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    Holidays in Spring time: 8 Reasons to travel in Spring

    By Rupert Shanks, Chief Storyteller
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    For anyone thinking of when to plan their getaways and holidays this year, we would like to make a suggestion… what about Spring?

    It’s a fantastic time of year, especially in the Highlands, as the wintry weather recedes and the warm, light days return. We’ve put our heads together to share our experience of Holidays in Spring time: 8 Reasons to travel in Spring.

    1. Dodge the crowds

    Spring and Autumn are known in the travel industry as the ‘shoulder seasons’ on either side of the peak period over summer months. So why not take advantage of this and come and enjoy the added tranquility of the highlands with even fewer people around? It is a very peaceful place in the busiest season but spring offers those who venture north an even more personal experience. Just you, the wild hills and the wildlife to welcome you.

    8 reasons to travel in spring

    2. Hassle-free travel

    Not only will your destination be that much more peaceful and less crowded, so will the journey getting there! Flights and trains to Scotland are a much less hectic experience during spring months, allowing you to relax as you are whisked up to the Highlands.

    3. Relax in a child-free zone!

    We’re not really of the belief that kids should be seen and not heard (or not seen or heard!) but there is something to be said for booking a holiday during school term times. For those hoping for a very peaceful and relaxing experience, this can be a real incentive!

    4. Reliable weather

    Well we can’t honestly say that Scotland’s weather is 100% reliable (unless we say it’s reliably variable!) but the spring months offer a welcome dry spell and arrival of warm weather. For the last couple of years, the Scottish west coast has had the driest spring out of all of the UK!


    8 reasons to travel in spring

    5. Midge-free existence!

    The weather is nearing summer conditions throughout spring but thankfully the Highland midges are still well away until well into June and July. Still feeling a bit concerned?Read this myth busting article: The Real Story of this Fearsome Beastie – Your Guide to the Highland Midge.

    8 reasons to travel in spring


    6. Soak up Highland life in bloom

    The spring months are a glorious time to experience the burgeoning display of flora coming back to life after the cold winter months. Not only will you see abundant flowers throughout the hills but you will be there to welcome the hedgehogs, bees and butterflies returning from months of hibernation. A walking trip on the Shetland Isles during springtime offers some fantastic opportunities to witness the changing behaviours of the rich local wildlife.

    8 reasons to travel in spring

    7. Capture the ethereal spring light on camera

    The spring months make a fantastic time for photography. The ‘Golden hour’ around sunrise and sunset is still at a reasonable time to allow plenty of sleep while the changing clouds and warm light offer some incredible moments of ethereal beauty on the hillsides.

    8 reasons to travel in spring

    8. Kickstart your summer with a bang!

    Kickstart your summer with a Vitamin D boost and a burst of fresh Highland inspiration! Perhaps you should try something new such as learning to Sea Kayak? Then you can take to the water with confidence throughout the rest of the Summer. Or perhaps celebrate ‘Whisky Month’ in May with a trip through one of Scotland’s most famous whisky regions by Canoeing – River Spey Descent.

    Whatever your reasons, we feel it’s a great time of year to be adventurous.

    Meet the Author: Rupert Shanks

    “After a spell in the corporate world in London Rupert decided to find a more rewarding way of life involving a closer connection to the outdoors and to his camera! Rupert produces a lot of the photography and video for Wilderness Scotland and works within the Marketing team.”

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