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    Affric Highlands

    Trees for Life is another core conservation partner and beneficiary of the Wilderness Conservation & Community Fund (WCCF). Contributions from the WCCF are dedicated to a rewilding project known as Affric Highlands.

    This project is an ambitious 30 year vision which will transform Affric Highlands into a wild refuge for many iconic species, enriching the local economy with nature-based initiatives that form more resilient ecosystems and communities.

    The project work is varied and includes transforming bare hillsides into native forest, restoring damaged peatlands, connecting wildlife corridors, supporting local education and fostering partnerships with enterprise to create a new model of business growth.

    In a similar vein to our partnership with the John Muir Trust, Team Wilderness will also be donating volunteer support to the Affric Highlands project throughout the year.


    Learn more about Wilderness Scotland’s commitment to sustainable tourism.

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