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    Emy McLeod

    Passionate | Outdoors | Explorer

    Mini Bio

    I am passionate about all things outdoors! Mountains, Rivers, Crags and Trails! The Highlands has been my home for 5 years now, having travelled to other continents to experience different cultures, for me, Scotland is always in my heart.

    It is my pleasure to be able to share Scotland with people from around the globe.  To guide across the Scottish landscapes and share knowledge of nature, culture and history as a job is a privilege.  It is hard to say what I love most about the outdoors as every day is different! From riding over the Northern Corries in the Cairngorms to canoeing the Great Glen Way trail to walking & island exploring on the Outer Hebrides. I love it all!

    Place to Play

    The Cairngorms will always be at the top for me; walking and mountain biking.  Waking up early to ride or hike to the high summits to see the Sunrise. In Summer and Winter, it has it all.

    Not a lot of people know this

    In 2012 I was awarded the Princess Diana award; “belief that young people have the power to change the world for the better”

    For those thrill seekers out there – I have jumped from the biggest bungee in the world; 750 feet off the Macau tower! Never again…

    Qualifications Read More
    • Mountain Leader
    • Rock Climbing Instructor
    • Mountain Bike Guide
    • BC Paddlesports Coach
    • BC Canoe Leader & moderate water endorsement
    • BC White Water Kayak Leader
    • SRA Raft Guide
    Experience Read More

    I am lucky enough to have worked with people of all ages across a range of outdoor activities. From working with challenging youths groups up to 1:1 guided trips in the Cairngorms and across Scotland; each day is different and each brings memories for life.  I have worked with solo travellers on Cairngorm expeditions of the 4000s, corporate groups completing the West Highland Way, and families and groups for activity weeks and guided day trips across Scotland. I love being able to introduce and show people what we have here in Scotland; the mountains, rivers and lochs, the islands, rocky crags and the abundance of bike trails!  I’ll never stop exploring!

    Biggest Adventure Read More

    I am passionate about keeping Scotland a place to be enjoyed by generations for years to come. To ensure the land, nature and wildlife are protected and looked after. I have a keen interest in the Rewilding of Scotland and the work that the John Muir Trust does for areas in Scotland.

    Publications Read More

    I have had photos published in a number of outdoor blogs, adventure holiday websites and the local newspaper publications focusing on outdoor features.

    Watch this space for more to come…”Emys Adventures” Blog in the making.

    Adventurer's Stories about Emy

    Very impressed with how our guides explained the options for different routes they were looking at and how these were effected by the tides and weather. Emy and Stuart did an excellent job of looking after everyone and were very patient. Our guides were very knowledgeable about all aspects of our trip (tides, weather, geology, history, wildlife and much more).

    Karen Willis
    Sea Kayaking - Introduction Course
    Reviewed on 24/08/2022

    both guides Stewart and Emy were excellent teachers, patient, pleasant and capable. I learnt a lot and had a great time largely due to them

    Liz Collinson
    Sea Kayaking - Introduction Course
    Reviewed on 24/08/2022

    Both Emy and Stuart were knowledgeable, enthusiastic, fun and I really couldn't have asked for more ...... though Emy did far too much in the kitchen at breakfast times :)

    Diane Farndon
    Sea Kayaking - Introduction Course
    Reviewed on 24/08/2022

    Emy and Stewart were brilliant. Having never been in a kayak before this trip, they made me feel safe, motivated and encouraged me, taught me some new skills and made me want to do more kayaking.
    They both clearly love their jobs and that passion is visible. It was also great to hear them talk so highly and with such pride of Wilderness Scotland. Both Emy and Stewart are exceptional ambassadors for Wilderness Scotland and in fact Scotland.
    If, or rather when I do another trip with Wilderness Scotland, I'll be requesting Emy and Stewart as my guides. Thank you so much both.

    Mairi Hutchison
    Sea Kayaking - Introduction Course
    Reviewed on 20/08/2022

    One proud moment for me was being able to fasten my spraydeck to the kayak without help, big thanks to Emy for all her expertise and tips

    Sheryl Landman
    Sea Kayaking - Introduction Course
    Reviewed on 20/08/2022

    Absolutely first class. As mentioned earlier, this was a family trip and Emy & Mike soon felt like part of the family. They coped well with the different fitness levels within the group and also had to adapt the planned itinerary because of the weather. There was only one "incident" when one of the Canoes capsized which is when their quick, but calm response, showed their experience and prevented what was a minor incident becoming a major problem. Would be more than happy to do another trip with them.

    Colin Hughes
    Open Canoeing - North West Highlands
    Reviewed on 08/08/2022

    Emy & Kate were excellent and are a credit to your organisation

    Stuart Ward
    Open Canoeing - Great Glen Canoe Trail
    Reviewed on 26/07/2022

    Emy and Mike were excellent guides. There for everybody throughout the trip and would go the extra mile if necessary. Very helpful, friendly and understanding at all times.

    Rosalind Townsend
    Open Canoeing - River Spey Descent
    Reviewed on 27/06/2022

    Both guides, Mike and Emmy, were outstanding. Very professional, very sociable and knowledgable. Helpful, reassuring and hard working both on the water and at campsite.

    Crawford Gorrie
    Open Canoeing - River Spey Descent
    Reviewed on 24/06/2022

    Emy was a superstar. Knowledgeable and matched the hikes to the groups ability .

    Anne-Maree Tassell
    Wilderness Walking - Autumn Highlands
    Reviewed on 16/10/2021

    Emy was knowledgable, super friendly, and very aware of the groups' needs which I appreciated, including setting the pace, deciding which hikes to do and how long, and making sure everyone had someone to talk to and walk with.

    Becca Epstein
    Wilderness Walking - Autumn Highlands
    Reviewed on 16/10/2021

    Both the guides were terrific. Knowledgeable, helpful and calm at all times.

    Geoffrey Barnes
    Open Canoeing - Great Glen Canoe Trail
    Reviewed on 04/10/2021

    Both Emy and Crayton were phenomenal guides. Whether it be providing yummy breakfast, lunch or dinner, assembling or striking camp, route finding in wet and windy conditions, or fabulous raconteurs of historical, natural or paddling facts! They provided a lovely balance in ensuring that we felt safe at all times, whilst making sure that we each had loads of fun and boy, did we have loads of fun! If you're thinking of booking a paddling trip, then book with Emy and / or Crayton on a Wilderness Scotland trip.

    Kevin Mackenzie
    Open Canoeing - Great Glen Canoe Trail
    Reviewed on 27/09/2021

    Excellent guides we spent the majority of our time with Crayston Renner rafted together, his confidence spread to the whole group during our crossing of Loch Ness. He truly is a fantastic individual:

    Craig Drummond
    Open Canoeing - Great Glen Canoe Trail
    Reviewed on 26/09/2021

    Emy Mcleod and Crayston Renner were excellent.

    Graeme Ardus
    Open Canoeing - Great Glen Canoe Trail
    Reviewed on 26/09/2021

    They were amazing and sooooo patient! They made the trip memorable.

    Joe Levin
    Open Canoeing - Canoeing the Scottish Highlands
    Reviewed on 20/09/2021

    Both Dan and Emy were brilliant. We cannot fault them and they certainly made the trip exciting and interesting. Always there to help and never losing patience. Such beautiful people.

    Steve Brinkley
    Open Canoeing - Canoeing the Scottish Highlands
    Reviewed on 15/09/2021

    Emy and Dan were excellent guides. They went the extra mile to ensure that we had a great trip that ran smoothly. At all times, they were cheerful, approachable and unflappable.

    Karol Zemek
    Open Canoeing - Canoeing the Scottish Highlands
    Reviewed on 13/09/2021

    Emy and Dan were highly professional and proved equal to any problems that cropped up; for example re-arranging an entire day when low water levels made it impossible to paddle at one location. Without their good humour, helpfulness and hard work, the trip would not have been nearly as good an experience.

    Michael Hussey
    Open Canoeing - Canoeing the Scottish Highlands
    Reviewed on 13/09/2021


    Peter Higginson
    Open Canoeing - North West Highlands
    Reviewed on 06/09/2021

    Over the years I have climbed many mountains both with and without guides. Having known so many I can honestly say that both Emy and Andrew have the perfect mix of knowledge, humour, empathy, and competencies. Two great guys, my thanks.

    Tim Ralph
    Open Canoeing - North West Highlands
    Reviewed on 01/09/2021

    Both Emmy and Andrew are very knowledgeable and clearly love the job they do. Their enthusiasm comes through in everything they do.

    Brendan OCiobhain
    Open Canoeing - North West Highlands
    Reviewed on 31/08/2021

    Both guides on our trip were knowledgable about the area, the sport and had a passion for their job,

    Elizabeth Cowley
    Open Canoeing - North West Highlands
    Reviewed on 30/08/2021

    Emy was absolutely excellent in all areas and we could not recommend her enough! She was flexible, easy going, highly knowledgeable and skilled in navigating the areas we were in. She was fantastic company and fostered a kind and fun atmosphere throughout the trip. Her sense of adventure is absolutely contagious! We really appreciated her attention to detail to help our trip feel extra special and meet our needs and preferences. Anyone going out on future trips with Emy is very very lucky indeed!

    Verity Smith
    21WSPD Private Departure
    Reviewed on 20/08/2021

    Emmy was very good indeed. She was knowledgeable and friendly and never seemed to be flustered when things needed slight alteration or very slow traffic threatened to cause a train to be missed ( it wasn't! ) She is extremely competent, has a good sense of humour and is very easy to get on with.
    I would be really pleased to have Emmy as a guide again!

    Kay Hall
    Wilderness Walking - Argyll & the Isles
    Reviewed on 14/07/2021

    Very friendly, knowledgeable.

    Richard Hall
    Wilderness Walking - Argyll & the Isles
    Reviewed on 13/07/2021

    Emy is a really excellent guide - well-organised, thoughtful and caring. She was skillful in recognising and coping with the very different abilities and needs of each member of the group, and ensured we could safely enjoy the walk at different speeds. I am very grateful for her help and encouragement, which enabled me to enjoy and complete the walk.

    Linda Croxford
    Wilderness Walking - The West Highland Way
    Reviewed on 25/09/2020

    Emmy was just a perfect guide, careful driver, shy helped when it was necessary and solved the problems, which came up, efficiently.

    Anne Marie Oberholzer
    Wilderness Walking - Outer Hebrides: Uists, Barra and Mingulay
    Reviewed on 20/08/2019

    As I said in the beginning, Emy Macleod was a wonderful guide in every way. It's obvious she loves her work and the outdoors.

    Sandra Fisher
    Wilderness Walking - Outer Hebrides: Uists, Barra and Mingulay
    Reviewed on 15/08/2019

    Emy was great!

    Latika Young
    Wilderness Walking - Outer Hebrides: Uists, Barra and Mingulay
    Reviewed on 14/08/2019

    Emy did an amazing job navigating the wide variety of abilities, desires, and personalities in our group. She offered options for stronger hikers to go on ahead while she provided to support to those needing it. She also had a great balance in supporting the back of the pack without hovering over them with worry. Her love of Scotland is undeniable and contagious. And she’s just an impressive and interesting person to spend time with. She also genuinely seemed to care that we were comfortable and happy.

    Holly Thompson
    Wilderness Walking - Outer Hebrides: Uists, Barra and Mingulay
    Reviewed on 12/08/2019

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