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Photos of the Scottish Highlands and Islands – Our Week in Pictures

Posted on Jul 17, 2013 by Ben Thorburn

Wow, what a week, it’s been blue skies and stunning weather across Britain and the Highlands of Scotland have been no different, with the heatwave tickling our bare legs and sun kissing our brows.

Each week the office and guiding team bring you the latest photos of the Scottish Highlands and Islands to help ladle a healthy portion of fun, inspirational and interesting pics your way.

This Week’s Photos of the Scottish Highlands and Islands

So this week seems to have a bit of a watery theme as two groups headed west, one to tackle the north section of the Scottish Sea Kayak Trail, while the other headed for Kintail as a base for our West Coast Explorer trip, one that combines accommodation with camping, so you can strike for the tents when the weather is good. Guide Mattais summed up one of the most incredible experiences with this note back to HQ “Yep, a truly magical moment that the clients (and I) loved! 3 mothers and calfs came right up to us minutes after we launched from Elgol at Skye and stayed there for 10 minutes before moving on.” His picture tells the story.

As ever we’ve been a busy bunch and the fine weather has given us itchy office feet, so we’ve been making the most of it at lunchtimes and evenings. Karl and family have been oot and aboot to iconic locations like Loch an Eilein and Rachael explored the crystal clear waters of Loch Vaa, while Ben joined his friends for a leg of their Lands End to John o Groats cycle journey.

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Ben Thorburn

Ben is Head of Marketing at Wilderness Scotland and his love and enthusiasm for Scotland’s wild places is what he hopes rubs off and inspires people to visit such an incredible place. Outside of work he's found in his natural habitat; the mountains, whether skiing, on a mountain bike or walking.

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