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    David Simpson

    Motivated | Calm | Considerate

    Mini Bio

    Born Edinburgh, studied Music in England, teaching further afield before leading schools in Edinburgh-retired as too busy to fit work in…..

    Place to Play

    I’m lucky enough to have worked and travelled in some spectacular places and remarkable communities, including a first descent in the Northern Himalayas, and a circumnavigation of Ireland. This means I know just how truly special Scotland is- a unique combination of superb people, landscapes and heritage. I love our hills and waters.

    Not a lot of people know this

    Enticed by an Everest climber to hang upside down on a rock pinnacle in Skye, I pulled out my penny whistle and played a slow air- the tune was, of course – “ the mist covered mountains” (the difficult bit was teaching my tormentor the tune).

    Qualifications Read More

    More degrees than that vocal group- invaluable experience acquired from inspirational companions while travelling on seas, rivers and mountains. I hold a range of kayaking qualifications in Coaching and Advanced Sea and Whitewater leading, also qualified in Mountaineering and Rock Climbing. Currently President of Scottish Canoe Association.

    Experience Read More

    I’ve sailed, paddled or plodded in 4 continents, performed in early music, rock, jazz, folk bands and orchestras.

    Biggest Adventure Read More

    …and privilege…. living with my family, after that…whatever is coming up next!

    Like Scotland, it doesn’t have to be big to be brilliant.

    Specialist Subject Read More

    Sadly nothing, however, have enthusiastically stocked my mind full of (allegedly) fascinating information….

    Adventurer's Stories about David

    As described previously

    Lois Emilia Miller
    Sea Kayaking - Sound of Arisaig
    Reviewed on 23/09/2023

    As mentioned previously, Mike and David were excellent guides who made me feel safe on the water and were happy to give coaching tips on kayaking techniques when I asked for them. David’s musical accompaniment during the trip was a treat. We had great fun singing with him in one of the vans!

    Gillian Rice
    Sea Kayaking - The Isle of Mull
    Reviewed on 19/06/2023

    As detailed previously
    David and Mike clearly enjoy their jobs and take pride in doing their guiding at a high standard

    Jenny Smithers
    Sea Kayaking - The Isle of Mull
    Reviewed on 14/06/2023

    Loved both David and Mike who were not only knowledgable and encouraging but great company and fun to be with. Easy going, looked after us at every step but were very much part of our group. They definitely made our trip as fantastic as it was.

    Leah Abbott
    Sea Kayaking - The Isle of Mull
    Reviewed on 14/06/2023

    David and Mike were superb

    Dominic Corrigan
    Sea Kayaking - The Isle of Mull
    Reviewed on 11/06/2023

    Really well adapted to the status of all participants at the beginning of the adventure. Every body learned a lot, even expericenced paddlers. Great to have hot beverages at each stops, paddled at our own speed, had time to swim...

    Raymonde Veilleux
    Sea Kayaking - The Isle of Mull
    Reviewed on 11/06/2023

    I currently have a balance problem when standing, both guides were very kind and helpful in assisting me in addition to being good company.

    Joanna Wright
    Sea Kayaking - The Scottish Highlands
    Reviewed on 26/07/2022

    I couldn't fault the guides at all David and Steff. They were kind, helpful, funny, caring, encouraging and had loads of entertaining stories and lots of information about the areas we travelled to. We also benefitted from David's musical accompaniment on our trips which was an added bonus.

    Karen Edwards
    Sea Kayaking - The Scottish Highlands
    Reviewed on 25/07/2022

    David Simpson and Steph Walker were faultless in all respects. Friendly, helpful and clear in their explanations of technique. They were also awesome company. For them alone I would always recommend sea kayaking (especially for beginners) with Wildrness Scotland.

    Paul Davies
    Sea Kayaking - The Scottish Highlands
    Reviewed on 25/07/2022

    I really can't praise the guides enough. They were both excellent and really made the trip extra special. Everything was very well planned and the instruction was really good. They both created a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere that the whole group responded to.

    Liz Parkin
    Sea Kayaking - The Scottish Highlands
    Reviewed on 25/07/2022

    For an easy kayak trip, our guides were world class outdoor adventurers! David and Steph were so friendly and made sure to make everyone feel included. David’s songs and music were an added treat.

    Laura Wilson
    Sea Kayaking - The Scottish Highlands
    Reviewed on 23/07/2022

    David was an excellent guide - he had a huge amount of knowledge about the area, despite having been asked to lead the trip only about a day earlier. He entertained us with stories from Scotland and the Hebrides and his own life and was thoughtful towards all members of the group.

    Laurence was a great guide, very organised and together and dealt very well with the fact that the schedule had to be changed all the time due to the weather!

    Lucy Samuels
    Wildlife Adventures - Outer Hebrides & St Kilda
    Reviewed on 11/04/2022

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