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    Mike Devlin

    Mike Devlin

    Mini Bio

    From an early age I have taken part in, then instructed and guided in all Paddlesport disciplines as well as a wide range of outdoor sports, from mountaineering, rock climbing, downhill and cross country skiing, and caving. Over the years I have paddled and travelled the rivers and mountains of Europe, North America, Canada and the South Atlantic. Working with young people, using the outdoors as both a learning and development platform, I have led trips to the Himalaya, Africa, Norway, North America, Svalbard, the Falkland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula.

    Place to Play

    I now spend my time between Italy and Scotland, in winter and summer respectively. Enjoying the hills, islands, skiing, paddling and biking as weather and mood takes me.

    Not a lot of people know this

    As ‘Aflac Man’ I took part in an American TV advert for a major American Insurance company.

    Adventurer's Stories about Mike

    They were firm in their directions yet listened to our input, made us feel safe and comfortable in our adventure.

    Sea Kayaking - The Isle of Mull
    Reviewed on 06/05/2024

    Guided. I already commented on the excellence and depth of the knowledge each guide possessed. Different styles that complimented one another. Both very strong, directed us when we needed it, encouraged, joked with us too. They took good care of us.

    Nan Dreves
    Sea Kayaking - The Isle of Mull
    Reviewed on 29/04/2024

    The guides were great and worked very well in their planning and handling of the range of paddling experience within the group striking the right balance to challenge and grow the experience of the whole group and combine with times where the group was together as a whole. Not an easy feat!
    I have paddled with Myles before and really enjoy the level of knowledge and experience he shares throughout the week across such a broad range of topics.

    Ian Quinn
    Sea Kayaking - The Outer Hebrides
    Reviewed on 20/08/2023

    Perfect!! So patient and knowledgeable.

    Irene Kerr
    Sea Kayaking - Introduction Course
    Reviewed on 19/08/2023

    Guides were really good and helpful in showing us extra kayaking skills as well as splitting us into two groups according to ability.

    Caroline Blagg
    Sea Kayaking - The Outer Hebrides
    Reviewed on 03/08/2023

    Both Mike and Jamie were amazing. Competent, helpful, friendly and knowledgeable – we could not have wished for better guides.

    Anne Jorgensen
    Sea Kayaking - The Scottish Highlands
    Reviewed on 23/07/2023

    Excellent setup with two professionals that made us feel safe and looked after all the time. They took the fitness level of the group into consideration and made sure that we split up, so the more adventurous participants wasn´t held back.

    Magnus Gotfredsen
    Sea Kayaking - The Scottish Highlands
    Reviewed on 22/07/2023

    Both guides were extremely professional and great at their jobs. Really good teachers and I always felt safe. They were also very approachable and kind.

    Helen Wakeley
    Sea Kayaking - The Scottish Highlands
    Reviewed on 16/07/2023

    Unendingly kind, patient, and full of fun facts about the area. Mike and Jamie would check in with us all the time to make sure we had everything we needed. I felt very safe with them as guides.

    Kathleen Taylor
    Sea Kayaking - The Scottish Highlands
    Reviewed on 16/07/2023

    Perfects. Knowledgeables. Charming.

    Jean Dudler
    Sea Kayaking - The Atlantic Coast
    Reviewed on 25/06/2023

    they were charming and knowing the area very well I always felt safe!

    Marianne Dudler
    Sea Kayaking - The Atlantic Coast
    Reviewed on 25/06/2023

    Great guys, so experienced. Made the whole group confident and trusting. Good mixture of guiding the trip and technical tuition on the go.

    Angela Wood
    Sea Kayaking - The Scottish Highlands
    Reviewed on 13/06/2023

    Dave and Bill MADE the trip. See prior notes

    Valerie Peck
    22WSPD Private Departure
    Reviewed on 15/08/2022

    David and Bill were fantastic. They had not worked together before but they seemed like old friends. David is filled with history and culture, and Bill is filled with puns.

    Anne Cramer
    22WSPD Private Departure
    Reviewed on 15/08/2022

    I have already said it, but on a scale of five stars being excellent, they each get six stars and the planet of their choice. They complimented each other well. Bill taught us kayaking tips, proving that he is not just a guide but an excellent instructor. David played his penny whistle now and then, on a remote windswept island in the middle of a loch, or under the bridge of the Eilean Donan Castle. He wore his Fraser hunting tartan to the Games. He took two of us on extended trips when the others wanted to go back to the lodge. I can't thank them enough.

    Robin Miller
    22WSPD Private Departure
    Reviewed on 15/08/2022

    Dave and Bill were fabulous. Fun to be with, entertaining, educational, and all-around great guys. I thoroughly enjoyed having them. They made this event spectacular. Loved the comments, the picallo playing and the great driving on country roads around all kinds of obstacles. Smart, caring and wonderful individuals.

    Darcy Bevelacqua
    22WSPD Private Departure
    Reviewed on 15/08/2022

    Mike & Kate were fabulous guides/hosts, so knowledgeable about the area, all things canoeing, friendly, so well organised, engaging and both with a great sense of humour.

    Brian Lawrence
    Open Canoeing - Great Glen Canoe Trail
    Reviewed on 13/07/2022

    Mike and Kate were fantastic. The perfect mix of experience, instruction, good humour, coaching, support, advice, and direction. Impressed with their professionalism and good judgement, always felt safe and informed regardless of weather. Monitored group to ensure rests were taken as well. Always presented options and advice for the group to decide (where appropriate), and also not shy of making the necessary calls if we needed to stop to wait out weather. Managed expectations well so we were aware of options if we could not make the intended progress that day, were never pushed and it was up to group (although we always did, and finished two minutes ahead of schedule!)

    Aidan Ruland
    Open Canoeing - Great Glen Canoe Trail
    Reviewed on 11/07/2022

    Easily navigable, largely stayed together, a variety of speeds well catered for. Wide option of camp choices if things got tough of people didn’t want to go any further

    Mark Pattrick
    Open Canoeing - Great Glen Canoe Trail
    Reviewed on 03/07/2022

    Friendly, excellent communication and knowledge. Patient and very good at including everyone and asking for their opinions etc

    Angela Basit
    Open Canoeing - Great Glen Canoe Trail
    Reviewed on 03/07/2022

    The guides were amazing, they were friendly and experienced

    Yasmin Basit
    Open Canoeing - Great Glen Canoe Trail
    Reviewed on 03/07/2022

    Both guides were experienced and knowledgable and lead the trip well. Always available and interacted well with all 8 of the clients. At sea (where it really mattered) the guides made sure we were all safe and worked hard to ensure clients had enjoyable days consistent with safety. Always felt we were in safe hands.

    Phillipe Cook
    Sea Kayaking - The Isle of Mull
    Reviewed on 12/06/2022

    Mike Devlin was our fantastic guide - he was faultless, made all the right decisions during a difficult week, couldn't have been more supportive. During our final paddle back to the mainland on a stormy morning gave me great advice. One of those rare people who you inherently trust.

    Bill Inness
    Sea Kayaking - The Summer Isles
    Reviewed on 29/05/2022

    Really good giving inexperienced confidence

    Chris Howe
    Open Canoeing - River Spey Descent
    Reviewed on 20/05/2022

    Just brilliant. They guided, fed, coached and kept us motivated. They retrieved our canoes and gear from seemingly impossible locations!

    Anthony Bonham
    Open Canoeing - River Spey Descent
    Reviewed on 29/04/2022

    Couldn’t rate them higher- absolutely wonderful in terms of support and encouragement, learnt of skills and generating confidence with dealing with potentially challenging situations. All were very personable and fun to be with.

    Ann Pamment
    Sea Kayaking - Introduction Course
    Reviewed on 08/09/2021

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