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    Hiking Scotland in Autumn – A Photo Blog

    5 min read

    By Neil Irvine, Content Editor
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    During the month of October, I was lucky enough to spend some time exploring Wilderness Scotland’s Autumn Highlands hiking adventure. 

    I met an incredible group of people that had come from different parts of the world just so they could hike the beautiful landscapes of Scotland during the season of Autumn. We were a combination of friendly Canadians, Americans, Germans and Scottish people hiking the stunning highland hills. The group was fantastic and there were many laughs to be enjoyed during the whole week.

    I wanted to share the amazing adventure I had in October so I decided to compile the best photos from the week and present them below in one dedicated blog.

    Lush Green Hills, Golden Brown Trees & Majestic Deer

    I journeyed on this trip at the beginning of October and I was met with a stunning mixture of green and brown landscapes decorating my surroundings – it felt like I was walking through a number of different oil paintings each with a unique beauty of awe-inspiring colours highlighting one spectacular scene after the next.

    Captivating Waterfalls, Colourful Rainbows & Cosy Fireplaces

    My Autumn Highland adventure was truly a remarkable experience. I still remember gazing up in awe at the gigantic waterfall we visited near Fort Augustus and being captivated by the immensely powerful and thunderous sound of the water falling along the cliffside.

    For a brief moment, I was sure I could see an obscured passageway hidden behind the waterfall sealing what could have been some wonderous ancient tomb. I squinted my eyes to try and believe what I was seeing and then all of a sudden the passageway had vanished as if it had never really been there at all. At that moment I realised my eyes were playing tricks on me and I came to the conclusion that I had watched too many Indiana Jones type movies in my life! But that is the power of a Wilderness Scotland trip and the positive impact it can have on your imagination when you are so close to such historic sights.

    Later, on the same day, a stunning colourful rainbow splashed itself across the bright blue sky and everybody in the group was compelled to take a break from walking and soak in the breathtaking view overlooking Fort Augustus. It was at this time our guide Will Snow eagerly took a photo of the group with the rainbow placed fittingly in the background.

    At the end of each day after we finished walking along some stunning trails and paths we would walk back to the hotel and along the way would usually see a number of rabbits just lying around relaxing in people’s gardens soaking in the sunshine like a happy household cat. In fact, outside the hotel, there was a massive lawn where numerous rabbits could be found sitting around in groups on the grassy areas. I tried to take some photos of the rabbits but they proved to rather timid creatures and just ran away before I could take any decent pictures, which was a shame.

    If you decide to venture on our Autumn Highlands adventure maybe you can take some nice quality photos of rabbits just chilling out near the hotel when the opportunity arises!

    Remote Forests, Tranquilly Silent Waters & ... Chickens

    On our last day during our last adventure, we took a break at what turned out to be a rather unique cafe. This was not your usual cafe in a small town situated near the local shops, but it was an outdoor cafe that was located in the middle a forestry area. I still remember walking along the nearby trail and every few meters the group would be greeted with sign after sign promising of delicious cake and other mouthwatering treats. As we ventured further the trail split into two different directions, in one direction the path was littered with signs indicating that we had finally arrived at the cafe. As we walked up the path leading to the cafe even more signs were dotted around acting as a nice welcome which foreshadowed the treats that lay in store.

    The cafe had a couple of areas with makeshift tables and a hut where you could enjoy a coffee and take a moment to appreciate the sounds of the soothing calm wilderness. The group was offered a generously sized helping of the owner’s homemade deliciously tangy lemon cake which I enjoyed with a massive mug of hot chocolate. This was definitely a more memorable coffee shop visit than any other that I could remember visiting in the past. Later, I decided to explore the area and I passed some hens that just happened to be strolling around with their young following close behind and I also nearly walked into a pig that appeared to be rather happily eating a newspaper!

    After being stuffed with lemon cake, hot chocolate, and a few delightful chocolate bars it was time to leave the cafe and get some much-needed exercise on the final walk of the day.

    Previous Autumn Highland Adventures

    See below for a small selection of photos taken on previous Autumn Highland adventures.

    Find out more about our Autumn Highland Adventure Below

    Meet the Author: Neil Irvine

    “Neil has enjoyed a stint in city life but that flirtation soon ended and he's returned to the Highlands of Scotland for the peace, tranquility and closeness to nature that he loves.”

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