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    Selected Trips

      Jeremy Martin

      Jeremy Martin

      Rather | Be | Outside

      Mini Bio

      My mum and dad were founding members of the “Rangiora Tramping Club” in New Zealand, so I grew up spending most of my weekends in the hills and valleys of Arthur’s Pass and other wild parts of New Zealand. At high school my mates and I taught ourselves to kayak by putting our boats in the school pool at lunch time and figuring it out.

      Since then I’ve been working as a guide and instructor in New Zealand, Scotland, Turkey and other beautiful places.

      Place to Play

      Paddling in Torridon and Applecross; it’s an ancient yet dynamic place, wild yet familiar, windswept yet comforting.

      Not a lot of people know this

      My mum was a brownie leader, and I think I was Aberdeen’s first boy brownie. Also… when Robert the Bruce defeated the English at Bannockburn in 1314 the population of New Zealand was probably zero.

      Adventurer's Stories about Jeremy

      Jeremy was just EXCELLENT! We felt he was a friend from the moment when we met and when we said good-bye.....

      Rebecca Steinmetz
      Wilderness Walking - Outer Hebrides: Uists, Barra and Mingulay
      Reviewed on 23/12/2019

      Jeremy was well organised, professional, amiable, helpful, pleasant and encouraging when needed - you get the drift. We all benefited from his expertise, skills and good humour.

      Joy Copland
      Wilderness Walking - Outer Hebrides: Uists, Barra and Mingulay
      Reviewed on 13/09/2019

      Jeremy and David were a great couple of guys who worked very well together. They made our trip so much better that I expected.

      Richard Wilks
      Road Cycling - Coast to Coast
      Reviewed on 11/09/2019

      Jeremy was just excellent and professional!

      Charles Steinmetz
      Wilderness Walking - Outer Hebrides: Uists, Barra and Mingulay
      Reviewed on 10/09/2019

      Jeremy was excellent. He made sure everyone was well looked after and informed about what was going on. He knew the area well and had lots of interesting information for us. His enthusiasm and love of Scotland/guiding made the trip really special.

      Kerin Sanders
      Wilderness Walking - Outer Hebrides: Uists, Barra and Mingulay
      Reviewed on 10/09/2019

      Jeremy was very obliging guide and knowledgeable on local area
      He was overall an excellent guide

      Bernard Downes
      Wilderness Walking - Outer Hebrides: Uists, Barra and Mingulay
      Reviewed on 10/09/2019

      Jeremy was fantastic. His energy, enthusiasm, experiences, and stories made my trip perfect. What an amazing guide and a perfect person to see the Outer Hebrides with.

      Cynthia Pulsipher
      Wilderness Walking - Outer Hebrides: Uists, Barra and Mingulay
      Reviewed on 09/09/2019

      Jeremy and David are the absolute best!! They are attentive, gracious, patient, engaging, knowledgeable, entertaining, enthusiastic, and possess encyclopedic knowledge of all things Scotland. I had an absolute blast riding my bike through the Scottish countryside knowing I was well cared for by Jeremy and David. They set the bar very high for any future supported bike tours I will take in the future either with Wilderness Scotland or elsewhere. (Just for comparison: I attend several week-long cycling training camps throughout the year in various locations with world class coaches and hard-charging, competitive cycling camp participants where the on-road SAG support is perfunctory and the mid-ride meal stops are a competition to get as much food into you in the least amount of time possible and get back on the bike and finish the ride.) The bar has been set high by Team Jeremy & David!!

      Justine Viera
      Road Cycling - Coast to Coast
      Reviewed on 22/08/2019

      Amazing guys like friends by the end of the trip

      Paul Thawley
      15WSPD_Private Departure
      Reviewed on 13/10/2015

      As before I can't say enough good things about our guides Kelty and Jeremy they were just super, made the trip.

      Hannah Elliott
      15WSPD_Private Departure
      Reviewed on 06/10/2015

      Our guide made the trip what it was. He set the tone for our trip and found a way to guide each of us in a way that suited our needs and personalities. I really appreciated his ability to encourage me with the kayaking which I was hesitant about, but still found a way to make the experience appropriate for my husband and 16 year old son who like more excitement and physical challenge. Because Jeremy has experience he makes it look easy but we have had previous experience with other guided trips (not Wilderness Scotland!) so we really appreciated the caliber and quality of experience that Jeremy was able to provide.

      Ursula Aust
      15WSTM Tailor Made trips
      Reviewed on 14/09/2015

      Ross and Jeremy were great. Positive, upbeat, supportive and made a great team.

      Ruth Kramer
      Road Cycling - Outer Hebrides
      Reviewed on 03/08/2015

      Ross and Jeremy were a great team and their good humour was infectious.

      Jill Anderson
      Road Cycling - Outer Hebrides
      Reviewed on 01/08/2015

      Looked after us very well.

      Pauline Hamilton
      Road Cycling - Outer Hebrides
      Reviewed on 27/07/2015

      Jeremy and Ross were excellent being knowledgeable enthusiastic and above all, and most importantly endlessly patient. I hereby apologise to Jeremy for wandering off and/or dithering any time there was a sandy beach nearby.

      I was one of the slow coach bimblers at the back and so their encouragement and patience was much appreciated.

      John Whitelaw
      Road Cycling - Outer Hebrides
      Reviewed on 27/07/2015

      Informative of not only Kayaking but the area in general. They supported the needs of the different levels of Kayakers. Always upbeat. Would be happy for them to guide on a future trip."Awesome"

      Alasdair Thomson
      Sea Kayaking - Introduction Course
      Reviewed on 19/07/2015

      Jeremy, our guide, provided just the right level of help and helped us overcome our apprehension about trying a new sport.

      Jacqueline Ghigi
      Sea Kayaking - Introduction Course
      Reviewed on 19/07/2015

      Our 2 guides Jeremy and Hannah were absolutely superb. Nothing was too much for them. Their local knowledge, skills and level of instruction was spot on. They had every patience in the world delivered with great encouragement and humour..They couldn't have worked harder to ensure we all had the best experience possible.

      Andrew Thomas-Bosel
      Sea Kayaking - Introduction Course
      Reviewed on 19/07/2015

      Jermey and Hannah were amazing . Very good instructors had a lot of info about the area . Very encouraging and patient i would definitely want then when i come back.

      Kitty Mehta
      Sea Kayaking - Introduction Course
      Reviewed on 18/07/2015

      Both Jeremy and Hanna were excellent and I would recommend them for any kayaking trip. They were very knowledgable and made my trip better than expected.

      Michelle Sadecki
      Sea Kayaking - Introduction Course
      Reviewed on 18/07/2015

      Both Jeremy and Hannah were absolutely professional in their approach to the week. Their obvious skill sets made everyone push that bit more to learn all they could. They were very approachable and had a great balance between group discussons and briefings and individual one to one chats on the water to enable us to enhace our basic skills.
      They were a great link in ensuring everyone bonded quickly into a cohesive team. I did have a habit of trying to bugger off for a little exploring but Jeremy and Hannah soon chased me down and brought me back to the fold!
      On our first evening we had no showers to wash, Jeremy didnt get out of his wet gear until he had chased down an alternative for us which took about four hours, Hannah meanwhile kept us fed.

      They were open, friendly, funny, caring, profesional and extremely hard working with a smile always on their faces.

      John Clarke
      Sea Kayaking - Introduction Course
      Reviewed on 18/07/2015

      The guides were excellent as I had an arm injury: so they were very helpful. It was a pity re the small group, Also I think I'd also prefer a journey instead of the one day trips.

      Cleo Moloney
      Sea Kayaking - West Coast Explorer
      Reviewed on 16/12/2013

      We all loved Jeremy's positive leadership and ability to pick the right trail for the day given the iffy weather. He was very knowledable and socialable and was a big part of the trips success.

      Wilderness Walking - Autumn Highlands
      Reviewed on 18/11/2013

      our guide Jeremy couldn't have been better. He found wonderful areas for us to walk in, and was a pleasure to be together with. The perfect guide.

      Wilderness Walking - Autumn Highlands
      Reviewed on 18/11/2013

      I walked with Tim thtough Sutherland...and was very delightes by his Knowledge of all the flowers, birds...I did learn a lot...now I know more name of birds and flowers in English than I know in German...
      I spent a week with the New Zealand guy ( sorry forget his name at the moment ) and John, they knew very well about kayaking and the nature and weather conditions all around; they were so enthusiatic about Scotland, very impressing...

      Anke Redeker
      Sea Kayaking - Introduction Course
      Reviewed on 11/10/2013

      Jeremy was fantastic! He planned great trips and exhibited excellent judgement on sea state and weather conditions. We enjoyed his company, and found him very knowledgeable.

      Joseph Sacco
      Sea Kayaking - Scottish Sea Kayak Trail South - The Whisky Coast
      Reviewed on 08/07/2013

      A guide always has to balance the skill set of the participants and plan accordingly. Jeremy did a good job of finding some compromises for the group that gave everybody a chance to enjoy it.

      Lawrence Stephenson
      Sea Kayaking - Scottish Sea Kayak Trail South - The Whisky Coast
      Reviewed on 07/07/2013

      Thanks to Jeremy for arranging a wide variety of paddles and for persuading me that I could manage the paddle back from Gigha!

      Ruth McEwen
      Sea Kayaking - Scottish Sea Kayak Trail South - The Whisky Coast
      Reviewed on 05/07/2013

      Erin and Jeremy are very, very good at what they do. They're each exceptional and complemented each other very well.

      Colleen Cannon
      Sea Kayaking - Outer Hebrides
      Reviewed on 24/06/2013

      Jeremy and Erin were both knowledgeable and filled with boundless enthusiasm and energy. The routes were tailored to the strengths of the group and the weather conditions, providing just enough challenge while actually being on a holiday.

      David Rich
      Sea Kayaking - Outer Hebrides
      Reviewed on 23/06/2013

      Jeremy and Will were professional, considerate, humorous and experienced. Above all they were a very safe double pair of hands. A credit to WS, and means I will come back for more. (For instance how do you keep everyone happy in a group ranging from 38 to 77, in mixed seas? They did..)

      Adrian Butter
      Sea Kayaking - The Summer Isles
      Reviewed on 29/05/2013

      Jeremy and Will were both excellent particularly their decision making under difficult weather conditions.

      Mike Lewis
      Sea Kayaking - The Summer Isles
      Reviewed on 27/05/2013

      Unflappable and endlessly patient, Jeremy and Will were excellent guides and very good company to boot. Lots of laughs, but an underlying serious concern for safety and wellbeing made a harmonious balance.

      Linda D'Aguilar
      Sea Kayaking - The Summer Isles
      Reviewed on 27/05/2013

      Whilst Jeremy and Will were always happy to answer questions and did provide briefings, for personal development and skill building, I would have liked a little more insight into the planning and decision making.

      Ken Baker
      Sea Kayaking - The Summer Isles
      Reviewed on 26/05/2013

      Very good at judgeing peoples paddling
      skills and helping them to improve

      Olive Carter
      Sea Kayaking - The Summer Isles
      Reviewed on 26/05/2013

      He's the master

      Joel Firth
      Sea Kayaking Torridon
      Reviewed on 15/05/2013

      What a great guy Jeremy is. The right balance of being fun and challenged vs still ensuring that we were safe in the process. Excellent safety briefing. Very considered in matching kayaking level to routes/conditions. Fantastic selection of a variety of locations Sea, sea loch, freshwater loch, and viewing wildlife. Brilliant knowledge of the local area history and wildlife. Brilliant host. Ensuring we had good variety of places to eat. Ferried us everywhere and much respect for the 10k run at the end of a hard day's kayaking to retrieve the van while we enjoyed a pint in the pub! Plus the late night pickup at the airport. Excellent company - just fitted in with a group of friends who have known each other for over 20 years like he was just one of the group. Whole trip was hugely enhanced by having him as our guide. He really made the trip.

      Graham Parry
      Sea Kayaking Torridon
      Reviewed on 08/05/2013

      Knowledgeable, friendly, very patient and excellent company.,

      Jerry Fraser
      Sea Kayaking - Introduction Course
      Reviewed on 04/05/2013

      If one thing stands out above all the other wonderful moments it was Jeremy's constant enthusiasm, encouragement and positive attitude. Jeremy was ably assisted by Phil who I am sure learned a lot from Jeremy. Thank you both :-)

      Roger Longshaw
      Sea Kayaking - Introduction Course
      Reviewed on 29/04/2013

      Jeremy should receive an Oscar, a huge asset to you. I can't say anymore than a top guy! (Payment of Jelly Babies not required!)

      Ailsa Smith
      Sea Kayaking - Introduction Course
      Reviewed on 28/04/2013

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