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    Selected Trips

      Graham Moss

      Graham Moss

      Relaxed | Relaxed | Relaxed (sorry couldn’t think of 3 words)

      Mini Bio

      I have been working in the outdoors all of my life and am still passionate about it! Its been a great and varied adventure so far with lots of walking, climbing, sailing and biking. For the past 25 winters I have been Avalanche Forecasting on Ben Nevis. Away from the land, I have been involved with skippering various charter boats off the west coast of Scotland for many years and have developed a passion for sailing traditional Pilot Cutters.

      Place to Play

      It’s either riding the single track through the abandoned village of Gearraidh Lotaigear or exploring the Bishop Isles by sailing boat. You really have to try it to understand! The only clue you get is that they are both in the Outer Hebrides!

      Not a lot of people know this

      I used to be a film star – Well not quite! I played W.H.Murray in a reenactment of his famous winter ascent of Tower Ridge for the “On The Edge” TV series. Hobnail boots, wooly gloves, tweed britches etc. Cutting steps along the Eastern Traverse is the most frightening thing I have ever done!


      Adventurer's Stories about Graham

      Graham and Tim were very effective guides. They were well organised and yet not unnecessarily directing, letting the group mould the activity during the day. Nice blokes - I'd happily have them along with my friends on any trip I organise in NZ.

      Alex Adams
      Mountain Biking - Coast to Coast
      Reviewed on 17/09/2018

      Tim and Graham were excellent throughout the entire trip. Dry wit, good riding tips, historical and geographical knowledge were excellent.

      Scott Bredehoeft
      Mountain Biking - Coast to Coast
      Reviewed on 02/09/2018

      The guides were exceptional. They were thoughtful and conscientious with a great sense of humour. They shared they ove and knowledge of Scotland with passion. The lunches were healthy and fulfilling with a nice variety of Scottish delicacies. They manage to create a nice friendly atmosphere amongst a group of strangers. They were very attentive to everyone's needs and encouraging everyone to do their best. Tim and Graham truly love what they do and enjoy sharing their passion with us.

      Natalie Giroux
      Mountain Biking - Coast to Coast
      Reviewed on 30/08/2018

      Graham and Tim did a great job !!

      Ulf Nilsson
      Mountain Biking - Coast to Coast
      Reviewed on 28/08/2018

      Professional and personable - Graham and Amanda cultivated a friendly, open approach. Sara, who is a member of the office team but was on the trip as a participant, was also an excellent ambassador for Wilderness Scotland.

      Tom Clarke
      Mountain Biking - The Hebridean Trail
      Reviewed on 06/08/2018

      See my previous notes. Graham and Amanda were TOP NOTCH! Tenaciously hard workers as well as knowledgeable/skilled... energetic/enthusiastic... fun/funny... professional... patient! I would/will ask for them personally on any future trips, as well as confidently highly recommend them to anyone visiting Scotland.

      Jennifer Kammerer
      Mountain Biking - The Hebridean Trail
      Reviewed on 06/08/2018

      Graham led the trip with warmth, skill and a relaxed sense of fun. Following him down bouldery trails was inspiring, if challenging!

      Fergus Duncanson
      Mountain Biking - Harris, Skye & Torridon
      Reviewed on 04/06/2018

      Graham is an excellent guide, clearly knowledgeable and competent to deal with pretty much every scenario. A little encouragement might have helped on some occasions when the going got tough.

      Patrick Cooper
      Mountain Biking - Harris, Skye & Torridon
      Reviewed on 28/05/2018

      I have the greatest time with Graham and Mel!

      They were always funy and very serviciable, they always had answers for our questions, they treated us wonderfully !

      please say thanks to them!

      Josue Rodriguez
      18WSPD_Private Departure
      Reviewed on 18/05/2018

      Graham and Mel where great to all the group, always there all the details and never sipped on new adventures!

      Nicolas Trevino
      18WSPD_Private Departure
      Reviewed on 17/05/2018

      I cannot say enough good things about our guides. Mel was absolutely wonderful. I cannot say enough about her knowledge and professionalism. An absolutely astonishing lady. Gram was absolutely great as well. He was also extremely knowledgeable, professional and great to talk to. Thumbs up to both Mel and Gram. Loved them!!!!!!!!

      Mark Gonzales
      18WSPD_Private Departure
      Reviewed on 16/05/2018

      Excellent. They control very well the time, when we had mechanical problems the solution was very quick. Every one, I believe, had your time to take photos, enjoy the ride...

      Ana Siqueira
      Mountain Biking - Coast to Coast
      Reviewed on 15/05/2018

      Second to none. Graham and Mel did a great job

      Juan Asuaje
      18WSPD_Private Departure
      Reviewed on 14/05/2018

      done over 50 trips like this. Mel and Graham were excellent, top shelf. Mel was an incredible host!

      Mike Gonzales
      18WSPD_Private Departure
      Reviewed on 14/05/2018

      Couldn’t be better. Both Graham and Mel were professional and fun!

      Merced Gonzales
      18WSPD_Private Departure
      Reviewed on 14/05/2018

      Graham and Neil were fantastic - knowledgeable, entertaining and remarkably patient!

      jonathan shortt
      Mountain Biking - Coast to Coast
      Reviewed on 09/05/2018

      They excelled in every category!!

      Marie Veeder
      17WSPD_Private Departure
      Reviewed on 05/06/2017

      Graham and Lucy operated as a well oiled machine in every way and complimented each other very well! They both had the most amazing senses of humor and positive attitudes. Graham was clearly very experienced, with extensive local knowledge of the trails. He was encouraging and kept a great pace for the group. We felt like we could slow down and soak up the spectacular scenery or take photos at any time, and still ride hard and make good time on the trails. I would love to join another cycling trip with Graham in the future. Lucy, was absolutely amazing with her support on this trip. I already mentioned how wonderful the food was, but the other support was amazing too. All I had to do every day was wake up and ride, then leave my bike with the van at the end of the day, eat, sleep, repeat. Lucy took care of our luggage and made sure our bikes were clean and in good working order each day. Impeccable service from our guides!

      Kirstin Pellom
      Mountain Biking - Coast to Coast
      Reviewed on 16/05/2017

      We had Graham Moss and Melanie Gaff. Both of them made the trip really enjoyable. Graham had a good understanding of the routes and any deviations and alternatives. He also helped fixing punctures! Mel has an obvious passion for Scotland and the outdoors and looked after us really well creating splendid lunches and generally making us all feel very welcome.

      Dan Edwards
      Mountain Biking - The Hebridean Trail
      Reviewed on 15/05/2017

      Graham and Lucy were fantastic. I honestly cannot say enough good things about both of them.

      Hugh Hover
      Mountain Biking - Coast to Coast
      Reviewed on 10/05/2017

      Graham was fantastic in every way. Approachable, organized, helpful , mechanical, good rider, made the route seem unique to our group, funny.
      Lucy was amazing. Lucy's kitchen kept us fed and catered to our quirks. Always prepared and a great complement to Graham ... worked really well as a team.
      They made sure all we had to do was focus on riding and having fun as they handled the bikes and accommodations and logistics.
      Can't imagine a better team.

      Stewart White
      Mountain Biking - Coast to Coast
      Reviewed on 10/05/2017

      first class service by the guides Lucy and Graham! My swiss english is not enough to descript how good they are- but, thank's for all, it was great with you

      Urs Meier
      Mountain Biking - Coast to Coast
      Reviewed on 08/05/2017

      Graham had a humor that i appreciated from the start, Melanie was so knowledgeable about nature and the wild life we came across. Pete was great even though we only got to be with him for a few days. Pete was so encouraging on a few of the very challenging climbs

      Diane Jones
      Mountain Biking - Coast to Coast
      Reviewed on 09/09/2016

      Graham, Mel and Peter were excellent guides. Experienced and very knowledgeable. We felt that they went above and beyond to make the trip unforgettable.

      Shawn Walker
      Mountain Biking - Coast to Coast
      Reviewed on 04/09/2016

      Approachable, knowledgeable, relaxed, immensely helpful and supportive.

      Cindy Holdsworth
      Mountain Biking - Coast to Coast
      Reviewed on 02/09/2016


      Andrew Hanson
      Mountain Biking - Harris, Skye & Torridon
      Reviewed on 12/06/2016

      Graham was knowledgeable and very experienced regarding the routes we rode. He had a relaxed attitude which meant individuals within the group rode at a pace they were comfortable with.

      Fiona Hanson
      Mountain Biking - Harris, Skye & Torridon
      Reviewed on 07/06/2016

      First class - very chilled. Thought of everything. Brilliant guide. Thank you!

      Duncan Wood-Allum
      Mountain Biking - Harris, Skye & Torridon
      Reviewed on 06/06/2016

      Super friendly, let all of us do our own thing in our own time.

      Chris Worp
      Mountain Biking - Coast to Coast
      Reviewed on 09/05/2016

      Graham was a terrific and knowledgeable hiking guide. He obviously knows a lot about the flora and fauna and clearly has a passion for his work. He has a terrific, quirky sense of humour which made everything really enjoyable.
      Mel, our skipper, was wonderful! She is a warm, caring person and was very patient (as was Graham) with those of us who were new to sailing. We all managed to take part and help in our own way. The Mel / Graham / Ellie team could not have been better. Thank you for making our trip so enjoyable and memorable.

      Martin Wade
      Sailing and Walking - Knoydart, Skye & The Small Isles
      Reviewed on 21/09/2015

      Graham was great fun, he was really flexible with the different interests of the group and adapted routes to suit the weather conditions. He was very relaxed and made everyone feel at ease straight away.

      Barbara Duncan
      Sailing and Walking - Knoydart, Skye & The Small Isles
      Reviewed on 28/08/2015

      Melissa skippered the boat with lots of enthusiasm and made sure everyone felt very welcome. She engaged the "crew" with our daily tasks of up hauling and sheeting the ropes etc, a taking the wheel, to make sure we all felt part of the sailing experience. Graham skilfully tailored the days walking to the desires of the group whilst taking us to beautiful and interesting places. His relaxed persona rubbed off on everyone, on and off the boat, and helped ensure everyone enjoyed the holiday. Together, Melissa and Graham adapted their plans each day to make the best of the wind and weather conditions. By the end of the trip we had done the itinerary, just in a different order.

      John Guild
      Sailing and Walking - Knoydart, Skye & The Small Isles
      Reviewed on 22/08/2015

      George's knowledge was outstanding and informative. Graham chose good routes for us including on the 2nd day when we took an alternative (and better) route and was a very reassuring presence. Henry was a lovely guy who clearly was keen to do his utmost for us.

      Nick Bliss
      Mountain Biking - Coast to Coast
      Reviewed on 18/08/2015

      Graham was brilliant (in an understated and slightly self-deprecating way). Massive trust in him from early on.

      Stephen Collier
      Mountain Biking - Coast to Coast
      Reviewed on 10/08/2015

      Our guides Graham and kelty were great really informative made sure everyone knew what was happening on the day.. Great food provided by Kelty

      Michelle Lodge
      Mountain Biking - The Hebridean Trail
      Reviewed on 29/07/2015

      They did a good job of keeping everyone on track and in good spirits.

      Daniel Blake
      Mountain Biking - The Hebridean Trail
      Reviewed on 22/07/2015

      Graham was very friendly and patient with the kids. He made the trip very enjoyable and ensured a good time was had by all. Please pass on our thanks and appreciation.

      Lyndsey Berisford
      Family Adventure - Treasure Highlands
      Reviewed on 08/06/2015

      Graham and Dave were excellent guides and quickly adapted our trip due to the weather and group's mood and condition.

      Edward Wenning Janutin
      Mountain Biking - The Hebridean Trail
      Reviewed on 07/09/2014

      I think it would be unfair to rate the main guide, Graham, as he was ill for the second half of the trip and thus we saw a lot less of him than we would otherwise have done. The second guide, Dave, however, did a great job of taking over and built up a really good rapport with the group. Both guides I thought, coped really well with the adverse weather conditions we had to contend with, and did a great job of adapting the itinerary to make sure that we still had full and enjoyable cycling days even when high winds, cold and rain would have kept most sane people indoors. It was great to have the support of the van, and access to dry clothes, hot drinks and snacks to keep us going during the rides.

      Louise Miskell
      Mountain Biking - The Hebridean Trail
      Reviewed on 26/08/2014

      Our two guides, Graham and Dave, looked after us very well throughout the week. In particular a big thank you to Dave who stepped into Graham's shoes when he became unwell part-way through the week. Some good decision-making saved a number of days' riding when 'non-itinerary' options were brought into play to manage very inclement weather, Day 1 for us was a day when if at home you'd have said 'I'm not going out in this' - with thoughtful route selection by our guides then it was a memorable day. The 'options' day from Tarbert was more extreme than a large proportion of the group wished for and probably some 'softer' MTB options should have been offered. Our guides also coped well with some difficult logistical problems during the trip - never easy.

      Mike Nash
      Mountain Biking - The Hebridean Trail
      Reviewed on 26/08/2014

      Dave Picken and Graham Moss are outstanding, knowledgeable and personable guides. They were quickly cognisant of the broad cross section of Mountain Biking capabilities of the group and adjusted the itinerary accordingly. The logistical problems that were encountered were resolved with aplomb and tact, especially at the end of the trip.

      Ralph Snape
      Mountain Biking - The Hebridean Trail
      Reviewed on 25/08/2014

      Really nice guy and a true outdoor man, expert for the routes and terrain. Maybe could have told more cultural & historical facts.

      Lauri Lehtonen
      Mountain Biking - Harris, Skye & Torridon
      Reviewed on 17/07/2014

      Graham was patient and kind - very easy company, and quietly seemed to `keep his finger' on the pulse. Great!
      Henry O Henry....did we `welcome' seeing him and the support vehicle, as we turned yet another corner!!! Brilliant
      Thought both guys were wonderful company.

      Janet Dalton
      Mountain Biking - The Hebridean Trail
      Reviewed on 18/06/2014

      Graham was everything I had hoped for in a guide and more. He was totally non-judgmental of any of our skills or lack of them but just set about getting us all from A to B in the most enjoyable way and made adjustments here and there to the route to take in the group's wishes, see particular sights or wildlife etc.
      He was good natured and good humoured at all times and great company both on the bike and over dinner in the evenings.
      Henry was an absolute darling, always there with the hot soup or coffee and cake when needed, whisking your bike away to load it onto the trailer for you and when cycling with us, a calm and cheerful leader always making sure that each group member was happy and coping ok. Couldn't ask for a better team.

      Kate De Haan
      Mountain Biking - The Hebridean Trail
      Reviewed on 16/06/2014

      Kept us going in rough weather and made the route exciting and different, occasionally was too far ahead, fun, approachable and very inclusive , good knowledge of local area wildlife etc.Henry our support was also very good, food excellent and nicely served and on time, fun to be with .

      Anne Bateman
      Mountain Biking - The Hebridean Trail
      Reviewed on 13/06/2014

      Professional skipper, crew and walking guide. Good fun and good natured. Felt they were all very experienced without being heavy handed. We were shown the route each day and everyone was happy to answer questions about the boat, the Islands etc. Very patient even with the inexperienced sailor! Appreciated Graham taking photos on the walks and posting them on Dropbox, along with some from James and Mel. Nice to have, as I am a lazy photographer.

      Kate Holterman
      Sailing and Walking - Knoydart, Skye & The Small Isles
      Reviewed on 29/05/2014

      Very easy going and knowledgeable, catered to the group well

      Andrew Baird
      Sailing and Walking - Knoydart, Skye & The Small Isles
      Reviewed on 12/05/2014

      Always helpful, and the activities were well matched to the age and abilities of the group.

      Alan Watson
      Sailing and Walking - Knoydart, Skye & The Small Isles
      Reviewed on 20/08/2013

      The walks selected by Graham were very good, and his local knowledge had much to do with the success of the sail-walk interface without the feared compromises.

      John Farmery
      Sailing and Walking - Knoydart, Skye & The Small Isles
      Reviewed on 12/08/2013

      The quality of the guide was of the highest. Graham was very knowledgeable about the terrain, history, and regaled us with anecdotes that were both amusing and informative. He was very respectful of the groups decisions on hiking days when the weather was inclement rather than striking off on a plan that he had set in his mind.

      Sheila Cook
      Sailing and Walking - Knoydart, Skye & The Small Isles
      Reviewed on 12/08/2013

      See above

      Rod Edmond
      Mountain Biking - The Hebridean Trail
      Reviewed on 29/07/2013

      Guides were excellent. Fun and engaging.

      Scott Bredehoeft
      Mountain Biking - The Hebridean Trail
      Reviewed on 28/07/2013

      Dave and Graham. Lovely people, knowledgeable, able, patient, very skilled at keeping a group of strangers tick together with a gentle humour. They made it all look easy. Brilliant.

      Alison Schulte
      Mountain Biking - The Hebridean Trail
      Reviewed on 22/07/2013

      Loved our guides; very caring and helpful; wished they would have dialed down down some of the crazier adventures we undertook

      Mark Weisbarth
      Mountain Biking - Coast to Coast
      Reviewed on 24/06/2013

      I took my own bike and would have preferred that it had been given some additional care at the end of each day. It got some kind of a wash each day, and chain lube, but would not have shown shown signs of rust if it had been sprayed with WD40 or similar.

      Patrick Cooper
      Mountain Biking - Coast to Coast
      Reviewed on 24/06/2013

      Graham and Dave were fantastic hosts, very motivational and good fun.

      Scott Shortridge
      Mountain Biking - The Hebridean Trail
      Reviewed on 12/06/2013

      the guides exceeded my expectations. Excellent choice of routes, especially off road. They were knowledgeable about local conditions and wildlife and able to adapt routes to suit the terrain and weather according to the riders' needs/abilities.

      Desmond McCarron
      Mountain Biking - The Hebridean Trail
      Reviewed on 12/06/2013

      A very good double act
      enthusiastic, knowledgeable,

      Rachael Vincent
      Mountain Biking - The Hebridean Trail
      Reviewed on 29/05/2013

      Good plan bs and cs to allow for change of weather and wind direction available and post cycling tourist taxi service to local attractions such as Isle of Scalpay. + ad-hoc extras such as Harris Trust talk arranged.

      Tristan Mullett
      Mountain Biking - The Hebridean Trail
      Reviewed on 27/05/2013

      I had expected a little more information about history and sights en route.

      Tony Kennedy
      Mountain Biking - The Hebridean Trail
      Reviewed on 27/05/2013

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