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    By Sarah Morton
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    It’s definitely starting to get that little bit cooler in the Highlands, and with the days getting shorter autumn is truly on it’s way.  We’re really looking forward to the golden colours and dramatic sunsets to come over the next couple of months, and with such a vast array of hills, glens and valleys to be discovered we’re all keen to lace up our walking boots and do what autumn in the Highlands is perfect for – Wilderness Walking.  The scenery isn’t the only thing changing – forests, lochs, skies and rivers really come alive with elusive, native wildlife keen to stock up on food supplies before a snowy winter descends!

    That said, we haven’t given up on summer just yet and are making the most of what’s left of the long days and fine weather.  The past week has been saturated with sea kayaking trips – an expedition to the Outer Hebrides, an exclusive, invite-only trip to The Shetland Isles and one of our most popular trips, an Introduction to Sea Kayaking were all enjoyed by some very happy and satisfied clients.  And, of course the office staff have been hard at it making the most of the amazing wilderness that surrounds Wilderness HQ – see the pictures for all the action!

    Highlights this Week:

    • Sea Kayaking – we invited some of our previous clients with the relevant experience to join our Head Guide, Myles Farnbank, on a pilot trip in the Shetland Isles.  They had great luck with the weather, and although challenging the group experienced some of the best paddling in the world and discovered some remote and spectacular locations in the process.  Have a read at the blog for the full story.
    • Cairngorms – we’ve been making the most of the local area and getting out and about in the Cairngorms, cutting down on our carbon footprint in the process!  Sampling local activities on offer, catching the last of the Highland Games, climbing, wildlife spotting and mountain biking (and cake eating!) – the Cairngorms really does have it all!

    The coming week sees the summer starting to close in, and of course the end of the school holidays – which is obviously sad for some, but leaves the long-distance walking trails in the Highlands much clearer making September and October the perfect months to tick these hikes off if you’ve been hankering to do so – we’d love to see and hear about your experiences of these trails – so please get in touch!

    See you next week – same time, same place!

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