 2018. Live in the Lake District so know the Lakes & Dales pretty well, where I like to hike, bike & fell run in my time off.

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    Biking from Bangkok to Delhi with my Bob trailer.

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    Adventurer's Stories about Ben

    Jen was an outstanding guide for our trip. Her expert knowledge of native plant and bird species was a wonderful surprise- she didn't just guide us through the landscapes; she helped us understand the ecology. Jen's love for the mountains, lakes, and rivers of Northern Wales was contagious, turning what could have been a standard tour into an immersive experience.

    Sarah Arcos
    23WETM Tailor Made trips
    Reviewed on 18/09/2023

    Sometimes the Garmin was a little hard to understand and we relied on the trail markers to confirm our directions.

    Warren Smart
    Self Guided Cycling - Hadrian's Wall Cycleway
    Reviewed on 08/07/2023

    Knowledgeable, attentive, and fun to spend 12 days with

    Meghan Cason
    Road Cycling - The Five Countries Tour
    Reviewed on 08/07/2019

    Outstanding guides. Ben and Simon, who had not worked together before, seemed liked old friends to each other and to our group.

    Road Cycling - The Five Countries Tour
    Reviewed on 08/07/2019

    As previously mentioned, all guides in the Wilderness team have such passion for their destinations and handled our difficulties with grace. I've got sick and crashed on this trip and have been a bit of a burden to the group but both Ben and Simon handled it with patience and assurance. Thank you.

    Amy McPherson
    Road Cycling - The Five Countries Tour
    Reviewed on 03/07/2019

    Ben was absolutely fantastic. His knowledge of the regional geology, flora/fauna, animals, conservation/land stewardship, farming, and history was incredible. Also, his natural ability to engage everyone in conversation really worked to synthesize the group.

    Stephanie Finn
    Wilderness Walking - Wilds of Assynt
    Reviewed on 30/05/2019

    Ben Walker was wonderful. Capable, companionable and caring. I'd be likely to book a trip just because he was leading it!

    Claire Danielson
    Wilderness Walking - Wilds of Assynt
    Reviewed on 29/05/2019

    Ben was fantastic! He has all the skills: knowledgeable about the area, great stories about Scotland in general and about hiking and travel, safety is a priority and he took great care of us. He was well prepared for all weather conditions that we ran into. He did a great job at making the daily plan based on weather and our group skill set, he took photos which we loved. Very calm and positive guy with a perfect attitude... I know guiding has its challenges. He is genuinely a very nice person and I would love to go on another WS trip with him as the guide!

    Marisa Edgerton
    Wilderness Walking - Wilds of Assynt
    Reviewed on 27/05/2019

    Ben was awesome. He trusted us enough to challenge us, while keeping safety a top concern. It amazed us how he could lead us around a mountain he had never hiked before on our last day. We had not only great conversation, but lots of laughter as well.

    AnnMarie Ellsworth
    Wilderness Walking - Wilds of Assynt
    Reviewed on 27/05/2019

    Ben Walker was great: friendly - accommodating - just right amount of push for us to go a bit further than we thought we could- he would come up with new venues to explore when weather or situations changed

    Nancy Kessel
    Wilderness Walking - National Parks of the UK
    Reviewed on 20/05/2019

    Ben Walker was a great guide. He was engaging, taking time each day to visit and walk with each person in the group, provided historical information and great details of the areas visited. He made each day fun and entertaining. And always made you excited to set out on the new adventure for the day. Ben, you are the best!

    Mary Courteau
    Wilderness Walking - National Parks of the UK
    Reviewed on 18/05/2019

    Ben was a great guide. Knowledgeable, capable and personable. Got along with everyone

    Jodi Leopold
    Wilderness Walking - National Parks of the UK
    Reviewed on 17/05/2019

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