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    Ian Jones

    Caring | Knowledgeable | Fun

    Mini Bio

    Born and educated in Edinburgh, I began my teaching career. Throughout over 40 years in education in Scotland and abroad, I have used the outdoors both as a classroom and for leisure. Some of my fondest memories are of introducing young people to the varied Scottish landscapes and encouraging them to develop their skills in a range of activities including skiing, hill walking, climbing, sailing, canoeing, and cycling. I now look forward to sharing my knowledge of Scotland with a different audience.

    Places to Play

    I have had the opportunity to work and travel across the world. However, from scaling mountains to strolling through its glens and along its shores Scotland is unique. Now living in Strathspey, I have the Cairngorm National Park on my doorstep and easy access to the spectacular west coast.

    Not a lot of people know this

    I lived and worked in Dubai for 6 years and took the opportunity to do a skydive over The Palm.

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