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The Wilderness Scotland Blog

Comparing-National-Parks--Cairngorms-and-Yellowstone Comparing National Parks: Cairngorms and Yellowstone

Posted on Jun 15, 2015 by Jonathan Willet

On the face of it, these two National Parks have little in common. But, are they so different? I was fortunate enough to visit Yellowstone last month. So here are my thoughts on the Cairngorms and Yellowstone: Comparing National Parks. One in Scotland, the other in America. One full of Bear and Bison the other with […]

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How NOT to get lost in the woods: Navigation 5 Top Tips

Posted on Jun 09, 2015 by Alex Kendall

How NOT to get lost in the woods- Navigation 5 Top Tips

Getting lost in the hills almost has a romantic appeal of carefree wanderlust. But that romantic appeal can wear off in no time! Wilderness Guide, Alex Kendall shares some advice. How NOT to get lost in the woods: Navigation 5 Top Tips. Make sure you’re in the woods in the first place Knowing where you are […]

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Taste Scotland – Our Top 5 Classic Scottish Experiences

Posted on Jun 01, 2015 by Rupert Shanks

Taste Scotland - Our Top 5 Classic Scottish Experiences

Irn-Bru, Whisky and battered Mars bars? There’s a bit more to this wee country than these infamous exports! But how do you taste the real essence of Scotland? We spend a while explaining to people what we love about Scotland. But this time we’ve filtered it down to just 5 quintessential experiences. These seem to […]

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Top 5 differences between National Parks in the US and UK

Posted on May 27, 2015 by Alex Kendall

Can you compare the Cairngorms National Park with Yosemite? Wilderness Guide, Alex Kendall looks at the Top 5 differences between National Parks in the US and UK. 1. Wilderness There is no doubt that the size and remoteness of the US national parks adds to their claim to wilderness. They even have a ‘Wilderness’ designation attached […]

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Latest Photos from the Wilderness Team

Posted on May 21, 2015 by Rupert Shanks

Team Wilderness Adventures from Across the Highlands The latest photos from the team are now added to Instagram. The same photos from the team’s latest adventures will be uploaded to our Instagram account where you can share your comments and thoughts on what we’re up to. (Instagram is a social photo-sharing site, much like Twitter but […]

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Scottish Wildlife: The Mighty Osprey

Posted on May 11, 2015 by Jonathan Willet

The mighty Ospreys are one of the best known birds of prey in the Cairngorms National Park. Wildlife expert Jonathan Willet shares an insight into an icon of Scottish Wildlife: The Mighty Osprey. How many Ospreys are there in Scotland? It is hard to imagine that they only started breeding regularly here in 1954 as part […]

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Scottish Wildlife: The amazing Cuckoo

Posted on May 08, 2015 by Jonathan Willet

You have no doubt heard a Cuckoo call or certainly would recognise its call. But did you know only the male bird Cuckoo’d? Wildlife expert and wilderness guide, Jonathan Willet gives an overview of this fantastic member of Scotland’s birdlife in this article, Scottish Wildlife: The amazing Cuckoo. Where does the Cuckoo name come from? […]

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