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The Best Landscape Photographers in Scotland – Lucy Hamilton

Posted on Jun 08, 2018 by Rupert Shanks

Landscape Photography means different things to different people.

Perfection in a photo is so subjective. Lucy Hamilton shares what drives her photographic journey.


Note from the Editor – This is the 5th in our series of Best Landscape Photographers in Scotland. Lucy Hamilton, drops the rigmarole of multiple lenses, tripods and peripherals in exchange for the simplicity of capturing a moment. Hugely influential on social media (Lucy has over 139,000 Instagram followers) here she shares her approach to photography and the background to some of her favourite images.

The Best Landscape Photographers in Scotland – Lucy Hamilton

Lucy Hamilton

Photographers often have different reasons for taking photos of the landscape. I am obsessed with photography and am constantly on the look out for an interesting composition, or unusual light. I like to document my time outdoors in the countryside, but I also like to find more abstract images, where the actual location is not so obvious or important. I am not particularly interested in technically perfect images; I don’t use lens filters, long exposures (apart from night photography), and I rarely use cameras with zoom lenses preferring to photograph the landscape as I see it. I often use my iPhone. I do edit my photos afterwards to try to convey the feeling I got when taking them; nearly all are edited on my phone using Snapseed and VSCO. My photos are like a diary for me, and I enjoy looking back over them to be reminded of my travels or local walks.

landscape photographer scotland lucy hamilton

The ferry house on Ard Neackie, the almost island on Loch Eriboll, has seen better days but I think it looks better with some lights in the windows! This was from my wonderful trip to the far north of Scotland just over a year ago.


landscape photographer scotland lucy hamilton

Dark skies and high tide in Oban on the West Coast of Scotland. I moved up here on a whim just over 23 years ago (from the tip of Cornwall). I hadn’t really even heard of it before! I brought my two daughters up here, and I woke up this morning and thought there are worse places I could have chosen!


landscape photographer scotland lucy hamilton

First thrift photo of the year! Down at the beach overlooking Maiden Island and the Isle of Mull, one of my favourite spots just outside Oban, West Coast of Scotland.

Find Lucy on Instragram here.

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After a spell in the corporate world in London Rupert decided to find a more rewarding way of life involving a closer connection to the outdoors and to his camera! Rupert produces a lot of the photography and video for Wilderness Scotland and works within the Marketing team.

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