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    Tim Willis

     Fun | Enthusiastic | Chocoholic

    Mini Bio

    Having traveled and enjoyed adventures in much of the world, for me, there is nowhere more beautiful, dramatic and captivating than my home in Scotland. Travel has made me realise just how lucky I am to live in a country with so much history, tradition, scenic beauty, and incredible accessibility.

    It is a total pleasure and a great privilege to host and guide visitors to Scotland each year. My job is to help them connect with all the wonders we have here so that they may return home as ambassadors for this wonderful country I am lucky enough to call my home.

    Place to Play

    Sea Kayaking in and around the Sound of Arisaig. Spectacular views of the Small Isles, world-class paddling, heaps of history, long sandy beaches, turquoise water, fabulous sunsets…

    Not a lot of people know this

    My record for eating Weetabix is 16 in one breakfast.

    Qualifications Read More
    • Summer Mountain Leader
    • Mountain Bike Leader
    • Sea Kayaking – 3 star, Canoeing
    • 3 star and Scuba Diving Rescue Diver

    Mountain Training Association Profile: https://cms.tahdah.me/profile/index/165155

    Experience Read More

    I split my year between guiding groups in incredible overseas destinations like Nepal, Costa Rica etc, and also at home in my favourite place on the planet – Scotland! Since a very young age, I have enjoyed exploring the far-flung corners of the world learning to be resourceful, adaptable, to plan ahead and above all, to have a happy and positive outlook on life – a good sense of humour will get you through most things! I am equally happy wild camping in remote areas of Scotland and with running high-end luxury trips staying in some of the finest hotels, houses and castles this country has to offer. I thoroughly enjoy bringing to life the fascinating history we have here in Scotland and pointing out the wide variety of flora and fauna we have.

    Biggest Adventure Read More

    Okay, this is a really tricky one for me as there are so many adventures to choose from. Perhaps trekking the 21 day Annapurna Circuit in Nepal when I was in my early 20’s, probably the greatest trekking route in the world; or maybe reaching 6,400m / 21,000ft on a mountain in Nepal a decade later. Then again ski touring inside the Arctic Circle in Norway was a lot of fun (until the Icelandic volcano erupted), or the week-long ski mountaineering expedition in the Italian Alps which was pretty amazing too. But then again, how can I not put in the 4-day dog sled trip I did when I was 18, in temperatures of minus 30C, in northern Canada; or the 6-day long whitewater rafting expedition in Nepal taking in grade 4 & 5 rapids. Then there’s the walking safaris in Africa and sleeping in a tree above a watering hole with dozens of elephants underneath, or canoeing down the Zambezi and sleeping on an island with elephants. Most recently I reached a depth of 20m / 65ft whilst free diving, which was a great personal adventure and achievement for me. But probably the 10-day sea kayaking expedition in Greenland that Wilderness Scotland were kind enough to send me on many years ago, would be my biggest and most favourite adventure.

    Specialist Subject Read More

    Gin & Chocolate mainly – but I also enjoy history and the wild plants.

    Publications Read More

    I feature in some of the prestigious Wilderness Scotland trip and guide videos! (See below in the gallery section!) I also take some of the photos for the Glen Lyon Coffee Company and some for Wilderness Scotland.

    Adventurer's Stories about Tim

    Tim did an outstanding job in difficult times. He was constantly trying to ensure everyone was happy and that all details were taken care of which he did most successfully and which was a major factor in success of the trip. I would also like to particularly thank Tim for being so kind when I had knee problems and finding shorter/flatter walks for me so that I could still get to see beautiful places. All the other guides who joined us during the week were also great and thanks go to Dan and Jules for their enjoyable company on my short and painfully slow walks.

    Kerin Sanders
    Wilderness Walking - Cairngorms National Park & Royal Deeside
    Reviewed on 13/11/2020

    Tim was a superb leader. He managed our programme so well making changes to meet the weather and other constraints on planned activity. Our walks were amazing and obviously Tim has great local knowledge

    Maura Buchanan
    Wilderness Walking - Cairngorms National Park & Royal Deeside
    Reviewed on 06/11/2020

    I said most of it already on another field, but Tim and the rest of the guides were no less than excellent and just very personable.
    Each walks chosen were special, the multiple rainbow encounter was great, also loved the added reindeer experience at the end!
    The cakes and occasional hot bevvies were also well received!!! Thank you so much for making my trip special in every way!

    Dewi Nawasari
    Wilderness Walking - Cairngorms National Park & Royal Deeside
    Reviewed on 02/11/2020

    Tim was really great. He was cheerful, friendly, knowledgeable and kind. He put a huge amount of effort into supporting a member of the group who needed it. He was well organised, professional and generous, and paid attention to the needs of all in the group both individually and collectively. He worked really hard to make sure everything went well.

    Maggie Bartlett
    Wilderness Walking - The West Highland Way
    Reviewed on 08/10/2020

    Tim Willis is knowledgeable, patient, good-humored, and takes everything in his stride--literally and figuratively!

    Sydney B. Bennion
    Wilderness Walking - The West Highland Way
    Reviewed on 28/09/2019

    Tim was wonderful. Really focused on the safety and comfort of the group. Provided great briefings prior to each day of hiking and had a really positive attitude. He also was very quick to chat with other hikers and offer advice and support.

    Jill Trinacty
    Wilderness Walking - The West Highland Way
    Reviewed on 27/09/2019

    We can't praise Tim Willis enough. He was a spectacular, tireless guide and advocate. I would join Tim for another trip in a hot second. What a great person and guide.

    Patrick Liedtka
    Wilderness Walking - Glencoe and the Highlands
    Reviewed on 16/07/2019

    Tim Willis was top notch! We would not hesitate to go on another adventure with him or recommend him to others. The trip flew by and we really were said to say goodbye.

    Michael Terry
    Wilderness Walking - Glencoe and the Highlands
    Reviewed on 04/07/2019

    With his impeccable manners, infectious enthusiasm and attention to detail, Tim is the consummate professional. His ability to accommodate everyone's fitness level and interests was exceptional. It was very obvious that Tim had put a lot of thought into every day's ativity. His knowledge of history, flora and fauna made all our walks even more interesting.

    Holly Kenreich
    Wilderness Walking - Glencoe and the Highlands
    Reviewed on 25/06/2019

    Tm Willis is top knotch!

    Nita Ann Klein
    Wilderness Walking - Glencoe and the Highlands
    Reviewed on 24/06/2019

    We were part of a guided tour and as previously stated, Tim was the best! He was a joy and took wonderful
    care of us all. He was incredibly well prepared, He assessed our group quickly and made every effort to meet all of our needs. He was gracious and humble and patient. He was highly organized and wonderfully thoughtful. I fear we will never have such a spectacular guide!

    Kathleen Darwin
    Wilderness Walking - Glencoe and the Highlands
    Reviewed on 24/06/2019

    I´ve already said, that Tim was so nice, thoughtful, helpful and humorous. We loved his stories, and my husband and I are from Austria, so we often needed an extra explanation or repetition of stories to understand. Tim did that for us as often we asked for something,,,,and we had a lot of questions. Thank you :-)

    Brigitte Sprinzl
    Wilderness Walking - The West Highland Way
    Reviewed on 07/08/2018

    See prior comment.

    Mark Hempton
    Wilderness Walking - The West Highland Way
    Reviewed on 05/07/2018

    Tim was a fabulous guide. Very knowledgable and had a great demeanor.

    Lorie Dunne
    Wilderness Walking - The West Highland Way
    Reviewed on 30/06/2018

    Tim Willis was an excellent guide. His knowledge of history was superb and he delivered it with accuracy and humour. He is an asset to your team.

    Diane Blyth
    Wilderness Walking - The West Highland Way
    Reviewed on 30/06/2018

    As before, Tim was great. Very helpful and really knowledgeable. The evening briefings were good and he was always good company. He kept things moving and ensured everyone was doing ok, encouraging plenty of snacks and water breaks. Also, he was enthusiastically Scottish, which (as the only other Scots in the group) we thought was brilliant. Its important that people leave singing the praises of Scotland and Tim played a big part in ensuring they did so.

    David Blyth
    Wilderness Walking - The West Highland Way
    Reviewed on 29/06/2018

    Tim rocked this one. He offered us choice about how to spend our time whenever possible, offered expert advice and guidance, and taught us so much about Scotland and West Highland Way in a very short time. He was also unfailingly upbeat, which is all the more impressive given how long our days were! I think we all felt very secure knowing he had hold of all the details and all we had to do was take care of our feet and put them one in front of another.

    Jennifer Overall
    Wilderness Walking - The West Highland Way
    Reviewed on 29/06/2018

    As stated previously, Tim was an excellent guide.

    Scott Morrison
    Wilderness Walking - The West Highland Way
    Reviewed on 28/06/2018

    Tim just made everything easy and cool. He’s very thoughtful and supportive, has a bright sense of humour, so we all had a lot of fun together. Thanks for being such a great “drover” !

    Nicole Pauquet
    Wilderness Walking - The West Highland Way
    Reviewed on 28/06/2018

    Tim Willis was our guide, and he was excellent. He paid great attention to all aspects of the trip and followed up with each of us regularly to ensure we were doing well and enjoying ourselves. He worked hard to take care of each day's details so that things would run smoothly, and was fun to boot. I had one specific recommendation one day and Tim followed up on it within the hour.

    We had the bonus of having the trip photographer Rupert Shanks along and he, too, was helpful and a lot of fun. Rupert shared many of his beautiful photos with us, certainly adding to my library of shots from the trip.

    Ann Bedard
    Wilderness Walking Luxury – North Highland Coast
    Reviewed on 31/05/2018

    Tim was so helpful to me. This trip was personal challenge for me and he was attentive and encouraging. He provided great information in a timely way, and shared options that allowed the group to address any needed changes in the itinerary. He was hugely informative about the history and ecology, and shared great tales. I loved his sense of humor and he always had a positive attitude. I would love to tour with him again. What a positive start to my adventures with Wilderness Scotland.

    Elaine McKinnon
    Wilderness Walking Luxury – North Highland Coast
    Reviewed on 25/05/2018

    Tim was very attentive / considerate to our safety with the help of Rupert in trickier situations.
    He listened to every one of us to understand our objective and likes/specifics.
    Tim also went out his way to provide for our wishes (e.g. hot tea at lunch picnic, music/dance in a pub one evening)
    He was very knowledgeable but right balance for me as he didn’t not try to push it on you.
    I found him Very considerate and helpful when someone in the group was struggling more than the others.
    I particularly enjoyed the perfect balance to let us go ahead when no risk with clear rules (visibility “I need to be able to see you”)
    At last but not least, he is lots of fun to be with with a great sense of humour.

    Anne-Laure Courbes
    Wilderness Walking Luxury – North Highland Coast
    Reviewed on 23/05/2018

    Our guide, Tim, was beyond helpful and always cheerful. I felt very safe with him, as some of the terrain was difficult and he always helped us, if needed and never left anyone behind, so to speak. Each day, we had a talk about how it went and what would happen the next day. And a very careful driver.
    I must also mention Rupert, who did a superb job of photographing everywhere. He must have so much film and was always ahead of us to get the best shots. Also, he was very helpful with some of the terrain and good company too.

    Felicity Tyndall
    Wilderness Walking Luxury – North Highland Coast
    Reviewed on 21/05/2018

    Tim was terrific. As I wrote earlier, he taylor made the walks to please everyone in the group, even going on extra walks for those who wanted more miles! He was knowledgeable about plants, the history of each area, geology, folk tales and a lot more. He made each walk more than just a walk by giving us so much information.

    Gail Murden
    Wilderness Walking - Autumn Highlands
    Reviewed on 18/10/2017

    Tim was great, tried to cater for everyone in the Group, lots of fun and a good sport.

    Inga Ebert
    Wilderness Walking - Autumn Highlands
    Reviewed on 11/10/2017

    Tim Willis is the ideal guide: Always in a good mood, almost exuberant, he obviously enjoys his job. He made great efforts to see to it that nobody had to do walks that were either too difficult or too easy for them, and at the same time he always found beautiful walks.

    Gunvor Rottensten
    Wilderness Walking - Autumn Highlands
    Reviewed on 11/10/2017

    Tim was excellent and put in a tremendous amount of time and effort to make sure we all had a great trip. He was always upbeat and good humoured with a story to tell at just the right time to give us all a breather! He had an excellent knowledge of the local area as well as the fauna and flora. A real asset to your organisation.....

    Sue Hobson
    Wilderness Walking - Autumn Highlands
    Reviewed on 11/10/2017

    Tim communicated well throughout the trip ensuring we had the information when we needed it and avoided overloading us. He is very knowledgeable about the area and listening to him was enjoyable, informative and entertaining. He was organised and always fully prepared, with a flexible approach to handling individual needs and enabling people to get the most from the trip. He remained calm and positive throughout, which felt reassuring.

    Susan Benfield
    Wilderness Walking - Autumn Highlands
    Reviewed on 11/10/2017

    This was our first guided hiking trip and we are pretty convinced we had the best guide ever!!! Tim was engaging from the first minute, making everyone feel welcomed and an integral part of the group. He has that special ability to connect with each traveler using his great sense of humor and his positive approach to every aspect of the experience. He even outwitted Google which may be a first ever. We had a fairly diverse group in hiking fitness and I think everyone was satisfied with the challenges of each walk. His vast knowledge of all aspects of hiking in the Highlands educated us and helped us to appreciate the area's beauty, history and uniqueness.

    Peter Coe
    Wilderness Walking - Autumn Highlands
    Reviewed on 11/10/2017

    Tim and Ben were great, caring guides. They had lots of advice about things and I really appreciated their knowledge of the landscape, mountains, wildflowers, wildlife, and so many things about Scotland! They were great and I would love to go on another trip in a different area of Scotland.

    Gail Nassif
    17WSTM Tailor Made trips
    Reviewed on 07/10/2017

    Ben and Tim were the best!! They were the reason the trip exceeded my expectations.

    Marianne Reynolds
    17WSTM Tailor Made trips
    Reviewed on 03/10/2017

    Our guides, Tim and Ben were fantastic. They efficiently accommodated the needs and desires of a very disparate group of "hikers" with a wide range of athletic ability. Their knowledge of Scottish history was extensive and kept us entertained during long van rides. They worked long hours to revise our itinerary depending on changing weather conditions so that every day included a good mix of hiking and visits to castles, distilleries, pubs, museums, etc.

    Linda Burley
    17WSTM Tailor Made trips
    Reviewed on 02/10/2017

    Tim and Ben were a fantastic team! They made the trip perfect in so many ways. They got to know everyone in our group and tailor made experiences that satisfied all the travelers! Tim's organization is unbelievable. Pre-ordering dinners was a brilliant technique that saved hours of time for tired travelers. Tim and Ben were both very knowledgeable of history, geology, ecology and most important they had super people skills. Thanks so much for being such wonderful guides.

    Mary Neal
    17WSTM Tailor Made trips
    Reviewed on 01/10/2017

    Ben and Tim went the extra mile again and again. They were extraordinary. On one hike, Tim ran to help a couple who were not part of our group but were in trouble. I can't say enough about them both. Tim and Ben were/are wonderful.

    Sarah Foulger
    17WSTM Tailor Made trips
    Reviewed on 01/10/2017

    Ben had an impressive grasp of history and Tim's relaxed easy demeanor and wonderful sense of humor made him a delight to travel with throughout the trip.

    Susan Mace
    17WSTM Tailor Made trips
    Reviewed on 30/09/2017

    I sincerely appreciate their thoughtfulness and expertise.

    Mary Berger
    17WSTM Tailor Made trips
    Reviewed on 30/09/2017

    Again I think that Tim and Ben were beyond excellent. They felt like friends and family. They were so helpful, thoughtful, knowledgeable, kind ,funny, patient. They worked so well together each with there own style. I really felt like we were just not their job but they enjoyed their time as well. During the hike to the Fairy pools it was so windy that my glasses blew off my face. The group instantly stopped and Ben found my glasses in the grass.!! Yeah!! They positioned themselves at water crossings or tricky spots on the trail to assist each traveler to safe footing. I learned so much from both of them about Scotland and its history- we could ask anything and they had an answer..

    Kathy Malatesta
    17WSTM Tailor Made trips
    Reviewed on 30/09/2017

    We loved our guides (Tim Willis and Ben Mueller) and felt they worked together exceedingly well. As noted previously, they were incredibly adept at adjusting our activities to fit the weather ( as best they could) and had a "brilliant" sense of the group's capacity for hiking so that all the hikes were challenging but not overwhelming. Plus they mixed in history, culture, museums, and other highlights that really rounded the experience. We would recommend them to any traveler. Our group was surprised to learn that Tim and Ben had never worked together before, but they came together seamlessly to change off taking the lead.

    Wendy Wolf
    17WSTM Tailor Made trips
    Reviewed on 30/09/2017

    Ben and Tim were very well informed on history, culture, geology, and local interests. Absolutely the best of the best!! Well humored and always in touch with how we were doing both individually and as a group. Very accommodating and willing to challenge us a bit. Accepting of our diversity within the group which could be a challenge at times. They seemed to take time to get to know us and then work with us accordingly. Again - the best of the best!!

    Ken Dale
    17WSTM Tailor Made trips
    Reviewed on 30/09/2017

    Tim was a model of professionalism. He was polite, considerate, engaging, funny, absorbed and managed any challenges in the group, asserted his leadership role when it was required, and was very informative and supportive. We have been on lots of walking holidays around the world - Tim is up there with the best.

    Penny Gordon
    Wilderness Walking - Wilds of Assynt
    Reviewed on 09/09/2017

    Has Tim Willis been promoted to Field Director yet? Let me know as I am happy to make the journey to Aberfeldy knock on his door and celebrate with a good malt whiskey!

    Sebastiano Cipolla
    Wilderness Walking - Wilds of Assynt
    Reviewed on 09/09/2017

    Tim was very good at altering the programme to fit in with the weather and the group's abilities, there were some changes which produced really good days

    Dominic Batten
    Wilderness Walking - Wilds of Assynt
    Reviewed on 05/09/2017

    Tim was the best of the best!

    Katey Cipolla
    Wilderness Walking - Wilds of Assynt
    Reviewed on 30/08/2017

    Tim is a superb guide. He prepared fully for each day and took into account weather forecasts, tired legs etc, aswell as numerous individual requests. His knowledge of the area is great, and his enthusiasm for the Scottish landscapes is infectious. His evening briefings were really useful to help us prepare for the 'big' days. Tim made every effort for us all to have a great week - thank you, Tim.

    Lucy Bullen-Smith
    Wilderness Walking - Wilds of Assynt
    Reviewed on 29/08/2017

    I honestly can't say enough about our guide Tim. To say he was outstanding is an understatement. I realise that this is his job, but he was so genuine about how much he cared about our safety and our happiness that you could tell it absolutely meant something to him for us to have a good time. This was more than a job for him. He made us feel like a family and for eight people, with different personalities and being complete strangers to come together and enjoy each other's company in the way that we did is a testament to Tim as our leader. He was such a joy to hike with as well; he is so knowledgable about the terrain, the wildlife and hiking in general that we felt so comfortable and safe. I also very much enjoyed learning so much about Scotland and Scottish history. As an American, I don't get the chance to really learn the culture and history of such a wonderful country and I am so blessed to have been given the opportunity to learn it from someone who cares so deeply for his heritage. Tim was also so accommodating to our needs, especially when one person on the trip was not feeling well and had to stay back a day. He made sure she was completely taken care of and gave us updates throughout the day on how she was feeling. Finally, he was amazing at rearranging our hiking schedule to suit our needs, experience levels, while trying to maximise the good weather days we had. He ended up adjusting the itinerary a great deal as the weather patterns changed and we were so fortunate he did it; we had some of the best views I could have ever hoped to see. Again, I truly can't say enough about Tim. I have no doubt the trip would not have been the amazing experience it was had it not been for our very entertaining and experienced guide. Thanks Tim!!

    Jennifer Campanella
    Wilderness Walking - Wilds of Assynt
    Reviewed on 28/08/2017

    What a fabulous pair! The seemed to grasp our personalities with remarkable skill and could not have been more thoughtful. They had a great sense of humour and were both professional and friendly, making the trip really special. They took all of the strain from travelling, giving every last thought to optimising our days. Also hidden talents in charades clearly!

    Gillian Griffiths
    Road Cycling - Outer Hebrides
    Reviewed on 21/05/2017

    As I said before- Tim and Keltie were simply superb

    Brigitta Stockinger
    Road Cycling - Outer Hebrides
    Reviewed on 09/05/2017

    Our two guides provided not only helpful tips throughout the week bu also had such good senses of humour that they enlivened the trip. I was impressed by the way they joined in our game of Charades- they were also rather good at it!

    Anne Cooke
    Road Cycling - Outer Hebrides
    Reviewed on 09/05/2017

    Tim and Kelty hit exactly the right notes in providing all the help needed without imposing. Their knowledge and expertise was great, loved hearing Tim's history lessons & they were both very good fun too. Looking forward to seeing the pics!

    Rose Zamoyska
    Road Cycling - Outer Hebrides
    Reviewed on 08/05/2017

    Our guides. Tim and Kelty, could not have been better. They listened to what we wanted to do and rearranged plans to meet our interests. The visit to Callanish Stones as the sunset being a key example plus the cycle ride on the last day to the ferry. They were endlessly patient and met all request with humour. Tim's euphemisms e.g. undulations = hills were great!

    Doreen Cantrell
    Road Cycling - Outer Hebrides
    Reviewed on 08/05/2017

    Guide very professional as well a being an excellent driver.

    Matthew Montgomery
    Wilderness Walking - Applecross & Torridon
    Reviewed on 02/11/2016

    Tim was a fantastic guide - friendly, informative, helpful, and conscientious. It meant there was a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere and the small group of us all got on really well. He took us on a good variety of walks and made time for stops where he shared his knowledge of the area and meant we had time to take (lots) of photos of the amazing scenery. It was good to also have the opportunity to learn some map skills and using a compass.

    Lesley Lind
    Wilderness Walking - Applecross & Torridon
    Reviewed on 29/10/2016

    Tim was exuberant and excited every day to show us the landscapes and hike us up down and sideways around the wilds

    Rachel Spring
    Wilderness Walking - Wilds of Assynt
    Reviewed on 16/10/2016

    Very friendly but always professional taking care of all details. Tim's passion for these places joint to his experience have been a plus

    Gian Luca Valtolina
    Wilderness Walking - Wilds of Assynt
    Reviewed on 10/10/2016

    As mentioned before Tim was the best. He is so knowledgable about his country and passionate about sharing that knowledge. Also he quickly assessed the fitness level of the group on the first walk and planned other walks accordingly, as well as giving options to the group.

    Diane Sinclair
    Wilderness Walking - Outer Hebrides & Skye
    Reviewed on 03/10/2016

    Tim was a super guide. He knowledge of the islands was great and he had an anecdote for every occasion! He was very flexible and catered for all the individual needs of the group.
    Weather conditions meant that plans had to change significantly (including the return ferry) but each day was filled with activities and options and planning was seamless.
    Thanks for a brilliant week, Tim.

    Lucy Bullen-Smith
    Wilderness Walking - Outer Hebrides & Skye
    Reviewed on 26/09/2016

    Showed great concern for attendees skill levels and ability to kayak.

    Karen Robertson-Fall
    Wilderness Walking - Isle of Skye
    Reviewed on 15/09/2016

    Tim is professional, informed and engaging!!!!

    Janice Yates
    Wilderness Walking - Isle of Skye
    Reviewed on 14/09/2016

    Tim did an exceptional job taking care of us. He was able to be flexible with our itinerary depending on the day and the weather. He was very attentive to our walking/hiking skills and was always close by to give a hand crossing streams, etc.

    Carol Argentos
    Wilderness Walking - Isle of Skye
    Reviewed on 13/09/2016

    Really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere Tim provided

    Susie Hamm
    Wilderness Walking - Glencoe and the Highlands
    Reviewed on 12/09/2016

    A cracking Joe he was! Tim is an individual full of life and it shows in his enthusiasm about the outdoors. He has a great expertise in the ability to assess individuals and their needs and then to accommodate those needs.

    Michelle Hollaway
    Wilderness Walking - Glencoe and the Highlands
    Reviewed on 11/09/2016

    Our guide was great. He was pleasant, cheerful, flexible and quite careful that we were all safe. In addition, he frequently solicited input from the group as to options for dining or hikes etc.

    Laura Foster
    Wilderness Walking - Isle of Skye
    Reviewed on 09/09/2016

    We had Tim and Billy, both of whom were absolutely amazing. Perfect guides!

    Sarah Kanko
    16WSTM Tailor Made trips
    Reviewed on 08/09/2016

    Both Tim and Billy were great helping chose appropriate hikes for our experience very knowledgeable

    Sue Harrison
    16WSTM Tailor Made trips
    Reviewed on 06/09/2016

    Tim was fun, pushed us a bit, (which was great) very knowledgeable and obviously loves and knows his country!

    Heather Nairn
    Wilderness Walking - Glencoe and the Highlands
    Reviewed on 23/08/2016

    Tim was friendly and volunteered lots of extra information. His love of the Highlands was almost tangible and his patience with the slower walkers ( me) was wonderful.

    Jan Kennedy
    Wilderness Walking - Wilds of Assynt
    Reviewed on 06/07/2016

    Tim's combination of knowledge, humor and energy was superb.

    David Rosenkrantz
    Wilderness Walking - Wilds of Assynt
    Reviewed on 04/07/2016

    Tim is great. Capable, professional, personable, organized. He was an absolute delight to be with. He tended to the group's needs brilliantly. He tailored the itinerary to the weather very well.

    Susan Zarrow
    Wilderness Walking - Wilds of Assynt
    Reviewed on 02/07/2016

    Tim Willis was amazing! He was funny, friendly, patient, knowledgeable, hardworking, thoughtful - you name it! We could not have had a better person with us.

    Rep DeLoach
    Wilderness Walking - Wilds of Assynt
    Reviewed on 27/06/2016

    Tim was 5 star. He is knowledgeable, a good organiser, caring and has a sense of humour.

    Peter West
    Wilderness Walking - Wilds of Assynt
    Reviewed on 27/06/2016

    Tim was skilled, knowledgeable and personable, not to mention patient. I felt very confident that he could handle any situation.

    Sarah Meadows
    Wilderness Walking - Outer Hebrides & Skye
    Reviewed on 17/09/2015

    Tim Willis is an excellent guide. He skillfully adjusted the schedule each day to accommodate the weather and his 8 travelers. He is a caring, fun and funny man. He is a legend!

    Christine Greene
    Wilderness Walking - Outer Hebrides & Skye
    Reviewed on 24/08/2015

    Excellent guide - patient, agreeable and an extremely good driver.

    Anne Kirk
    Wilderness Walking - Outer Hebrides & Skye
    Reviewed on 24/08/2015

    Tim was the best: encouraging, knowledgeable, helpful, a pleasant companion all week.

    Ann Haley
    Wilderness Walking - Outer Hebrides & Skye
    Reviewed on 23/08/2015

    Tim Willis was superb. He seemed always in good spirits and very easy to engage in conversation on all manner of topics. His knowledge of the landscape was excellent. He was flexible, accommodating, and generous of spirit.

    Shelley Mastran
    Wilderness Walking - Outer Hebrides & Skye
    Reviewed on 21/08/2015

    See previous comments. Tim Willis and Kirsty were patience personified-both with wonderful knowledge and a sense of humor.

    Barbara Macleod
    Wilderness Walking - Wilds of Assynt
    Reviewed on 10/06/2015

    Tim was awesome.

    Pamela Meyer
    Wilderness Walking - Wilds of Assynt
    Reviewed on 08/06/2015

    Tim Willis was absolutely fantastic. He took a week of pretty awful weather and found a way to get us out and about each day even though it was impossible to keep to the itinerary for safety reasons. He never gave up or lost his sense of humor. He kept the group moving and entertained. He watched the weather constantly and found ways to chase what little good weather there was on Assynt that week. I can't even imagine the stress that must have caused but he never showed any signs of wear. A true professional all around.

    Laura Meyer
    Wilderness Walking - Wilds of Assynt
    Reviewed on 08/06/2015

    Tim Willis - where do I begin? He was absolutely great!! I understand a guide's position is challenging. He met and exceeded everyone's expectations with his professionalism, knowledge, humor, attention to detail, care for his customers, and his ability to work with varied personalities and physical abilities. The weather was challenging and Tim worked everyday to alter the schedule to ensure we had the best experience possible. If someone in the group was unable to complete the scheduled walk Tim quickly altered the day to give everyone the best experience possible. He is, for sure, an asset to your company and a valuable representative. Despite the challenging weather, it was Tim that made the experience amazing.

    Susan Wittmann
    Wilderness Walking - Wilds of Assynt
    Reviewed on 07/06/2015

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    Winter – The Orkney Isles
    31st Mar - 4th Apr 2023
    Trip FullCONFIRMED£1,035
    Wilderness Walking – The Isle of Skye
    15th Apr - 21st Apr 2023
    8 place(s) leftUNCONFIRMED£1,835Book Now
    Wilderness Walking – Argyll & the Isles
    29th Apr - 5th May 2023
    5 place(s) leftCONFIRMED£1,835Book Now
    Wilderness Walking – Cairngorms National Park & Royal Deeside
    10th Jun - 16th Jun 2023
    8 place(s) leftUNCONFIRMED£1,635Book Now
    The West Highland Way
    26th Jun - 3rd Jul 2023
    14 place(s) leftUNCONFIRMED£1,825Book Now
    Wilderness Walking – Wilds of Assynt
    5th Aug - 11th Aug 2023
    8 place(s) leftUNCONFIRMED£1,775Book Now
    The West Highland Way
    21st Aug - 28th Aug 2023 Women only departure
    16 place(s) leftUNCONFIRMED£1,825Book Now
    Wilderness Walking – Glencoe and the Highlands
    16th Sep - 22nd Sep 2023
    8 place(s) leftUNCONFIRMED£2,035Book Now
    Wilderness Walking – The Orkney Islands
    23rd Sep - 29th Sep 2023
    7 place(s) leftUNCONFIRMED£1,965Book Now
    Wilderness Walking – Autumn Highlands
    7th Nov - 11th Nov 2023
    8 place(s) leftUNCONFIRMED£985Book Now

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