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    Mungo Ross

    Kind | Cheeky | Adventurous


    Mini Bio

    Having had the most extraordinary good fortune and privilege to travel on adventures and lead expeditions to all seven continents, allowing me to become more familiar with the Khumbu Valley in Nepal than the Lairig Ghru in the Cairngorms, I am still as passionate as ever to share my enthusiasm for my home country, Scotland.

    Whether travelling on skis or snowboard; by kayak, canoe, raft, boat or windsurfer; shod in rock-shoes or snow-shoes or equipped with ice axe and crampons – whether out on my own, with friends, or leading and teaching others, I am still often not able to tell the difference between days of work or play.

    Places to play

    The Khumbu Valley, or anywhere in Bonnie Scotland.

    Not many people know this

    I was President of the school Poetry Club and Gardening Club when I was 11 years old (perhaps an early indication of my destiny towards roles of influence and responsibility?!).

    Qualifications Read More
    • Summer Mountain Leader
    • Winter Mountain Leader
    • Mountaineering Instructor Certificate.
    Experience Read More

    I’ve led groups all across Scotland, into the Himalaya, and across 4 continents both while self employed and for companies ranging from Jagged Globe to Ratho National Climbing Centre.

    Biggest Adventure Read More

    Too many to remember one in particular! Surviving some days on the hill in Scottish Winter have been as hard as surviving a month on a 6 or 7 thousand meter mountain.

    Adventurer's Stories about Mungo

    Mungo was the best!! Enjoyed every minute we spent with him. He knows his stuff! And he considered what was important to each individual in our group to make the most of our time in Shetland.

    Theresa Barnes
    Wildlife Adventures - The Shetland Isles
    Reviewed on 16/05/2024

    Mungo I hope to see you again, great fun

    Patrick Nichols
    Wildlife Adventures - The Shetland Isles
    Reviewed on 13/05/2024

    Mungo was cheerful, kind, patient, and a lot of fun have as our guide. His management of a small but diverse group in terms of abilities and interests was supurb. I always enjoy good stories from guides, and Mungo provided in this department. Yet he never "over talked" about his experiences and encouraged sharing by everyone. I'd happily travel with him again.

    Holly Wenger
    Wildlife Adventures - The Shetland Isles
    Reviewed on 13/05/2024

    Mungo is experienced, friendly, flexible and dedicated.

    Lilian Öhman
    Wilderness Walking - The Orkney Islands
    Reviewed on 16/04/2024

    Our guide, Mungo Ross, was absolutely the best! He was so friendly, thoughtful, fun and funny! He shared great stories, presented the group with different options for some activities. He orchestrated some very unique experiences like having someone come in a share stories on the history of Scotland, taking the group on little side trips to see something unique, enjoy a local pub and a couple small villages. Mungo is a very experienced hiker and a fantastic guide!

    Michael Treppa
    Wilderness Walking - Glencoe and the Highlands
    Reviewed on 27/11/2023

    Mungo was fantastic! Carefully chose hikes too accommodate the group. He added some time for shopping, coffee and pub experiences.

    Susan Freeman
    Wilderness Walking - Glencoe and the Highlands
    Reviewed on 25/07/2023

    Mungo Ross was our fearless, funny, cheeky and adventurous guide! He is a native Scot and was more than willing to share all the information on any question you had but do expect a hilarious answer at times and a wee bit of joking around. He has a passion in his country and in his job of guiding people and keeping them safe, very compassionate individual and hugely knowledgeable.

    Diane Dunn Fyfe
    Wilderness Walking - Glencoe and the Highlands
    Reviewed on 24/07/2023

    On a scale of 1-5 stars with 5 being the absolute best, can I give Mungo a 10? He is an amazing hiker and climber which he combined with his vast knowledge of his country and the individual locations. He was able to assess our group and our abilities and he made sure we all had a hiking experience matched to our abilities and desires.

    Kathleen Keely
    Wilderness Walking - Glencoe and the Highlands
    Reviewed on 24/07/2023

    No complaints. Mungo was excellent

    Christine Cowley
    Wilderness Walking - Outer Hebrides: Uists, Barra and Mingulay
    Reviewed on 29/06/2023

    Mungo was absolutely marvelous. The group had a range of interests and abilities and he had a wonderful way of setting everyone's minds at ease about pace and options. I think we all felt comfortable going at our own pace and speaking up when we needed a rest. He knows all the trails intimately and is passionate about hiking and his Scottish roots. His guiding experience around the world is impressive, and he generously shared his knowledge and stories with us. I also appreciated his understanding of geomorphology--so critical to really comprehend the vast forces that shaped Scotland. There were plenty of people in the group who knew about birds and some who knew about plants, but this amazing experience was magnified by witnessing the geologic forces that have shaped the Cairngorms.

    Jean Florman
    Wilderness Walking - Cairngorms National Park & Royal Deeside
    Reviewed on 01/06/2023

    Our guide Mungo was a local and had walked the entire area since he was young so knew the history and geography of the Cairngorms really well. That made for a fascinating week for all of us. He chose walks appropriate for the groups abilities and listened to our requests, providing more ideas for those who wanted them.

    Christiane Emeny
    Wilderness Walking - Cairngorms National Park & Royal Deeside
    Reviewed on 31/05/2023

    Thanks to Mungo who made sure everyone was comfortable with the hikes we did. He gave choices when it was appropriate and make sure everyone was satisfied with what we were doing. We enjoyed being able to pace ourselves however we were feeling and didn't feel pressured to stay packed together.

    Katie Wychulis
    Wilderness Walking - Cairngorms National Park & Royal Deeside
    Reviewed on 30/05/2023

    Mango was the perfect person for our group and you can tell he is passionate about Scotland and the beauty within. I really enjoyed his guidance and easy going personality!

    Carson McTeer
    Wilderness Walking - Cairngorms National Park & Royal Deeside
    Reviewed on 22/05/2023

    Experienced and passionate could not ask for more.

    Catherine Rentoule
    Wilderness Walking - Cairngorms National Park & Royal Deeside
    Reviewed on 22/05/2023

    Mungo was superb and a joy to be with; a fine blend of very efficient, full of information, energetic, good company and laid back! We would want to go again on a guided trip with him again.

    Susan Elkington
    Wilderness Walking - Outer Hebrides & Skye
    Reviewed on 09/05/2023

    Very friendly, knowledgeable, calm, took us to some beautiful places, took on board our different wishes. Very good expereince

    Anne Fullam
    Wilderness Walking - Outer Hebrides & Skye
    Reviewed on 24/04/2023


    Tina Nash
    Wilderness Walking - High Points of the Cairngorms National Park
    Reviewed on 25/10/2022

    Our guide Mungo was on it! Great job, he kept us safe and allowed us to really experience some challenging conditions on the trail. He provided information as we went along pointing out all kinds of interesting bits. Mungo had a great attitude and made the trip for us!

    Joseph O'Hara
    Wilderness Walking - High Points of the Cairngorms National Park
    Reviewed on 24/10/2022

    I really liked our guide. See prior comments. Needs to speak a little louder.

    Bill Vaughan
    22WSTM - Tailor Made Trips
    Reviewed on 27/09/2022

    Already commented about Lawrence. Hikes were well planned and for me just the right amount of hiking.

    Hugh Riddleberger
    22WSTM - Tailor Made Trips
    Reviewed on 25/09/2022

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