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    Autumn in Scotland – The Greatest Show!

    5 min read

    By David Russell
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    The greatest seasonal display in the Highlands is about to begin. This is why there is no better time to hike in the Highlands than Autumn.

    After the glories of blooming heather in August things start to change quickly in the Highlands. The days are still long, but starting to shorten noticeably. Wild animals are busy migrating or making preparations for the winter ahead and the last harvests are being brought in from the fields.

    In the forests the greatest show of the year is about to begin. It’s not just the animals that have to store reserves for winter. The precious chlorophyll that allows photosynthesis is drawn deep into the heart of the plant for storage, along with the sugars that will form the energy supply that sees through the cold months. It’s purely a lucky coincidence that this simple process is also one of the most beautiful sights of all.

    Scroll down for autumn photos of Scotland.


    Autumn photos of Scotland

    As the season progresses, the birch forests swing into action. Changing suddenly and turning bright gold. A bit of luck is needed to catch the best displays. A good cold snap will encourage them all to get on with it and turn at the same time, but one good windy day can bring it all to a premature end. There’s nothing for it but to get out there at every chance you have to wander spellbound through the woods.

    autumn colours


    Autumn trees

    Blue sky days make the forest glow with translucent colours


    By October the landscapes are looking profoundly changed. The universal green of summer has changed to gold and browns, and the hills may be capped by the first dusting of snow. A carpet of leaves lies underfoot. Blue sky days are simply glorious.

    Autumn photos scotland 3

    If you’re lucky then early snows arrive before the trees lose their leaves


    Autumn photos scotland 4

    The golden colour is not just limited to the forests


    We hope that this autumn photos of Scotland blog has shed a little light on how beautiful the Highlands of Scotland become in the autumn time.

    If you want to come and see these spectacles for yourself, we still have places available on walking trips through the Autumn:

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    David’s website: Highlandmagic.net

    Autumn Walking Adventures

    Meet the Author: David Russell

    “I discovered the magic of the outdoors while studying Physics at the University of St Andrews. After graduating I decided to follow my dreams of freedom in the hills and rivers, and trained as an outdoor instructor. After several years of guiding with Wilderness Scotland I moved into the role of Adventure Consultant, but I still get out when I can to share my special places with adventurers from all walks of life.”

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