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The Wilderness Scotland Blog

A cracking winter sunset over the Cairngorms captured by Ben. Wilderness Wednesday – Photos of Scotland

Posted on Feb 25, 2015 by Rupert Shanks

Winter is coming and going here in the Cairngorms. We have had a strange spell of milder then colder weather here in the Highlands. The wilderness team have been out and about capturing some of the changes. Here are our Wilderness Wednesday – Photos of Scotland. Stef has just returned from a fascinating trip over […]

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Top 5 Most Dramatic Walks in the Highlands

Posted on Feb 24, 2015 by Luke Partridge

Top 5 Most Dramatic Walks in the Highlands

The Scottish mountains may not have the height of their Alpine cousins, but what they lack in altitude they more than make up for with grandeur. No matter how much time I spend in the highlands, I am never let down by the mind-blowing views and sense of wilderness that these incredible mountains have to offer. […]

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Scottish Foods; Our Pick of Scotland’s Best Restaurants

Posted on Feb 17, 2015 by Rupert Shanks

Our Pick of Scotland's Best Restaurants

After years of painstaking research (eating and drinking) by our trip planners and meticulous gathering of feedback from our clients and guides, we are now ready to share Scottish Foods; Our Pick of Scotland’s Best Restaurants. Our wee country has come a long way since the heady days of battered mars bars and deep fried.. well […]

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Highland Reading; Classic Books about the Scottish Highlands

Posted on Feb 13, 2015 by Jonathan Willet

  We can all picture the wild soaring beauty of the Highlands, but what are the books that can inspire the imagination further? Wilderness Guide, Jonathan Willet shares his favourite Highland Reading; Classic Books about the Scottish Highlands. The have been a huge number of books written about the Highlands and covering all manner of […]

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#lovewilderness Video Contest

Posted on Feb 06, 2015 by Mary Lawless

  Are you sick of all the Valentine’s day romance? This year we’ve decided to share the love, our love of the wilderness! We’re giving you a chance to win TWO places on our Sea Kayaking Introduction Course. You don’t need to bring a significant other; it could be your mother, brother, friend or neighbour, […]

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The Wonders of Winter Walking

Posted on Feb 06, 2015 by Kirsty Duncan

As winter wears on we had our first trip of the year head out this week; Winter Highlands – The Cairngorms, a great short break to whisk away the winter blues in the fresh air and beautiful vistas of the Cairngorms National Park in the highlands of Scotland. I had the privilege of joining our […]

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Hebridean Wildlife; sightings soar for harbour porpoises

Posted on Feb 06, 2015 by Rupert Shanks

Latest news from the Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust just released. Sightings of Harbour Porpoises (one of six species of Porpoise) seem to be soaring while sightings of Basking Sharks compared to previous years have decreased. Press release as follows from the Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust: Harbour Porpoise sightings off Scotland’s west coast increased […]

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