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The Wilderness Scotland Blog

Spring Flowers in Scotland Spring Flowers in Scotland

Posted on Apr 16, 2015 by Jonathan Willet

Spring is in the air. Once the temperature gets above 6 degrees Celsius the plants start to grow and that is why we experience such a fantastic period of bloom. Wilderness Guide and flora expert, Jonathan Willet shares some insights into the most iconic Spring Flowers in Scotland that we can all look out for. (Read […]

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Wilderness Wednesday heads to Instagram

Posted on Mar 25, 2015 by Rupert Shanks

Wilderness Wednesday heads to Instagram

  Wilderness Wednesday is getting social! Our Wilderness Wednesday team photos from throughout Scotland are heading over to Instagram. The same photos from the team’s latest adventures will be uploaded to our Instagram account where you can share your comments and thoughts on what we’re up to. (Instagram is a social photo-sharing site, much like Twitter […]

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5 of the Best Pubs in the Highlands

Posted on Mar 23, 2015 by Ross Dempster

5 of the Best Pubs in the Highlands5

The Highlands can be a wild place. The running joke is that in one day in Scotland you can get 4 seasons of weather. In fact I have experienced this phenomenon on several occasions myself! To have wind, sunshine and then snow can be exhilarating, adventurous and wild. But one thing is sure; nothing beats […]

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Solar Eclipse 2015: Are you ready?

Posted on Mar 18, 2015 by Rupert Shanks

The Solar Eclipse phenomenon offers a powerful and rare reminder of our celestial surroundings. Are you ready to experience it? We’ve compiled the best advice around to help you prepare and not miss this astronomical wonder. What do we mean by solar eclipse? A solar eclipse is when the Moon passes between Earth and the […]

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Sea Kayaking Photography; How to Shoot on the Water

Posted on Mar 17, 2015 by Erin Bastian

Who knew you could combine cameras with the ocean and get a fantastic outcome rather than drowning a very expensive piece of technology? After losing my first two cameras to a surprise attack from a freak wave and then a devastating slip of the hands resulting in a slowly sinking birthday present, I thought that […]

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The Ultimate Sea Kayaking Resource for Beginners

Posted on Mar 12, 2015 by Rupert Shanks

Thinking of taking the plunge into the world of Sea Kayaking? Well we have compiled the ultimate Sea Kayaking resource for beginners, to help keep you dry, smiling and paddling like a champ. Here is a carefully crafted selection of sea kayaking articles which should give you the confidence to take to the water like a dream. The Truth […]

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Eurasian Lynx Re-Introduction: Returning to the UK?

Posted on Mar 12, 2015 by Jonathan Willet

Are we on the brink of seeing a return of this apex predator to the British Isles? Last weekend you may have seen various articles about a proposed trial re-introduction of the Lynx to two sites in England and one in Scotland, near Huntly. Four to six Lynx, with GPS tracking collars, would be released at […]

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