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Wilderness Scotland: Our Week In Pictures

Posted on Jun 06, 2012 by Sarah Morton

It’s been a busy week at Wilderness Scotland, with trips departing left, right and centre – most of them just happened to be sea kayaking trips in the Highlands of Scotland, but there was also a lucky group of paddlers who journeyed the Wild Coasts of Turkey.  Regardless of where our wilderness adventurers found themselves – be it the office staff, guides or clients – all had a great time discovering everything Scotland has to offer at this time of year, with a decent helping of Scottish sunshine and wildlife thrown in for good measure.

Some of the trips were departing for the first time this season, so it’s been an exciting time for us all waiting in anticipation for the trip reports and hoping to hear that all the clients had an amazing trip!  Of course, it’s not just been the guides and clients who have been having all the fun, the office staff have been getting their slice of the action as well, and venturing out into the wilderness ay every given opportunity.

Highlights this week:

  • The Scottish Sea Kayak Trail South, took it’s maiden voyage along The Whisky Coast from the Isle of Gigha to Oban.  Discovering the southern section of Europe’s first long distance sea kayak trail.  The group brought back tales of sea kayaking, sunshine, sandy beaches, Azure blue waters, porpoise, tranquility, pirates, legends, folklore, mysteries and great food – they assured us the only thing needed to complete the perfect day was a wee dram of the finest local whisky!
  • An intimate group of two experienced sea kayakers journeyed out to the Summer Isles for the paddling trip of a lifetime, our guides, who have been on a huge number of these trips, even said it was in their Top Ten Trips Ever! Beautifully described as six days of blue skies in the North West Highlands with otters, basking sharks, porpoises and incredible sunsets.
  • A group of international jet-setters touched down in Turkey to paddle the Wild Coasts – wild camping, hot springs, mud baths, sunsets and ancient ruins were all on the menu.

We’re hoping for much of the same next week in Scotland – lots of wilderness adventures, good weather and some amazing chance sightings of rare wildlife that makes the Highlands of Scotland their home. If you’ve been up to anything you would like to share with us, be sure and let us know!

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