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    5 Reasons to Solo Travel

    By Meike Burgess, Marketing Manager
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    Recently somebody was telling me about their first ‘solo travel’ experience…

    It was an informal walking holiday with a group of people she’d never met before. Recently widowed, she was understandably nervous having not travelled much without her husband. However, before she knew it she was sharing a bottle of wine over a chat with her new ‘roomie’. Much to her own surprise loving the whole experience!

    Plenty of people enjoy going solo these days. Different interests, different schedules and different budgets has made it common place to consider going on your holiday without a friend, family member or partner. We know that despite the rising trend some people still feel a bit anxious about the whole process. So if you are considering going on a holiday with Wilderness Scotland and need some persuading, here are 5 reasons to solo travel.

    1. You’re not the only one…
    2. Meeting new people
    3. Enjoying the benefits of group travel
    4. A chance to give yourself some TLC
    5. You do not need to pay a single supplement

    1. You're not the only one...

    Reasons to Solo Travel

    Something that scares people about booking group holidays is the prospect of being the only solo traveller in a group of couples, family members and friends and wind up being excluded. The truth is: the majority of people that book onto our group holidays are actually solo travellers!

    Besides, who says that a couple or two brothers travelling together are not as equally interested in making friends as a solo traveller?

    2. Meeting new people

    Reasons to Solo Travel

    “I am going on a holiday with a group of friends – I just haven’t met them yet” – Anne O’Brien, Wilderness Walking in Outer Hebrides and Skye 16/05/1515

    It’s an obvious one – travelling alone is actually far from being alone. The benefit of going solo on a Wilderness Scotland holiday is that you are guaranteed to have at least one shared common interest with every member of your group… You’ve all signed up to go on a walking or mountain biking trip for example! The odds of finding a like-minded person in the group and making a great new friend is pretty high

    3. Enjoy the benefits of group travel

    Reasons to Solo Travel

    There are a lot of benefits of group travel but these are the main headliners to be considered.

    • No need to worry about the planning – Not having to think about what you are going to do that day, how you are going to get there and where you are going to stay that night is quite wonderful.
    • Safety in numbers – Although travel safety is not something you generally need to worry about in Scotland, it’s nice to know that you have a make-shift ‘family’ to rely on during your holiday.
    • Shared costs – Group travel allows you a lot more flexibility on how much you can you do with your money. Ultimately, you are sharing the costs of the guides, your transport and your meals with the whole group.

    4. A chance to give yourself some TLC

    Reasons to Solo Travel

    Going solo can be great for you; it gives you to the space to do a little bit of soul searching completely free of your normal environment and the people you know. It gives you the opportunity to try and see things you normally wouldn’t and discover new interests.

    5. You do not need to pay a single supplement

    Frequent solo travellers will have run into this problem before. A lot of tour operators will immediately charge a solo traveller a higher price and book them into a single room. With us you have a choice. Solo travellers will be paired with each other into twin rooms unless otherwise requested. If you want to occupy a room by yourself you will be charged extra, how much is dependent on the accommodation that we use for that trip.

    There is no single supplement at all on our Wilderness Walking – The Knoydart Peninsula holiday, Introduction to Sea Kayaking course and on our Wilderness Camping trips.

    Have a look at our adventure holidays and see if your perfect solo getaway is amongst them!

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    Meet the Author: Meike Burgess

    “Having grown up travelling across the world I've developed an addiction to all things spice and to travel! When it was time to go to university I wandered off to Scotland for a new adventure and now 10+ years later I've not managed to leave yet. Scotland's welcoming culture, beautiful scenery and a Scottish man captured my heart. Moving to Scotland has made me develop a passion for the outdoors and I love heading out for an explore.”

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