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    Kate Wilson

    Enthusiastic | Encouraging | Passionate

    Mini Bio

    My love of training, exercising and being active in the outdoors means that I am always up to something; from rock climbing to walking to riding my bikes, the list could go on!

    Originally from Edinburgh, I left to go to university in Fort William, where I studied Adventure Performance and Coaching. From there I moved east to the Cairngorms, where I have been living for the last three years, working in the outdoor industry.

    I enjoy challenging myself and exploring new places, starting with the ones on my doorstep and working towards far-flung places.

    Place to Play

    It would have to be somewhere in Scotland although as I haven’t been everywhere, I can’t choose a favourite quite yet!

    Not a lot of people know

    I am counting the number of times I have been to the top of Ben Nevis until I reach one hundred, I am currently on 27!

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