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    Glenfeshie Lodge

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    *Style: Private Lodge
    *Setting: National Park
    *Location: Cairngorms

    *Capacity: 12
    *Rooms: 8
    *Bathrooms: Ensuite

    The perfect luxury accommodation for your next adventure.

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    When visiting Glenfeshie Estate, you’ll have the opportunity to experience a wild landscape in the making. Spread over an impressive 45,000 acres, Glenfeshie is at the centre of an ambitious undertaking to fulfil a 200-year-long rewilding vision that aims to enhance habitats, species and ecological processes within the Cairngorms National Park. The landscape of Glenfeshie Estate is one of unparalleled beauty: ancient Caledonian woodlands intersected by sparkling rivers and lochs, encircled by a mountain-massif which is the most extensive and wildest of its kind in Britain.

    The lodge dates back to the 1880s and can comfortably welcome parties of up to 12 guests on an exclusive and fully catered basis. Fit for royalty is an apt description, and an accurate one too as the lodge famously once hosted Queen Victoria. The interior is comfortable and traditional, featuring a cosy tartan living room with a roaring fireplace and historic bedrooms. The lodge provides the perfect base for not only exploring the estate but the rest of the Cairngorms National Park.

    Accommodation Highlights

    • Nestled in the beautiful Glenfeshie Estate, known for its 200-year long rewilding project.
    • Exclusive-use for a party of 12.
    • Perfect base for exploring the Cairngorms, the largest national park in Britain.

    Local Experiences

    Foodie Experience with Acclaimed Food-Writer

    Visit food anthropologist and award-winning chef Ghillie Basan at her secluded Highland home in the Cairngorms National Park. You can either hike or take a 4×4 across the Glenlivet hills to her idyllic cottage. Upon arrival you’ll head straight into her welcoming and fragrant kitchen where you’ll embark on a ‘food safari’ of culture and spices. With inspiring views you’ll cook and enjoy a feast of traditional Turkish and Middle Eastern mezze dishes (with a Scottish flair) while sharing stories about the spices and culture of the dishes you are creating before tucking into your own tasty feast.

    Learn about Rewilding from a Local Expert

    Glenfeshie Lodge is part of an estate that’s leading on several rewilding initiatives in Scotland. Go for a walk with a local expert and learn about the regeneration efforts and estate management in Glenfeshie and nearby. The estate is a haven for wildlife so you’re likely to spot deer, ospreys, golden eagles, red squirrels and capercaillie amongst many other beasties.

    Wild Swimming in the Cairngorms

    Meet up with a local wild swimmer who’ll take you to a beautiful hidden spot in the Cairngorms unknown to the masses and introduce you to safe wild swimming.* You can pootle in the stunningly clear waters or commit to swimming a couple of lengths. Wild swimming has become increasingly popular in Scotland, with associated mental and physical health benefits.

    *Wetsuits can be provided if required.

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