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    What to Wear Road Cycling in Scotland

    4 min read

    By Rupert Shanks, Chief Storyteller
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    What to Wear Road Cycling in Scotland

    Are you lycra’d yet? The sheer quantity of road cycling gear available nowadays can be mind-boggling.

    After years of experience running trips across the country, we’d like to share our guide to what to wear road cycling in Scotland.

    These are the items we recommend for a multi-day adventure by road bike across Scotland. Disclaimer – we do have a partnership with Endura sport (a Scottish bike gear manufacturer) so there are quite a few nods in their direction. However, we truly believe they make fantastically comfortable, high-performance and durable cycling gear.

    Check out our video for a summary. Kindly presented by Anna from our Operations team. (Thanks Anna!).

    Upper Body

    • Base layer t-shirts or cycling jerseys. We offer all of our road cycling guests a complementary Wilderness Scotland branded road cycling jerseys made by Endura. We really love the breathable and wicking fabric they use combined with a comfortable fit. Check out these similar options here for Men and Women.
    • Long sleeved base layers. For those colder moments, we recommend these Merino wool long-sleeved tops by Endura for Men and Women.
    • Lightweight fleece jacket or gilet. These are a great option to be able to whip on during a stop and are surprisingly windproof and cosy for something so light. We also love the elasticated armholes to ensure they’re not restricting while riding. For Women and Men.
    • Lightweight, waterproof and windproof jacket. Ultra-lightweight and packable jackets for Men and Women.

    Lower Body

    • Padded lycra cycling shorts. Perhaps the most important item in terms of riding comfort! If you ‘ve never tried lycra bib shorts then it may feel a little strange, to begin with. But give them a go as there really is no better option for keeping comfortable on the saddle. We recommend these well-fitted but breathable ones from Endura for Women and Men. If you’d rather wear baggy shorts we recommend these versatile options which include padded liners – for Women and Men.
    • Leggings or longs for riding. For those colder rides, it’s worth bringing some leggings such as these for Men and Women. They are really warm and snug while the ankle zips mean they’re quick to get on and off during a ride.
    • Lightweight waterproof trousers. Such as these waterproof but breathable unisex trousers.


    What to wear road cycling in Scotland

    SPD cycling shoes and long leggings.


    • Trainers or cycling shoes. If you’re ready to use clip-in shoes on your bike, perhaps it’s worth getting a touring shoe that clips in but also can be comfortably walked in for those scenic stops during each ride? In that case, we recommend these Women’s shoes from Shimano  and similar options for Men. We can fit your hire bike with the pedals you need, just let us know before you join the trip.
    • Socks for riding. It may seem overkill to get cycling specific socks! However, these Merino wool socks are silky on your feet, breathable and naturally odor resistant.
    • Neoprene overshoes if you tend to get cold feet. If you experience cold toes regularly when you’re riding these overshoes are a great option to keep your shoes and feet more protected and insulated. They fit over a variety of shoe and clip-in combinations.

    What to wear road cycling in Scotland

    Helmet, sunglasses and cycling gloves are essential!

    Head & hands

    • Helmet. This unisex helmet from Endura is highly certified, highly adjustable and comes with a USB powered rear red light.
    • Gloves – full fingered can be a good option for Scotland – for Men and Women. Unisex fingerless mitts here for Women and Men.
    • Clear lens glasses or interchangeable sunglasses (100% UVA and UVB protection). These unisex interchangeable glasses are also adjustable to fit your face exactly.

    Other essential equipment

    • Backpack to carry food, clothing and equipment. (Please note, if you re hiring a bike from us you will receive a small handlebar bag). This is a great small backpack with Water bladder and drinking hose included.
    • Waterproof liner or small bag to keep your backpack contents dry.
    • 1 x 750ml hydration bladder or water bottle.

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    Download our PDF Guide with additional suggested items:

    Download our PDF Road Cycling Kit Guide

    Meet the Author: Rupert Shanks

    “After a spell in the corporate world in London Rupert decided to find a more rewarding way of life involving a closer connection to the outdoors and to his camera! Rupert produces a lot of the photography and video for Wilderness Scotland and works within the Marketing team.”

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