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    What to Pack: Top 5 Items to Take on a Cycling Holiday

    By Ross Dempster
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    Top 5 Items to take on a Cycling Holiday

    You have read the trip dossier and have packed everything you could possibly need. Chamois Cream? Check. Brightly Coloured stretchy outfit? Check. Kitchen Sink? Check.

    It can sometimes be overwhelming, packing a bag for an adventure, this post is being written so that as you prepare to stuff your life into a suitcase you still remember the wee things that could make a big difference to your trip!

    So Wilderness Guide, Ross Dempster has put together this article on What to Pack: Top 5 Items to Take on a Cycling Holiday and included some suggestions on what gear he likes to use when out on his bike. Perhaps it can also help with some Christmas ideas!

    What to Pack: Top 5 Items to Take on a Cycling Holiday

    Me looking unusually serious on my bike!

    1. Your Camera

    You will be cycling past, through and over some magical and awe-inspiring scenery, it would be a shame not to capture everything that catches your eye! Think about the type of camera you bring, whilst the top of the range SLR will capture the best shots, it weighs loads and you might not want it’s bulk holding you back. Small, durable digital cameras are great for on the road snapping.

    Check out – The Pentax Optio WG-2, waterproof, shockproof, dustproof and a good size with great image quality.

    2. SunglassesWhat to Pack: Top 5 Items to Take on a Cycling Holiday

    Looking good on the trail is of the upmost importance… As well as helping with this they stop you getting blinded by the sun (it does shine in Scotland), keeps bugs out your eyes as well as wind, dirt, Highland Cows and Golden Eagles.

    Check out – Oakley Jawbone Interchangeable Lens, great glasses that offer good eye protection that you can switch lenses for different light conditions, if these aren’t your style there are plenty of other models that let you do the same!

    3. Padded Shorts

    This item is fairly self-explanatory. The comfier you are the more you think about the gorgeous scenery and the amazing time you are having – not counting down the miles until you can get your jeans on!

    • Check Out – our article about the pros and cons of bib shorts. They might not be for everybody but I always prefer them as they stop the shorts dropping down and prevent cold spots on your back.

    What to Pack: Top 5 Items to Take on a Cycling Holiday

    4. A light-weight waterproof jacket

    As well as keeping any rain off you, a good cycling waterproof will keep wind off you, puddles from soaking you and is also a nice thing to throw on to keep you warm on any stops.

    Check Out – Gore Bike Wear Path Gore-Tex Jacket, a good fitting jacket made from a waterproof and breathable material which means you don’t get too sweaty, remember bright colours are best for getting seen!

    5. A Buff

    This light- weight and inexpensive item is one of the first things I pack. It can be worn as a bandana to keep your head warm under your helmet or around your wrist to wipe sweat off your face. I am all about comfort on my bike and this piece of stretchy material helps me out all the time!

    Check Out – buffwear.co.uk, for every possible colour of buff for everybody’s taste! The reflective option is another good idea for biking! Or if you feel the cold easily a polar buff provides fleecy goodness!


    The most important thing to remember when packing your bag is – DON’T PANIC! Getting the right amount of equipment in your bag can be stressful, just remember you are going on an excellent adventure and help is only a phone call away, the Wilderness Scotland staff are full of useful information.

    This is all good, but if you’ve got the shiny gear and you’re itching to use it then take a peek at our road cycling holidays in Scotland and the Best Road Cycling Routes in the Highlands.

    Now that you know what to pack – why not check out our adrenaline pumping thrill riding cycling tours and discover your ideal cycling holiday!

    Meet the Author: Ross Dempster

    “Ross's passion lies in exploring wild places in Scotland and around the world. He's been an outdoor enthusiast his whole life from the point his Father started dragging him up hills and grew up in Scotland learning from experiences around the lochs, hills and glens he grew to love.”

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