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    By Sarah Morton
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    Another week in the wilderness has seen plenty of action in the Highlands of Scotland.  The season has really kicked off, with trips packed full of clients eager to explore, departing on a regular basis.  Some have been lucky enough to catch really amazing weather, others a few spring showers, regardless it’s clear everyone who has come to Scotland, has done so to have a great time experiencing the activities, scenery, wildlife and not forgetting the first-class Highland hospitality.

    It’s at this time of the year that the Highlands of Scotland really comes alive with people, scenery and encounters with rare winged and four-legged creatures. There’s so much going on, and it’s great to be right in the heart of it at the Wilderness base in the Cairngorms National Park – we really can’t wait to see what exciting adventures await us over the coming Summer months.

    Highlights this Week:

    • Catherine Mack, Journalist and award-winning Ethical Traveller, penned her first guest blog for us, allowing our readers an amazing insight into the open canoe trip she recently took with us along the Great Glen Canoe Trail with her son, Louis.
    • The Olympic Torch Relay passed through a number of the Highland towns as part of it’s route, and crowds lined the streets to watch the procession – the atmosphere was positively buzzing with support for the local heros who flew the flag for the Highlands of Scotland, and proudly carried the torches.
    • We received our copy of The Scottish Sea Kayak Trail, authored by Simon Willis, who also pioneered the trail – there’s been a few arguments in the office over who gets to read it at lunchtime, but it’s safe to say it hasn’t been put down since it landed through our letterbox. In fact, it’s been so popular and has inspired a few of us in the office to get out paddling, that we enlisted the expert help of one of our lead Guides, Bec Morris, to teach us the art of packing a sea kayak for a trip.

    Eventful as always, but that’s how we like it!  We’d love to hear what you’ve been up to recently – so please, feel free to share with us your stories, pictures, perhaps even a short film…

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