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    Millie Earle-Wright

    Adventure Support

    Compassionate | Adventurous | Loyal

    Mini Bio

    I grew up in rural North East Scotland. I studied English Literature and Philosophy at Edinburgh, later completing a Masters in Glasgow. Itchy feet led to time spent in New Zealand embracing the seasonaire lifestyle and travelling in South East Asia. The last couple of years I’ve spent in British Columbia, an amazing place to chase adrenaline.

    Place to Play

    I love the wilderness of the Cairngorms, especially the lonely moors and Caledonian pine forests. There’s so much to explore and I’m happiest when I’m out on my bike with my family. Further afield, it has to be Vancouver Island – it’s a diverse and beautiful place, home to some of my favourite people, and favourite trails.

    Not a lot of people know this

    I scored a try at Murrayfield when I was a teenager playing for my local rugby club. We also lost, roughly 47 – 7.

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