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    Kate Wilson

    Enthusiastic | Encouraging | Passionate

    Mini Bio

    My love of training, exercising and being active in the outdoors means that I am always up to something; from rock climbing to walking to riding my bikes, the list could go on!

    Originally from Edinburgh, I left to go to university in Fort William, where I studied Adventure Performance and Coaching. From there I moved east to the Cairngorms, where I have been living for the last three years, working in the outdoor industry.

    I enjoy challenging myself and exploring new places, starting with the ones on my doorstep and working towards far-flung places.

    Place to Play

    It would have to be somewhere in Scotland although as I haven’t been everywhere, I can’t choose a favourite quite yet!

    Not a lot of people know

    I am counting the number of times I have been to the top of Ben Nevis until I reach one hundred, I am currently on 27!

    Adventurer's Stories about Kate

    Kate did a great job!

    Rick Dion
    Wilderness Walking - Isle of Skye
    Reviewed on 26/09/2022

    We all loved having Kate as our guide. She clearly was quite technically skillful and was sweet and accommodating to all group members. This trip presented many logistical challenges for Kate - the Covid incident, so much driving, the wide variety of skill levels of group members, and then the serious injury on the trail near the end of the trip. She handled things well (and we all pitched in to make it work) but from the marketing descriptions, I had been expecting a guide that has more specific experience with the trails and the history of the region. I have to give a gold star to one of our group members- Ruth Banner, who sprang into action when Geri fell and injured her knee badly- she helped make the splint and worked a miracle in supporting (literally) Geri back to the boat and throughout the emergency room visit and everything in between. Ruth’s knowledge of how to move an impaired person was invaluable and we could not have done it without her. Some of this kind of training may be useful for trip guides. Getting back to our guide, Kate- as she does more and more trips, she will gain confidence and experience with trip specifics. She was a caring and respectful guide, and I loved getting to know someone who exemplifies a hearty Scottish outdoorswoman.

    Paula Greer
    Wilderness Walking - Isle of Skye
    Reviewed on 26/09/2022

    The kayaking guide, Stuart, was great - really passionate and made all of us feel very comfortable throughout the day. Kate took us biking and hiking in Aviemore and was again hugely passionate and made a wonderful effort in setting up the treasure hunt which kept the children excited.

    Parshav Shah
    The Great Family Adventure - Treasure Highlands
    Reviewed on 13/09/2021

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