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    Turning Black to Green

    We decided to do things a bit differently this year. To celebrate the launch of our pioneering carbon labelling project, we’re turning Black Friday Green.

    We are passionate about taking real action on climate change and environmental conservation. We know that our travellers care deeply about our natural world and want to travel responsibly. Together, we can explore Scotland’s beautiful scenery and nature whilst also having a positive impact on the environment.

    For each traveller who books between the 26th November and the 6th December, we’ll plant one tree and donate to protect and restore essential peatland in your name. Working with our conservation partners at the John Muir Trust and Trees for Life, the donation on your behalf will remove carbon from the atmosphere and actively contribute to the conservation and restoration of Scotland’s wild places.

    Why Book Now?

    • For every traveller on your booking we contribute towards Help a Habitat: Protect Peatland by John Muir Trust

    • For every traveller, we plant one tree with Trees for Life

    • Secure your place with only 25% deposit (balance is due 10 weeks before departure)

    • Book now before popular trips sell out

    Get Involved

    Every traveller who books a holiday during our Green Friday promotion
    (26th November – 6th December) automatically qualifies for the above benefits.

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    Terms and Conditions Read More
    • Promotion open worldwide.
    • Subject to the standard booking conditions.
    • Promotion open between 00:00 on Friday 26th November 2021 and 17:30 GMT on Monday 6th December 2021.
    • For every traveller on your booking we will purchase a Help a Habitat: Protect Peatland gift by the John Muir Trust.
    • For every traveller, we plant one tree with Trees for Life.
    • Similar promotions are running side by side with our sister companies Wilderness Ireland and Wilderness England, however, the environmental Green Friday contribution bundle is tailored to suit the destination. See their promotion T&Cs for more details. 
    • Promotion is not open to agent bookings.
    • Promotion is only applicable to new bookings made during the promotional period.
    • Promotion is as stated and no cash or other alternative incentive is available.
    • The promoter’s decision is final, and no correspondence will be entered into.

    Promoter: Wilderness Scotland, Aviemore PH22 1QH

    How Will This Make a Difference?

    While our carbon footprint is lower than most, the reality is that for every trip we run there is a carbon cost. The good news is that not only have we committed to reducing our carbon by 90% in the next decade, but Wilderness Scotland will also offset any carbon cost that we can not eliminate year on year.

    But we need to go further. We need to start actively removing carbon from the atmosphere. We’ve calculated that on average each traveller produces a carbon footprint of around 140Kg per trip. An average tree removes 250Kg from the atmosphere.

    By booking during Green Friday, not only are you counteracting the impact of your Wilderness Scotland holiday but going that bit further. You are actively contributing to the conservation and restoration of Scotland’s wild places and removing more CO2 from the atmosphere than your trip with Wilderness Scotland will produce.

    Let's Make a Positive Impact Together

    Protect & Restore Peatlands

    Peatlands are vital for carbon storage globally. Covering 3% of the planet, blanket bogs and peat not only store carbon but also extract it from our atmosphere. Furthermore, peatlands are important ecosystems and play a significant role in both flood and drought management across the world. Damaged peatlands release major quantities of greenhouse gasses, confirming the need for both protection and restoration. The John Muir Trust conducts essential peatland conservation work across Scotland.

    Tree Planting in Scotland

    How does planting a tree impact climate change? Over the course of their lives, trees remove significant amounts of CO2 from the atmosphere, storing carbon and also releasing oxygen back into the air. Forests and woodlands also provide other benefits for the environment like increasing biodiversity, cooling local climates and distributing water in ecosystems. The groves operated by Trees for Life are selectively planted, well managed and have the potential to absorb up to 50,000 tonnes of CO2.

    What’s Carbon Labelling?

    Together with eCollective, we’ve developed one of the world’s first carbon labelling schemes for travel. With this, we can precisely calculate the carbon footprint of each Wilderness Scotland trip, and those of our sister companies as well. We did this work because we’re passionate about addressing the effects of climate change as a business. This project helps us identify where we can be more sustainable in our operations and plan for achieving ‘true’ Net Zero status by 2030 with science-based emission reduction targets.

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    Our holidays reviewed
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    This was a fantastic holiday for us and the whole family hugely enjoyed our time in Scotland. Both the boys said it was one of their best trips and they would love to do it again and spend more time in Scotland. So we will definitely be looking into doing some more travels to Scotland some time! And I know where to come as Wilderness did a great job in sorting everything out for us including restaurant bookings - it was a brilliant, responsive and tailored service and just the perfect travel solution when we all needed a holiday and had little time to look into things ourselves.

    Parshav Shah
    The Great Family Adventure - Treasure Highlands
    Reviewed on 13/09/2021

    Rated 4.89 out of 5 based on 6,786 reviews

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