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    Supporting Women’s Cycling

    While the profile of women’s sports has made significant steps forward in recent times, progress is still slow, and we are a long way from equality of opportunity, participation and recognition. This is particularly the case in cycling, where males dominate in all levels of the sport from leisure participation to competition.

    This community project seeks to address the imbalance by providing support to the JRC – Equality in Sport women’s cycling initiative with three key objectives:

    1. To help promote the continued development of equality in sport, specifically in women’s cycling.
    2. To encourage more women, especially younger women, to participate in cycling.
    3. To help address the prolific dropout rates among teenage girls in sports.

    Via support from the WCCF and Wilderness staff expertise in social media marketing and partnerships, we believe this project can amplify the vision and core message of equality and empowerment in women’s sports. In turn, we hope that the endeavours of the JRC team and the personal stories of those involved will inspire women of all ages to participate in cycling, whether for health or competition.

    For more about the JRC team and their mission www.equalityinsport.com.


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