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    James Prowse

    James Prowse

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    Mini Bio

    Growing up around Glasgow I was sport mad from a young age. Always interested and keen to try new sports I managed to convince my mum to get me lessons to climb, ski and snowboard. Since then I have never looked back. The older I got the further my adventures took me from Glasgow across Scotland on camping and climbing trips.

    I have a keen interest in the environment and completed a hon degree in countryside management which gave me a good base knowledge about the landscape that I move through. I knew I wanted a career in the outdoors taking people on adventures and so have worked for the past 15 years taking groups on a range of activities into remote parts of the highlands

    For me it is the variation that I enjoy the most, one day biking on fast descents in the southern uplands and the next taking a group on a gentle canoe journey on Loch Lomond.

    Places to Play

    West of Scotland (Has a wide range of activities you can try in an adventurous Scottish week) with the range of activities that can be tried in one week.

    A particular favourite of mine is heading for the early morning ferry to Arran with a bonus of watching the sun coming up. Leading a multi pitch climb and cycling up Glen Rosa before a walk in to climb 8 climbs later give you the perfect 360 degree view of Arran and a look down into the Glen, before racing down and heading to catch the Ferry home with which you can relax and reflect on the journey of the day.

    One of my favourite trips was multi pitch climbing on Arran. An early ferry ride watching the sun come up then cycling up Glen Rosa before a final walk into the climb. 8 pitches later and at the top a quick look down the glen and views in all directions before racing down to catch the ferry home.

    Not a lot of people know this

    Currently will play for Scotland in the European hockey over 35 team this July.

    Qualifications Read More
    • First Aid Qualification BASP- (2022)
    • Powerboat Licence – Class 2 (2007)
    • Mountain Bike Leader (2013)
    • UKCC Level 2 kayak & Canoe (2011)
    • White water safety and Rescue (2011)
    • Canoe moderate water(2022)
    • Summer Mountain Leader assessed (2011)
    • Winter Mountain Leader trained (2013)
    • Single Pitch Assessed (2010)
    • GNAS Archery (2011)
    • Weldtech gold cycle mechanic (2019)
    Experience Read More

    I have been working in the outdoor industry for 17 years. A range of working with young people on day and residential courses in Scotland. I have also worked on ski touring, climbing, hill walking, canoeing and biking trips with adults in a range of places across Scotland. I have also worked abroad in Norway and Australia working of white-water rafting trips.

    Biggest Adventure Read More

    Spending two months in northeastern Oregon volunteering with the nature conservancy on the Zumwalt praire. Walking the praire and exploring the little known mountains and canyons that are found in this amazing part of America.

    Specialist Subject Read More

    Strange amount of knowledge about expensive outdoor equipment. Scandi crime dramas.

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