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    Cory Jones

     Tall | Dark | Handsome

    Mini Bio

    I am a lifelong wildlife buff. Nothing better than getting out into the fresh air – walking the hills, on my bike or in a kayak. Taking things easy to spot wildlife is important and now I have lived in the Highlands for a few years I am getting better at spotting all Scotland’s BIG 5 – red deer, golden eagle, harbour seal, otter and red squirrel.

    As a qualified International Mountain Leader, I have been lucky enough to guide across the world (e.g. Kenya, India, Pakistan, Bolivia) and trekking remote places including sledging across the Patagonian ice sheet. Scotland as well as having some of the best mountain scenery in the world, can also boast to be home to some of the best mountain biking and sea kayaking too.

    Whenever I lead a trip whether it is cycling the Hebridean Way, sea kayaking the coast trail or high-level walking I am always on the lookout to share Scotland’s rich wildlife and history with our guests.

    Place to Play

    Walking in the Torridon Hills looking at the views across the Minch to Skye, searching for views of eagles or watching seals and otters from my sea kayak around Gairloch.

    Not a lot of people know this

    I also run mountain first aid courses across the globe – raft guides in Norway, safari guides in Kenya. According to an Act of Parliament, passed in 1672, it is an offence to fly or wave the Lion Rampant flag. Although technically illegal, there doesn’t seem to be any official objections as King George V gave permission Lion Rampant flags to be waved during his Silver Jubilee celebrations in 1935.


    Qualifications Read More
    • 2001-2006 MSc Environmental Management Open University
    • 2005 APIOL Institute of Outdoor Learning
    • BCU Canoe Leader Award – training (2018)
    • BCU Canoe 3* Award (2015)
    • Sea Kayak Leader Award (4*) (2015)
    • BAIML member (2007-17)
    • Trail Cycle Leader Award (2007)
    • International Mountain Leader Award (2007)
    •  ML Winter – training (2005)
    • SPA Climbing Instructor Award (1998)
    • ML (Summer) (1994)

    Mountain Training Association Profile: https://mt.tahdah.me/profile/index/20755

    Experience Read More

    Experienced in canoeing,  kayaking, walking and wildlife adventures. Portfolio of work including peripatetic residential outdoor centre management, working for expedition companies (Mountain Kingdoms, KE Adventure Travel) leading overseas expeditions (Pakistan, India, China, Tibet, Bolivia, Chile, Kenya, Namibia). Expedition Leader, Negros. Rainforest Conservation Project, Philippines. Deputy Director and Head of Biodiversity and Life-long Learning Sheffield Wildlife Trust. Education Service Manager Lake District National Park Authority. Centre Manager Malham Tarn Field Centre Field Studies Council.

    Biggest Adventure Read More

    Crossing the Patagonian Ice Cap (2009-10). Lead a three-man team to cross the icecap from north or south in the footsteps of Shipton. Fourth crossing of the ice cap from N to S. 23 days sledge hauling in Patagonia.

    Specialist Subject Read More

    Natural History in generals but birds in particular. A wide knowledge of the highlands and islands fauna and flora.

    Publications Read More
    • Jones, C (2016) ‘Digital Manual for First Aid at Work’, First Aid Training Co-operative
    • Jones, C (2016) ‘Digital Manual for Sports First’, First Aid Training Co-operative
    • Jones, C (2016) ‘Digital Manual for Outdoor First Aid’, First Aid Training Co-operative
    • Jones, C (2016) ‘Digital Manual for Paediatric First Aid’, First Aid Training Co-operative
    • Jones, C. contributor (2013) “A safari guide to Kenya”, Kenya professional Safari Guide Association (KPSGA)
    • Jones, C. contributor (2012) “British Cycling L2 Course Handbook: Mountain Bike Leadership Award” British Cycling
    • Jones, C. (2010) ‘Essential First Aid Skills’ NAFSO Journal
    • Jones, C. (2010) ‘First Aid at Work’ Contributor to course manual, ITC First Aid Ltd
    • Jones, C. (2005) ‘Spreading the message of Environmental Education’ Horizons 29, Institute of Outdoor Learning
    • Jones, C. (2004) ‘Widening your horizons’ Horizons 26, Institute of Outdoor Learning
    • Jones, C. (2004) ‘Study Support: A good practice guide’ Sheffield City Council
    • Jones, C. & Eades, P. (2002) ‘Sheffield Grassland Survey’ Sheffield Wildlife Trust
    • Jones, C. (2002) ‘Ecological Best Practice Guide’ Sheffield Wildlife Trust
      Additionally co-ordinated and edited Sheffield Biodiversity Action Plan in 2002
    • Jones, C. (2001) ‘Classic wildlife sites: Malham Tarn National Nature Reserve’ British Wildlife 13 (1)
    • Jones, C. (1999) ‘Folding key to Moorland Plants’ Field Studies Council
    • Jones, C. (1998) ‘UK National Parks: tourism in Grasmere’ Geography Review
    • Jones, C. (1998) ‘Fieldwork sampling – plants’ Biological Sciences
    • Jones, C. (1998) ‘Fieldwork sampling – animals-’ Biological Sciences
    • Jones, C. etal (1997) ‘Grasmere – a contrasting locality in the Lake District’ Field Studies Council
    • Jones, C. (1997) ‘Assessing River Water Quality’ Geography Review
    • Jones, C. (1997) ‘Ecosystems’ Biological Sciences
    • Jones, C. (1996) ‘Peatlands’ Geography Review
    • Jones, C. (1996) ‘Water pollution monitoring’ Biological Sciences
    • Jones, C. etal (1995) ‘A licence to operate’ FSC Occasional Publication 37

    Adventurer's Stories about Cory

    We accommodated as necessary for the needs of the group.

    Pamela Nesbitt
    Wildlife Adventures - Mull, Staffa & Iona
    Reviewed on 05/07/2023

    Cory was very tuned in to our needs. It poured with rain on several days so we probably did less walking than I imagined but then again I am not super keen on walking all day in the rain so appreciated Cory’s choices. He was very knowledgeable about birds and plants neither of which I know much about.

    Josephine Armour
    Wildlife Adventures - Mull, Staffa & Iona
    Reviewed on 05/07/2023

    Unfortunately I injured my knee a day previous to the trip but Cory made the experience turn out as well as it could. He assisted with medical support and I was included in everything that didn't include a long hike on uneven ground.

    Jennie Smith
    Wildlife Adventures - The Shetland Isles
    Reviewed on 15/08/2019

    Very very helpful and willing to figure out how to do things when a request was put to him. Also very knowledgeable and willing to share.

    Katherine Smith
    Wildlife Adventures - The Shetland Isles
    Reviewed on 03/08/2019

    Cory is a superb guide. This is my third trip with Wilderness Scotland and the guides have continued to be of an exceptional standard. Cory brought a library for us, as well as his expertise, humour and flexibility when weather or requests required.
    A wonderful week and an equally wonderful guide.

    Mary C Hahessy
    Wildlife Adventures - The Shetland Isles
    Reviewed on 29/07/2019

    Cory Jones is wonderful. He is fairly laid back, but that means friendly and relaxed, because he is also extremely professional. He is a fount of wisdom, particularly birds and plants. He showed a kindness to me on a steep, foggy, wet pathway by walking a short distance away on the cliff side of the track.
    On the ferry from Aberdeen to Lerwick, I met the wildlife photographer Helen Perry, who lives in Shetland. She mentioned that several of her photographs were part of an exhibition in Hillswick, benefiting Fair Isle Bird Sanctuary and Hillswick Wildlife Sanctuary. Cory arranged a visit there when we were in the area for scheduled walks and activities. We all visited the exhibit and several got to see rescued baby seals being fed in the adjoining building. Perry's photos aren't just of wildlife, but of creatures going about their lives and doing interesting things: delightful, personal, and intimate. Thank you Cory for working that into the day! I bought a print that will be a lasting memory.

    Janet Halpin
    Wildlife Adventures - The Shetland Isles
    Reviewed on 28/07/2019

    Corey was an excellent guide. He was very knowledgeable and interesting. A couple of the people on the trip were not able to do all the walks and he found solutions for them so that they were not bored. Great knowledge of birds and plants!

    Claire Craik
    Wildlife Adventures - The Shetland Isles
    Reviewed on 22/07/2019

    Corey was super - I learned a great deal about the local plants and birds as well as the history. He picked super restaurants. He was great about adjusting to the group's preferences. And I really appreciated his help, especially when he coaxed me through one difficult (for me) day.

    Kathryn Bouey
    Wildlife Adventures - Mull, Staffa & Iona
    Reviewed on 17/06/2019

    Guide was excellent in knowledge of nature and relaying that knowledge

    Dave Owen
    Wildlife Adventures - Mull, Staffa & Iona
    Reviewed on 10/06/2019

    Cory was fantastic

    Patricia Darcy
    Wilderness Walking - The Orkney Islands
    Reviewed on 27/09/2018

    Cory was a star - such a great guide - fun, informative, felt so comfortable with him and knew that he was keeping an eye on everyone no matter their ability. He kept us going with all his stories and chat and we laughed a lot. Only sorry he can't join us on our next trip...

    Joyce Dalgliesh
    Wilderness Walking - High Points of the Outer Hebrides
    Reviewed on 14/07/2018

    Corey, our hiking guide was outstanding. Stuart, our sea kayaking guide was also very food although we did wait quite awhile for him to show up ay the designated meeting spot. It would have been very helpful to know suggested parking places ahead of time as parking by the Spar was difficult. We did to have guides for the canoeing/biking activity but met Rockport in the beginning to get sorted in our canoes and received bikes from them at the end of our canoe trip but didn't see them again. We were told to canoe to the 4th loch and look for the blue Rockport signs but when we got there, there were no signs at all and no one to meet us. We found a platform, got ourselves out and tied up the canoe and walked to an area to have our lunch, not really knowing if we were even in the right place. A representative eventually showed up with our bikes and we rode back.


    I'm sorry that you had to wait for the guide at the start of your sea kayaking trip, he was delayed for a few minutes on the road but wasn't able to call and reach you due to the lack of phone signal. However, I know you did get your whole time out on the water and I hope that the kayaking made up for this.
    I'm sorry for the confusion here, there are no flags at the end point, just at the start. As per your details the end point is just the point you can't canoe any further because of a lock. There is usually a break for everyone to enjoy lunch which it why the bikes weren't there straight away but we could have made that clearer. It sounds like you had a fun trip though!

    Linda Tapp
    18WSTM Tailor Made trips
    Reviewed on 10/07/2018

    Cory was excellent. Confident, accommodating and cheerful throughout.

    Peter West
    Wilderness Walking - High Points of the Outer Hebrides
    Reviewed on 21/06/2018

    Cory, thank your for being certain I was able to navigate the trails and then letting me do it on my own and not treating me like a baby just because one arm was in a brace. It would have been nice If I had more time to learn even more from you.

    Sonja Lane
    Wilderness Walking - Sutherland: The Great Wild North
    Reviewed on 07/09/2016

    Cory is an incredible guide. He always took the time to show us the area we would be hiking each day, he shared his knowledge of the plants and history in the area; and most importantly, he was always helpful in making suggestions or offering alternatives for anyone that might be challenged with a particular part of the trail.
    He is friendly, easy to approach and always willing to share his experiences.

    Connie Lane
    Wilderness Walking - Sutherland: The Great Wild North
    Reviewed on 06/09/2016

    Corey was an excellent host. Engaged, funny and a true outdoors advocate. My mum also took a tumble and he managed to be both lifesaver, fireman and comic.

    Aliceson Robinson
    Wilderness Walking - Outer Hebrides & Skye
    Reviewed on 29/08/2016

    Cory outstanding. Knowledgeable, professional yet very approachable and friendly. He was able to be very inclusive and differentiated activities to suit all levels. Would highly r.

    Julia Fullalove
    Wilderness Walking - Outer Hebrides & Skye
    Reviewed on 22/08/2016

    Cory Jones was great. He loves his work. We benefitted from that tremendously (ooo, that was a rather hard word to spell when inflicted by jetlag).

    Geetha Nadaraj
    Wilderness Walking - The Orkney Islands
    Reviewed on 29/07/2016

    Cory was a superb guide: extremely knowledgeable, particularly about birds and botany; very easy to get on with; enthusiastic about the Orkneys; patient; an excellent driver; and he even had a fund of terrible jokes.

    helena peacock
    Wilderness Walking - The Orkney Islands
    Reviewed on 22/07/2016

    Cory was courteous, calm, an excellent driver, well-informed, enthusiastic, professional, friendly, patient; a superb ambassador for your company

    Catharine Wall
    Wilderness Walking - The Orkney Islands
    Reviewed on 18/07/2016

    My time in these magical islands was certainly enhanced by our guide, Cory, with his knowledge of botany, birds, history, archaeology and loo locations. He showed good humor, patience and flexibility throughout, kept us going with teacakes and managed to order up some fine weather for us too.

    Peggy Fake
    Wilderness Walking - The Orkney Islands
    Reviewed on 18/07/2016

    Cory could not be faulted from his knowledge of wildlife,birds,plants,geology etc..Worked very hard to ensure our daily expedition were well planned,interesting,safe.Tea and treats at lunch nice.All provided with kindness and good humour.

    Irene Riley
    Wildlife Adventures - The Shetland Isles
    Reviewed on 27/05/2016

    A really good mixture of culture, walking and wildlife. Flexible and it was great that walking options were provided as much as possible.

    Liz Turvey
    Wildlife Adventures - The Shetland Isles
    Reviewed on 23/05/2016

    Actually Cory was brilliant: its just a little cheeky describing an Englishman from the West Highlands as a "local guide"

    Angus Andrew
    Wildlife Adventures - The Shetland Isles
    Reviewed on 22/05/2016

    Cory worked hard to plan an interesting programme that made the most of each day. He was friendly, entertaining and showed a wealth of knowledge.

    Rosemary Bailey
    Wildlife Adventures - The Shetland Isles
    Reviewed on 17/05/2016

    On this trip I would rather have gone back to the accommodation after the days walking to shower up before going out for dinner. Very hot weather for Scotland.!!!!

    Alan Sanderson
    Wilderness Walking - Wilds of Assynt
    Reviewed on 31/07/2013

    Corey was an outstanding guide. He gave attention to everyone who required assistance and provided some great insight during the walks.

    He also had a great sense of humor and was always cheerful.

    Edmond Chu
    Wilderness Walking - Wilds of Assynt
    Reviewed on 30/07/2013

    Cory was great at giving me enough confidence to tackle exposure on the ridge. He was quick to spot when anyone was having a problem.

    Caroline Taylor
    Wilderness Walking - Wilds of Assynt
    Reviewed on 29/07/2013

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