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    Gear Review: Haglofs Rugged II Mountain Pant

    4 min read

    By David Russell
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    It would be daft and gimmicky to suggest ways to improve a simply great pair of trousers.

    Wilderness Guide and photographer David Russell, shares his love and experience with a Gear Review: Haglofs Rugged II Mountain Pant.

    I’ve been working in the Wilderness Scotland guiding team since 2012, and in the office team since early this year. Photography of the natural world is my main activity, but if I need to climb, paddle, boat or anything else to get the shot then I will. I’ve been into almost every natural environment that Scotland has at some stage or other.

    From mountains to caves, forests to the sea. In some of those places you are depending on your skills and equipment to sustain your life if the weather gets bad – you wouldn’t last long in the hills in winter without being warm and dry – so having kit that is faultlessly dependable is hugely important to me. I am ruthlessly critical of any piece of kit that annoys me even slightly.

    Gear Review- Haglofs Rugged II Mountain Pant 1

    Wilderness Guide and photographer, David Russell sure loves these trousers!

    Kit Intro:

    The Haglofs Rugged Mountains Pants have a very straightforward name and purpose. The natural tones let you blend in. The articulated construction means they move well and don’t restrict you even when rock climbing. The fabric is tough but quiet and would stand up to a tank in my opinion. The pockets are spacious and secure.

     Gear Review- Haglofs Rugged II Mountain Pant 2


    Let’s not get techy here – these trousers live up to the name. Rugged. I don’t know what the fabrics are, but they are tough. They are also beautifully engineered. I have never gone out with these and wished I was wearing something different. Why? Everything

    • They are warm, but they breathe well.
    • They are hard as nails but comfortable and easy to move in.
    • They perform beyond the call of duty – they shed light rain no bother, and they also shed sparks when I’m lighting a fire.
    • They were made by someone who knows. I would say they are warm, but this is Scotland so most of the time warm is perfect.

    For every activity that doesn’t involve being in the water, these are my trouser of choice.

    Could be better:

    Nothing. They’re great. It would be daft and gimmicky to suggest ways to improve a simply great pair of trousers.


    I would rate these trousers as highly as possible. They’re simple and effective. Put them on and forget about them as they simply do their job without fuss or annoyance. Out of all the fancy bits of kit I bring on trips, these are the thing that clients consistently ask where they can get some and why they’ve never heard of them before.

    Meet the Author: David Russell

    “I discovered the magic of the outdoors while studying Physics at the University of St Andrews. After graduating I decided to follow my dreams of freedom in the hills and rivers, and trained as an outdoor instructor. After several years of guiding with Wilderness Scotland I moved into the role of Adventure Consultant, but I still get out when I can to share my special places with adventurers from all walks of life.”

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